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Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads - 3 pk

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Swhacker Crossbow Broadheads


There will be blood. To get full satisfaction from your successful shot, you need a nice blood trail left behind your target. This is crucial for recovering your target. The Swhacker allows you to only focus on your shot, it will do the rest with its impressive exit wounds!



Heavier broadhead means more momentum and therefore more kinetic energy. Keep that in mind when you want to build a specific hunting setup. 



  • Two separate cutting edges
  • Blades thickness: 032”
  • Cutting Diameter 100 gr. : 1.75"
  • Cutting Diameter 125 gr. : 2.25"
  • Cutting Diameter  Steel 125 gr. : 2"
  • Cutting Diameter 150 gr. : 3"
  • Carbide tip and stainless steel blades
  • Includes practice head



There are four Swhacker crossbow broadheads among the same model for different types of targets. The 100 gr. perform 1.75 inches of cutting diameter at the exit wound and would be a great choice for smaller games. 

The Steel 125 gr. has the best penetration factor among them, however, the smallest cutting diameter.

The Swhacker 125 gr. which is the basic version of this model offers 2.25 inches of cutting diameter leaving devastating damages to the animal.

They didn't stop there, the Swhacker crossbow broadhead 150 gr. delivers a 3 inches exit wound to the animal. I don't know if you can picture 3 inches right now but imagine what kind of internal destruction this broadhead must generate inside the animal.

The broadheads work in two distinctive steps. The first set of edges is used for cutting the hide and ribs and, the second set deploys on penetration to cut everything in its way. This expandable broadhead is designed to fly just like a field point and is using "wing blades" (set of edges) to open the main blades for a more reliable deployment.