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Avian X Turkey Decoys - Hen, Jake & Strutter LCD

Avian X

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Highly realist with great lifelike details and no flake paint, the collapsible Avian X Turkey Decoys are some of the best turkey decoys you can get to attract the gobblers of your dreams.

The Avian X Turkey Decoy offers outstanding durability from the Dura-Rubber it is made from. It comes with a one-piece folding stake allowing the decoy to move with extreme realism without spinning around when wind strikes.

Avian X Decoys are highly popular and quite unanimous among turkey hunters.

So are you ready to get your LCD (Lifelike Collapsible Decoy) and gather some turkeys this season? 


Types of Avian X Turkey Decoys

  • The Lookout Hen: a dominant yet relaxed hen which will challenges other hens.
  • The Feeder Hen: a hen feeding herself leaving gobblers confident to come along.
  • The Breeder Hen: a hen adopting an inviting posture for toms and jakes.
  • The Lay Down Hen: the ultimate breading position, this hen is highly receptive to mating with incoming gobblers.
  • The Quarter Strut Jake: passive and non-intimidating jake allowing for dominant and less dominant gobblers to show up.
  • The Half Strut Jake: young male with submissive head position which will attract all gobblers.
  • The Strutter: non-aggresive male attracting other gobblers, dominant or not. This decoy is about 15% smaller than real turkeys rendering it less dominant.

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