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Axcel Accuhunter Plus Sight

Axcel Accuhunter Plus Sight


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The Axcel Accuhunter Plus Sight is a fine starting point for even the most particular of archers. With a single-pin hunting sight that comes with 1st-3rd axis adjustability, this offers a very powerful solution for improving and working on your marksmanship as time goes on.

The lock system makes it easy to get the correct elevation and windage, too, ensuring that each shot feels true and close to your needs. 20-yard mark can be set blind for the dead-stop, too, allowing for even more impressive shooting capacity.

Add in the AV Plus scope, crosshair aiming reticule and rheostat (fully adjustable) and it’s easy to see why the Axcel Accuhunter Plus Sight is one of our most popular model, complete with rear-facing sight taping for simple and incremental adjustments to yardage.


  • Single pin hunting sight
  • Elevation and windage lock
  • Micro-adjustable windage
  • Dead stop 20-yard marker
  • AV Plus scope with rheostat and crosshair aiming reticle

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