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How to Sight in a Crossbow

Let’s presume you have everything you needed and are ready to get started. You will then place your target or yourself at 20 yards (18 meters). Tip: Remember to have a backstop, something behind your target that will stop your arrow if it gets through your initial target. For better result, I suggest you put your crossbow on a fixed tripod or anything that can support the crossbow like a bench to minimize movements (for greater stability). You will then look into the scope and place the upper dot or reticle dead center in bull eyes of your target. Once you will set this one, the remaining dots or reticles will be automatically aligned at their respective distances. There are charts... Read More

Different types of Crossbow

Different types of crossbow Compound Crossbows Basically, a compound crossbow uses cams or pulleys to help draw the string to the latch which is the mechanism for holding the bowstring in the cocked position. Compound crossbows offer Let-off technology to reduce the draw weight when you draw back in cocked position. The energy is then stored into the limbs more effortlessly. Moreover, compound crossbows are built with shorter limbs which can clearly give you a better maneuverability in different situations. A disadvantage of the compound crossbows is, if the string gets damaged, your day is done. A bow press is necessary to make any repairs on compound technology. A compound crossbow is relatively noisy compared to a recurve crossbow but... Read More