Best Deer Hunting Blogs to Start Reading Right Now!

Hunting is a fascinating sport and even more when it comes to whitetail hunting, in my opinion. This beautiful creature can have you feeling a whole range of emotions when within sight whether being during a hunt or simply for contemplating. To be an efficient deer hunter, one must be well informed and have up to date information in order to be able to gather some antlers in a safe and ethical way. For that reason, I have combined the best deer hunting blogs to start reading right now and get to learn from experienced hunters out there.


Deer Hunting Big Bucks

The Deer Hunting Big Bucks blog is run by Adam, a proud member of the National Rifle Association, the Quality Management Association, and the Pope and Young Club.

Adam started deer hunting at a young age and he is sharing his knowledge and experience to keep this American Heritage alive and thriving.

What makes this blog stand out among others is certainly the well laid out dedicated deer hunting guide section. This guide really takes you by the hand to explore the know-how of deer hunting. From safety to being an ethical hunter, ways to hunt down and field dress your prey or even cook that fine venison.

So, if you are a complete newbie I highly suggest you head to this website and have a look for yourself.


Deer and Deer Hunting

Deer and Deer Hunting is divided into several blogs, 6 to be precise, all bringing a different angle. You can also narrow down your searches to a certain article topic of your interest.

This website also has a section for the foodies who love to try different recipes to cook venison; soup, meatballs, burgers, butter steak and more.

Interested in new gear? There is a section for that too so you can stay up to date on the equipment that just came out.

You can even purchase your yearly whitetail rut predictions calendar to know when the rut will actually peak so you can plan your vacation time wisely.


Wired to Hunt

Named the 2014 Quality Deer Management Association Communicator of the Year and being published in many popular media such as Outdoor Life and Field & Stream, Mark Kenyon is the founder and managing editor of the Wired to Hunt Blog

His great writing skills combined with his experience in the field makes this clear and detailed blog a go-to place for the avid deer hunter looking for a good source of up to date information.

Mark share his stories and strategies through articles, podcast, and videos which will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for according to what you like most.

Wired to Hunt features a newsletter you may not want to miss, so if you want to be part of it, Start Here!

Don't forget to visit the Best Of Wired to Hunt section


Nine Finger Chronicles

Blog, podcast, films, Nine finger Chronicles has a little bit of everything to please any kind of audience who likes the outdoors.

This website is not entirely dedicated to deer hunting but you can find a specific category for whitetail hunting.

Go and see for yourself if this blog, created by the passionate Dan Johnson, has something for you.


Whitetail Habitat Solutions

Whitetail Habitat Solutions was founded by Jeff Sturgis, an avid whitetail bowhunter, generously allocating time and effort to improve his knowledge base for the benefit of all his blog's readers.

On top of all the great info that you can get out of Jeff's exhaustive online content, you can get in touch with him. If you own your piece of land for your hunting activities, you don't get to plan it all by yourself anymore, Jeff is here to help you through his different services according to your needs and budget.


Urban Deer Complex 2.0

The Urban Deer Complex 2.0 blog positions itself in a totally different angle, it takes deer hunting out of the woods and brings it to your backyard.

As a matter of fact, the modern part-time hunter is quite busy doing everyday tasks and taking the hunt closer to them definitely allows for more time to be invested.

Furthermore, the whitetail deer is a very adaptive animal regarding human behaviors, they have learned to thrive while being closer to its greatest predator.

Ready to open up to new ideas and strategies? Get started with urban and suburban deer hunting by reading UDC 2.0.


Now that you have this list of deer hunting blogs, which one is your favorite? If it is not in here, please share it with me in the comments below, I would be glad to expand my own list further.




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