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Best Deer Hunting Blogs to Start Reading Right Now!

Hunting is a fascinating sport and even more when it comes to whitetail hunting, in my opinion. This beautiful creature can have you feel a whole range of emotions when within sight whether being during a hunt or simply for contemplating. To be an efficient deer hunter, one must be well informed and have up to date information in order to be able to gather some antlers in a safe and ethical way. For that reason, I have combined the best deer hunting blogs to start reading right now and get to learn from experienced hunters out there.   Deer Hunting Big Bucks The Deer Hunting Big Bucks blog is run by Adam, a proud member of the National Rifle Association,... Read More

The Best Survival Blogs That Should Make Your List

Ever heard of preppers? Also known as survivalists, the preppers are people that are actively preparing themselves to survive in case an emergency would strike at any given time, whether being a natural disaster or a 3rd World War. Maybe you are already a self-sufficient person owning an underground shelter with months or years of food supplies stored that will allow you to survive an upcoming apocalypse? If you aren't, don't worry. Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are concerned about survival, continue reading because this article will present you the best survival blogs that should make your list in order to be prepared for anything.   Survival Common Sense The name says it all, this blog is... Read More