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QAD Ultra-Rest MXT | QAD Drop Away Arrow Rest

by QAD
$224.95 USD
SKU 72647

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The drop away arrow rest QAD Ultra-Rest MXT is the new generation of the QAD Ultra-rest from the Ultra-Rest series. The MXT has all the features of the previous models to ensure high quality precision but has been taken to another level toward micro-adjustments for an arrow rest device. In fact, it’s so precise, the rest will fine adjust vertically or horizontally just 1.9 thousandths of an inch with each click. 

With impressive precision tuning capabilities and its anti-backlash technology, the MXT offers an extreme tolerance for adjustments. Despite all this technology, the MXT still extremely light weighing in at only 2.9oz.  

The Patented Velocity Drop-Away Technology

This system offers minimal friction and zero fletching contact because it only drops away when the bow is fired. This guarantees no bounce back and total fletching clearance. It also allows for higher spring tension and clearance on bows shot at over 400 FPS. 

Lock Down Technology


On the top of that, if you can't reach the perfect shot, no worries, let down, the launcher will remain in capture position, keeping your arrow fully contained. The UltraRest technology assures you to keep the arrow into capture position after nocking your arrow. The arrow will stay securely in place at all times and will be fully contained no matter what is happening.

EZ-Clamp and Anti-Vibration Technology



This Ultra-Rest comes also with EZ-Clamp Technology. The device should face the riser of the bow to avoid rotating the Cables of the bow when the bow is fired.  It also comes with a timing cord to trigger the cocking system without touching the lever. Timing cord clamp attaches to the down bus cable, making the Ultra-Rest LD compatible with virtually any bow set up.

No serving or bow press is required for setup with this clamp. The anti-vibration system reduces noise and vibration, making it one of the quietest drop-away arrow rest on the market.

The QAD Ultra-Rest MXT works in three steps like all other models (Images from;

1. Nocking the arrow for total arrow containment. 


2. Full Draw and Ready to Shoot.


3. Release for total fletching clearance. 


Remember that the system is using speed and timing, not inertia to move from capture position drop away position.


The QAD Ultra-Rest MXT drop away arrow rest is the only rest that will truly allow you to experience the maximum capabilities of today’s high performance bows.



  • Total arrow containment, the arrow will never fall off
  • Drop-Away rest with total fletching clearance
  • Click micro adjust (.00195” per click)
  • Anti-Backlash Technology
  • Positive locking dovetail systems
  • Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back and total fletching clearance
  • Shoots from the launcher in 90 degree position (proven the most accurate position on drop-aways)
  • Drops only when bow is fired, not when letting the bow down slowly
  • Noise-reducing, laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners
  • Tested at over 400fps with total fletching clearance
  • Available in Right or Left hand
  • Made in the USA with a Limited Life-Time Warranty