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Barnett HeadHunter Crossbow Bolts with Field Points & Moon Nock

by Barnett
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Barnett Headhunter Crossbow Bolts are made of carbon shafts. Carbon shafts are mainly known for being lightweight. It has a bolt Weight - 20”: 400.6 grains - 22”: 428 grains.


This product is popular for its durability. For people who are looking for long-lasting crossbow bolts, this is perfect for you. It does not bend like aluminum thus; straightness issue is the least thing to worry. Field points, also known as target points, are mainly used for target practice. It will last long, so you won’t need to change the arrow that often.


It’s higher velocity also helps in overcoming errors in range estimation.


It comes with completely Fletched Bolts with carbon shafts including 100-grain field points and featuring moon nocks, the Barnett Headhunter Crossbow Bolts were designed for high performance and come in 20 and 22 inches and are ready to shoot out of the box. You have a choice between packs of 5 or 48 bolts. These are ideal to use with Barnett Crossbows. Pack of 5 Bolts or 48 Bolts. Available in 20" and 22". 13.78 GPI (grains per inch). Moon nock, insert, and 100-grain field points are included in the Barnett Headhunter Bolts.


  • Pack of 5 Bolts or 48 Bolts
  • Carbon Shafts
  • Available in 20" and 22"
  • 13.78 gpi (grains per inch)
  • Total Bolt Weight - 20" : 400.6 grains - 22" : 428 grains
  • Barnett HeadHunter Bolts includes moon nock, insert and 100 grain field points