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9 Amazing Facts about Archery

9 Amazing Facts about Archery

Nothing quite beats the feeling of drawing a bow, shooting an arrow, and landing on that coveted target. So it’s perhaps no surprise that archery’s stuck around for so long! Despite the fact it was invented thousands of years ago, people continue to be drawn to the sport and it remains popular with hunters, athletes and even groups simply looking for a fun day out

So what is it about archery that’s kept people wielding a bow for so long? Well, it turns out there’s a lot of interesting stuff to know about archery. So whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just a hobbyist, check out these awesome facts about archery.


9 Amazing Facts about Archery


About the author: MadMax Adventures

MadMax is a carefully designed and purpose built activity center near Edinburgh in Scotland, offering archery, 4x4 driving experiences, clay pigeon hunting and quadbiking to those looking for a real adventure.


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