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How to Choose an Arrow

  Before modern firearms and projectiles were invented, bows and arrows were once the common weapons used for battle and hunting purposes. The ancient bow and arrow might not seem very sophisticated as opposed to modern day archery equipment but it was a huge step forward for those civilizations in seek of food without being exposed.  Hunting big mammals with spears which required a lot more energy than firing arrows had also much greater risks of getting injured in the process. The less energy spent, the more hunt could happen which could be translated into gathering more food for a well fed and happier civilization. Defending territory and castles through distance for limited physical contacts and reduced chances for injuries was... Read More

OMP Adventure 2.0 Review : What are the Pros and Cons?

This OMP Adventure 2.0 review along with the different package options got all the info you need to have you started on the right foot. October Mountain Products are getting more and more popular in the USA. The Adventure 2.0 recurve bow offers great forgiveness and is quite affordable for a beginner.