4 Things You Should Avoid When Starting Archery

Beginning archery is much fun and is surely addictive when done right. To have a proper introduction you should choose the right equipment according to your needs and expectations. Lastly, you should abide by some rules in order to keep it fun. 

So, here are 4 things you should avoid when starting archery: 

Starting overbowed

Not because you can lift 200+ lbs at the gym that you should opt for a 70 lbs bow from the start.

You may be able to draw the string back a few times but to get better and hit the bullseye, you will most certainly need to do more than 4-5 reps.

That being said, to be a good archer, you may need to shoot a hundred arrows in one single practice in order to learn a good archery form.

So, start low. No, 40 lbs aren't low enough, start lower than that....20-25 lbs would be a good starting point (this may be more if starting with a compound bow with a let-off) and would allow for a much better experience. Build up from there!

Dry firing your bow

The bow needs the arrow and the arrow needs the bow!

Have you ever tried canoeing without a paddle? I am guessing that you haven't. Then, you know what to do with your bow.

When shooting a bow without an arrow, all the energy stored within the limbs is going back to the bow itself instead of transferring the energy to the arrow to be propelled towards the target.

When that happens, there are great chances that you will be left with a damaged bow which is not something to wish for.

Nocking an arrow properly on the string is as important, not doing so could also lead to dry fire.

Seriously, look at this guy...And don't do the same.


Buying an expensive bow

Buying an expensive bow generally means buying a quality bow which is mostly true but certainly not necessary as you start. You don't even know if you will love it and there are plenty of great bows out there that can be bought without breaking the bank while delivering outstanding performances.


Buying arrows unmatched to your bow

It is fine to buy cheap arrows if you have the bow that goes with it, especially when you start archery.

But, if you decide to go all in and buy that flagship (high-end bow) of your dream, don't expect the best results if you choose to go for cheap arrows.

A good bow will perform up to its full potential when the arrows match its quality and have the proper flex (spine) that goes with its power.

Well, this isn't really just the arrow's fault but certainly fun to share with you anyway...


To conclude, buy the right equipment, abide by some safety rules, follow the advice mentioned above, train to get a good archery form and everything will go just fine!

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