Barnett Crossbow Ghost 410 Review

Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

Barnett Crossbow Ghost 410 Review

Description of the product

They brought the Ghost series even on a faster level with the Ghost 420 crossbow (New crossbow of 2017), but honestly, the Barnett ghost 410 will leave no doubts in your mind about its efficiency.  The stock and the riser are lighter than ever on the ghost 410, resulting in a better-balanced weapon when aiming before shooting. Barnett always makes safety a priority on their crossbows and this one is no exception.  The anti-dry-fire system which brings the string into safe position after cocking is crucial to avoid any accidents. The second important safety asset on the Ghost 410 is the pass-through fingers foregrip which keeps away fingers from the flight rail. The grip is comfortable and also moisture-resistant. The design is all about stealth and gives you the feeling you are on a recon mission. No wonder why they call it Ghost.


Barnett Ghost 410 – Specs summary 

Model Reviewed

Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

Cocking device

Hunting Deer

 Barnett Ghost 410

 185 lbs.


410 FPS


 21.875" | 7.3 lbs.

 Rope Cocking Included



  1. Astonishing Speed with 410 FPS
  2. Lightweight and a durable compact design
  3. Accuracy stays even with long distances (60 yards +)
  4. CRT technology for ultra-light riser and better balance front-rear.
  5. High quality accessories included in the package
  6. Efficient safety mechanism (anti-dry fire)


  1. Might have to reset safety after cocking
  2. Vibrations and noise due to the high velocity available (410 FPS)


Specifics of the package


This package will answer your expectations. Like mentioned previously, the Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow package includes:

  • A quickly detachable quiver to optimize hunts in a tree stand.
  • A 3×32 four-reticle illuminated (red/green/black) crossbow scope already sighted so you can enjoy shooting right away
  • A rope cocking device to facilitate cocking your crossbow
  • A Sample of string wax
  • A Padded Sling
  • A Recoil pad
  • A Warranty card
  • All necessary hardware to mount the Ghost 410
  • 3 Easton 22” bolts with field points

Bolts: The bolts included are quality arrows. The overall weight of the bolt is 400 grains and is balanced to give you 410 FPS in optimal conditions. You have to understand that in hunting situation this speed is almost impossible to reach and will be more around 405-407 FPS which is quite impressive. Moisture and external weather conditions have an impact on the velocity.

Tip: Do not go under the recommended weight from the manufacturer for the overall weight of the bolt which includes the broadhead weight. The usual bolt weight for the Ghost 410 should be around 400 to 450 grains.


Possible add-ons

Crossbow Cases:

After investing that much money on a beautiful and efficient crossbow. The next step, after shooting, of course, is to think about a proper way to store and transport your crossbow. I would suggest two deferent ways when picking a crossbow case. If you need extra room for many accessories, I would recommend a soft case like the Barnett cases for the Ghost 410. They are less expensive but still solid. Otherwise, if you feel like going in hard conditions, I would recommend a solid crossbow case like the Plano Bow-Max crossbow case for tighter budgets and the SKB hunter series crossbow case for the overall quality for the price.


To my personal opinion, Broadheads are 30% if not 50% of your hunting success. Choosing the right broadheads for the right crossbow is often a difficult choice to make. It must be sharp and should leave a sufficient blood trail to recover your target after. NAP and Rage broadheads are made for blood trails. This is often a really important detail to find your target after a good hit. If you hesitate a lot, I would say keep it simple. Two side blades like the in the old age as proven themselves really efficient so it won’t be different nowadays. In that case, I would suggest you have a look at the Magnus Killer Bee.


Assembling the Barnett Ghost 410

Few steps are required to assemble the ghost 410 but shouldn’t be too difficult. It should take you between 10 to 15 minutes even for a beginner.

  • Take out everything from the box and make sure you have all pieces. Insert the riser into the stock, the cables will automatically be at the right place (cable slide area), so the string should be above the flight rail of the stock.
  • Push into it, lock it and screw the appropriate bolt in it.
  • Next step is to mount the scope followed by the recoil pad, the removable quiver and the sling for easier transportation and you are ready to hit the shooting range.

Tip: Sighting-in your crossbow is something you will have to consider to make sure your scope is perfectly aligned for the right distance. To do so, you might need a crossbow shooting stick or a bipod. A crossbow shooting stick or a bipod help the shooter to keep a steady aim so fatigue or shaking hands aren't factors to disturb your calibration.


Accuracy and Velocity

Kinetic Energy:

Almost a two in one, its foot per pounds is almost twice what you need to kill the biggest animal permitted in North America. The speed and the momentum generated would almost allow you to kill two buffalo in one shot. Of course, I exaggerate, but 150 Ft-lbs. is clearly more than you will ever need to bring some meat in the freezer. It also means that even at 70-80 yards you will have enough power to take down any large game. 

Accuracy and distance:

The power of the ghost 410 compensate the arrow drops effect of distance. The ballistic curve of this crossbow still efficient even at 70 yards, you will keep almost the same accuracy as if you were shooting at 30 yards. The scope combined with the velocity that offers the ghost 410, make this crossbow a deadly one no matter the distance between you and your target.


The impression of the crossbow


Perfect finish, you really feel like you have a deadly weapon in between your hands. It comes in few colors but every color suits well the crossbow. At first look, it is an impressive crossbow. It can clearly tolerate a fair bit of abuse.


Overall, more than satisfying. Anti-dry fire system is really efficient making impossible to dry fire. The stock is also built with a fingers reminder and pass-through foregrip which brings your fingers away from the string and possible injuries. The safety mechanism is triggered after cocking the string into the latch leaving your mind in peace to avoid any shots before its time. The bolt needs to be appropriately seated to be launched.


Lightweight and its compact design make it easier to carry in the forest or to aim for several minutes. The stock is smooth on the shoulder and the crossbow is perfectly balanced with the carbonlite riser technology. All these features improve the steadiness of your shots. Finally, the rope cocking aid makes your life much easier to cock the string into the latch. Its adjustability can suit any adult height which will make your life even easier. The 185 lbs necessary to cock is down to 90 lbs. more or less.

Tip: Always make sure that your foot is well placed into the stirrup when cocking the string.


Hunting situations


Probably the only flaw, due to its excessive amount of speed, the Barnett Ghost 410 is a bit noisy after launch. The energy produced is transformed into vibrations. Vibration Dampeners are then a possible adds on if it’s an issue for you. However, its velocity is so high that no target can really be warned by the noise before they get hit. The Trigger is really responsive and launches at only 3.5 lbs of pressure. This will give you a smooth and quiet release. Two key factors for hunting situations.


Undeniably a deadly crossbow for any legal hunts. This is a well-built crossbow combining distance and accuracy. Either you are in a tree stand or stalking in the forest, you won’t be disappointed with this crossbow. Like I mentioned earlier, its maneuverability will make each of your shots a lethal shot.




Of course, depending on your using, taking care of the string and all cables make perfect sense. It will ensure the longevity of your crossbow. Do not wax the serving in any circumstances; it might enhance the possibility of miss-shots.

Crossbow itself:

Clean any debris in the bolt way, especially the flight rail. I strongly recommend you to store your new acquisition in a seal location. For basic and obvious safety but also to improve its last.

The trigger system:

Often neglected the trigger might need a little attention to make sure it stays smooth and quiet.



The Barnett Ghost 410 is clearly on the top of the market since its apparition. The whole package makes every buck’s invested count. Finesse, durability, and power define this crossbow.  The warranty available with the crossbow will definitely keep your mind at peace, so don’t forget to fill the warranty card that you receive with the package and register yourself on their website.


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