5 Best Compound Bow Sights

5 Best Compound Bow SightsCompounds bows are a pleasure to use, but in order to get the best performance, you need some proper accessories. That’s why we recommend you to find and use some of the best compound bow sights on the market.

These sights may not feel like much at first, but they do bring in front some astounding benefits and incredible results all the time. We always recommend you to use only professional bow sights if you want a nice quality. And you can get some really nice results with these models.


HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite

The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite may feel like a simple one, but it’s known as one of the better hunting sights for compound bows. There are multiple reasons behind that, one of them being the great versatility that it delivers. It has just a single pin, but it can easily stand up to the ones that have 7 pins, which is quite impressive. Also, you have the basic features that you may need such as micro windage, adjustable yardage dial, elevation knobs and so on.

The unit goes even further by bringing you five feet of fiber optics, a great aluminum build quality and so on. They also brought in some very accurate tapes that you can apply and have them dialed in the way you want to. Used adequately, you can use this and shoot at up to 80 yards, which is a record for a product like this.

Some of the extra features here such as a mechanical rheostat or the mounting holes for the quiver are nice too. Sure, they don’t make things super enticing right off the bat. But results do get better in this perspective, and that alone is super interesting in its own right. The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite can improve your accuracy quite a lot, so it’s one of the better models that you need to try out.


TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight

The reason why you want to use this one is that it offers a very good accuracy and long range. These things may not feel like much at first, but when you also add micro knob windage and elevation adjustment you will notice that this does work extremely well in that perspective. They also integrated 11 brightness settings. This is quite useful if you hunt in bright or darker areas during the day. While it does take a little while for you to adjust the shooting tactics, you won’t find it that hard to use this, and in the end, it’s just a tremendous option to consider.

Since this isn’t a fiber sight and it comes with no pins, you do have a custom LED green dog, a clear picture and plenty of yardage tapes. They also included a lens cover that helps protect the circular open housing. Granted, the addition of an open housing may not make it super powerful, but the TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight is definitely working the way you want to and it offers the adjustability and value you expect from stuff like this.


APEX Gear Covert

A lot of people consider the APEX Gear Covert to be one of the best single pin sights for hunting. And it may very well be that because it has a great accuracy and it can be used even in the dark. The covert is offering the shooter an illuminated ring, and that makes the shot more accurate. Also, you will have a very good visibility peep sight for the easy low light shooting that you may want to perform as well.

The unit is created from aluminum. It doesn’t have the utmost durability, however, it’s precision machine and thus it makes it easy for you to make some fine adjustments for things like elevation and windage. What you will notice here is that you can easily opt for things like horizontal tilt adjustments and vertical adjustments if you want as well. They also help you alternate between stuff like red, green and a whole lot of other combinations too.


Viper Archery Products Quicklock Series

What you will notice about the Viper Archery Products Quicklock Series is that it’s very practical and also visually impressive. It’s coming with a single pin, but at the same time, it offers you a simplicity that you can rarely find anywhere else. People love using the Viper Archery Products Quicklock Series because it offers a simple opening, and it helps you focus the way you want without restrictions. In addition, combining aluminum with fiber optics is actually a good thing for this particular unit. It makes it very easy to use and adjustable, all while retaining a lightweight approach that you can rarely find everywhere else on the market.


Trophy Ridge Pursuit

The Trophy Ridge Pursuit takes some of the best modern technology and it offers a single pin sight experience that brings high performance in no time. It also has things like the Delrin Bushings. This means you will have a very smooth movement and it’s pretty good for beginners. Rest assured that it does take a little while until you adjust it the way you need to. But it’s the type of tool that it will still work the way you want to as long as you adjust it to your needs. And in the end, it makes accuracy very useful and impressive here.

There are lots of good compound bow sights on the market, so why would you choose these? We hand-picked these models because they are visually distinct and at the same time you will find the models very easy to use. You rarely find good value and quality in a single package like this. That’s why we recommend you to focus on value and invest in the very best compound bow that you can find. These models are not very expensive, but they bring you all the stuff you want and so much more. Just check them out!

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