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Ramcat Crossbow Broadheads


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Ramcat Crossbow Broadheads


“HIT LIKE A RAM AND CUT LIKE A CAT.” Best of two worlds to create memorable moments with friends and family. Combining power and sharpness in the same head. Can you already picture yourself talking about your biggest trophy knockdown by you and your Ramcat broadhead? 



Do not use the broadhead with broken or damaged blades. This may result in an unexpected result and may occur in personal injuries.



  • Drafting: Patented deep lobes in cutting tip: the deep lobes create an air foil that drafts the wind over the blades and disallows wind planing.
  • Hydrofoil: Once in the animal, the lobes create a hydrofoil forcing body mass outward and thus removing friction down the arrow shaft; this results in the deepest penetration on the market.
  • The blades are .032″ thick for strength and have no blade windows.
  • One piece stainless steel body construction.
  • 100 grain, about 1 3/8 cut diameter.
  • Field point accuracy and deadly quiet in flight.
  • Pack of 3



Ramcat Crossbow Broadheads features deep lobes in the cutting tip which create an air foil that drafts the wind over the blades eliminating wind planing. This Hybrid mechanical broadhead is a fixed blade deployment system on a one piece stainless steel body and .032” thick blades that are sharpened both front and back for cutting on entry and rear to create a back cut if the head does not pass through the animal. It will cut its way back out.

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