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AccuBow Compound Bow Trainer

by AccuBow
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AccuBow Compound Bow Trainer


With this training system, you will be able to increase your pulling strength to draw back easily, holding stability for better aim on your target, and shooting stamina to shoot all day long without causing fatigue. Three essential aspects for becoming a better shooter!



  • Strengthens muscle fiber used in shooting bow,
  • Easily adjustable from 10 to 70 lbs,
  • Vibration dampening for unlimited dry firing.
  • D-Loop attachment to allow use with a mechanical release.
  • Uniquely designed grip to simulate the feel of most popular bow grips on the market today,



The AccuBow training device effectively targets and strengthens every muscle fiber and tendons involved in the shooting cycle of your bow.  

The AccuBow Compound Bow Trainer will allow you to increase three main aspects. First, your physical capacity to ease the use of your bow. Secondly, it will practice properly the mechanics of shooting without having to shoot an arrow, and Finally eliminates bad habits you could develop such as target panic, canting, and rushing through your shot during the moment of truth. 

Train yourself without the worries of dry-firing your bow and become this great shooter that you are.