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The Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package Review

  Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Description of the product Ravin launched for 2018 the R10, R20 and the R20 Sniper package which will be the main subject here. All fully assembled and pre-tuned to hit the practice field or hunting grounds. All those models offer various speed which will clearly satisfy speed lovers but they didn't sacrifice accuracy over speed which is part of the three ingredients for success in shooting well, Momentum (power), speed and accuracy. That being said, the R20 Sniper encompasses all Ravin proven technology to deliver an impressive up to 430 FPS. This kind of velocity properly paired with heavier bolts is simply devastating power. Enough to remind you to put a backstop to your target... Read More

Health Benefits of Archery

Archery can be done by able-bodied and disabled people. People with the most severe disabilities using special tactile equipment are able to join in. Target archery does not require the lower extremity strength and motion required by many other sports. Archery requires precision, control, focus, physical ability, and determination. Archery itself will make you have a great time. You will love the rhythm of nocking the arrow, drawing, anchoring and letting the arrow fly. People from many walks of life enjoy archery. Almost every age group can participate, and children as young as 6 or 7 have taken well to the sport, while it is not unheard of for people in their 80s to be shooting competitively. It also teaches... Read More