What do I need for my recurve bow - Beginning archery

The essential Items


1. A Bow


You definitely need a bow to start shooting, obviously. Choose a recurve bow that fits your budget but also, you have to choose a low poundage bow like the October Mountain Adventure 2.0 or the Explorer 2.0 recurve bow to start with. Please don’t “overbow” yourself or you might start with an unpleasant experience, even though you are considering higher draw weight for hunting. By choosing a “Take-Down”, you will grow with your bow by only changing the limbs to slowly increase poundage as you gain experience to finally be able to choose a bow of higher quality for hunting such as the Mountaineer 2.0 recurve bow.


  • 2. A Bow Stringer


    You will want to string your bow safely and consistently, for this a bow stringer becomes quite essential even though some archers do it manually with low poundage recurve bow, which is not recommended.


  • 3. Nocking Points


    You will need to attach nocking points to your bow string to be able to nock your arrow at the right spot of your string when shooting, therefore increasing precision and consistency while avoiding the arrow to slide up and down on the string. You can do it yourself, there is more than one way to do it, this video is one way.


  • 4. Arrows & Field Points (tips)


    Arrows and field points are also required. Ideally, start with fletched arrows as it includes the shaft with components already installed (vanes or feathers) instead of buying components separately and install them yourself. You will need to buy field points to install on your arrows as they are not often included with them. You will need to determine your draw length, once done you will add 1 or 2 inches to that measure to know what arrow length to use. Also, on the long term, a shaft cutter would be a great investment to cut your own arrows to measure and avoid paying additional fees for your custom cut (when possible).



    Other Recommended Items


  • - Targets


    Unless you got bales of hay on your hands and draw a bullseye on a piece of paper to shoot on, you might need shooting target to practice your skills.


  • - Finger Tabs or Glove


    If you want to shoot a good deal of arrows without getting hurt, you should look into protecting yourself with finger/hand protector such as glove or finger tabs to avoid injuries or blisters that could affect your shooting.


  • - Bracer (Armguard)


    It is always a good thing to have extra protection. The bracer will protect your arm from getting smack by the string when released.


  • - Arrow Rest


    Even though it is not mandatory to get one, an arrow rest is definitely a must have to get more precision and consistency when shooting. Your arrow sits on the rest which creates additional space for the vane when the arrow is released. There are all kinds of arrow rests, from basic ones to more sophisticated ones.


  • - Quiver


    It goes without saying that you might want to get a quiver, which is a container used for holding your arrows. It could be as basic as you can get or a more stylish traditional leather quiver.


  • - Bow String Wax


    Long life to your string! For this, a little waxing from time to time, once a month or more, to avoid your bow string to get too dry thus shortening his life. Keeping the fibers within your string well lubricated will benefit in the long run.


  • - String Silencers


    Especially for those who are interested in hunting more than for the target archers. String Silencers are meant to reduce the noise of the string and avoid being noticed when ready for game.


  • - Broadhead Wrench

  • If you are planning on using broadheads and not only field points, you would want to consider a broadhead wrench to unscrew them in a breeze without compromising your fingers.


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