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What is a 3D Archery?

Archery is a fun activity, skill, art, or sport where you shoot an arrow from a bow. 3-dimensional archery builds on the skills every archer develops initially by adding dynamic shooting into the sport. Archers walk around an outdoor course and shoot at 3D targets. The archers must battle variable weather conditions like extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or high winds to hit their targets. Targets are usually realistic animals, such as deer, bear, turkey but can include some non-existent or extinct creatures, like zombies and dinosaurs. Archers get 1 shot per target and then move on to the next station. Archers usually shoot 20-40 targets. In 50000 BC archery was used for hunting but now it is one of the... Read More

Tips on How to Assemble Diamond Edge SB-1

The Diamond Edge SB-1 can actually be used to shoot right after unboxing it. Learn how to assemble diamond edge sb-1 properly and when to call for professional assistance.

Bow Comparison: Diamond Edge SB-1 vs Bear Cruze

Both bows have their ups and downs however you should be looking for a bow that would match your preference, style, purpose, and ability rather than finding a perfect bow.

Bowfishing Equipment for Beginners

bowfishing is the perfect way of keeping your archery skill sharpened while keeping your stomach full and not to mention all the fun. Along with your bowfishing crossbows, you will be needing more equipment for a better experience.