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10 Hunter Safety Rules

Safety is undoubtedly the most important element when you are manipulating an object that can kill any life form. There are basic universal rules based on common sense for most of them. Knowing and practicing them will ensure a future to you, to your beloved ones and to the next generation of hunters.  Following the 10 Hunter Safety Rules will eliminate many accidents and tragedies. This article is about Bowhunting safety rules but you can apply these rules to any weapons that have Foot per Second capabilities (Slingshots, Guns, Bows, Air Guns, Crossbows, etc...)   Rule #1 - Safety Education Courses Either you hunt with firearms, bows or crossbows, in most states, provinces or even countries, you will need to complete... Read More

The Benefits of Archery to Kids

Archery is a unique recreational activity that yields many benefits for children who participate. In an archery round, the archer releases several arrows at the target, and then receives points for the accuracy of each shot.   Archery for everyone The sport of archery can be taught to anyone, including children and those with disabilities. It is so accessible because it can be performed seated or standing, with modified bows, and with targets at various distances away. Parents are often concerned about the possible danger of bows and arrows, but archery is actually safer than most typical ball sports. The competitions are structured with strict rules for safe shooting, so children learn how to be responsible for their actions and... Read More