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Compound Crossbows

Quest Forge Review

Single Cam fans are well served with this reliable bow, yet there is not much information available out there on the performance of this compound bow and this is exactly why I have decided to put up that Quest Forge Review for you to wrap your mind around it and know if this is a model right for you. Quest belongs to the G5 brand and is made with the same high quality standards than any other G5 products although Quest may not be as well known as other major brands out there. The Forge features a 6061 forged machined aluminium riser like all Quest bows which makes an unmatched durability. Without any surprises, the Quest Forge has a very smooth draw cycle like... Read More

Diamond Deploy SB Review

The Diamond Deploy SB was the first Diamond Archery compound bow to feature the binary cam system belonging exclusively to Bowtech, we will discuss more about that later. This bow is of flagship quality without the sky high cost. Easily adjustable, solid back wall and excellent draw cycle are some of the great advantages this bow has to offer.   With a draw length that can be adjusted from 26 inches to 30.5 inches with the rotating cam modules, the Diamond Deploy can fit most archers. There are three options of draw weight to choose from; 50, 60 or 70 pounds. The Deploy can blast arrows at an IBO Speed rating of 330 FPS with a brace height of 6.75... Read More