Broadheads & Points

We aim here at to make this category as the number one source of all information about broadheads and points from such trusted brands as: 30-06, Three Rivers, Afflictor, Allen, Arrowdynamic, B3 Releases, HIT Outdoors, Bateman, Blood Finder, Allen, Bloodsport and Crimson Talon.

We use the following criteria to know which products to prioritize in the selection: durability, bow compatibility, ferrule quality, body material, and no. of add-ons and signature features.


Bloodrush equips archers with some of the world's heavy-duty, machined aircraft grade aluminum line of broadheads and points. Some of the brand's signature features include: a 26 degree twist that's effective at multiplying soft tissue displacement when either moving forward, or rearward, through the internal cavity of big game animals; and ferrules that have "blood ports" that make it possible to multiply blood loss displaced across a larger surface area.

One of these broadheads we can recommend to expert archers is the Bloodrush Fixed Broadheads, which apart from the features above, also comes with a combo of both ferrule twist and port suction that creates a scientific phenomenon similar to a whirlpool or fluid vortex, increasing hunting success.


30-06 is a brand that offers broadheads that already come with a spear-style main blade at 13/16" wide cut. Other prominent features to expect from 30-06 broadheads include: secondary serrated blades that deploy an additional 2" cutting; stainless steel mechanical design; chisel points and collars with an aircraft aluminum ferrule; and 420 stainless steel blades with 1-1/8 cutting diameter.

You can find many, if not all, of these features in the 30-06 Main Artery Broadhead, which we recommend to beginner archers looking for military grade material for long-lasting use.


What separates Bloodsport's broadheads from the rest are their signature hybrid, cross opening blade design that reduces the amount of energy needed to open the blades. More impressive features to expect from the brand's broadheads include: a no-fail design that doesn't use rubber bands or o-rings; a 1"x1 3/4" cutting diameter; hardened stainless steel blades that penetrate even the toughest hide; and deep deployment for massive blood loss.

All these features are built inside the BloodSport Grave Digger Extreme Broadheads, which we recommend to expert archers looking for a heavy duty 2.25" cutting diameter broadhead.


Zwickey is known among archers as the maker of broadheads with screw-in design for better blood trails. If this feature is what you're looking for, we suggest you get the Zwickey No Mercy Broadheads, which comes with a screw-in adapter installed.