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October Mountain 2 Hole Rest Black

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October Mountain 2 Hole Rest 

A small piece of equipment can easily be underrated in many fields. However, these small pieces do not only create details but also make a big difference in performance. In archery, arrow rest is one of these overlooked, tiny equipment that can greatly affect the flight of your arrow.

Why October Mountain 2 Hole Rest? 

It is made with sturdy material and has proven to hold an arrow firmly on the rest. This is highly recommended for bow-hunters to help solve one of the biggest problems in hunting which is the noise. It is self-adhesive making it easy to attach. The plunger button can be used with this rest as well. 

The main purpose of arrow rest is to stabilize the arrow until the moment it leaves the bowstring. If any parts of the arrow do touch the rest or the riser—for instance, the shaft or the vanes—that would affect the flight path of the arrow. The arrow rest is there to keep the arrow in place, while at the same time not coming into too much contact with the arrow, as that would alter the arrow's trajectory.

This is just a quick note, but something you'll need to keep in mind—if you're looking to buy an arrow rest, you'll need to choose a right-handed version or a left-handed version.



Soft, but strong. Silent for hunting. Sturdy, flexible finger holds arrow firmly on rest.


  • Self- adhesive. 1 each.
  • Plunger button can be used with this rest.