Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads

Back in the old ages, fixed blades were used to hunt all kinds of prey. When you considered that they started with a sharp rock point, today's broadheads are deadly efficient. Razor-sharp blades sharpen by laser technology to make sure no flesh can resist while hunting.


  • Reliability: Inevitably, less moving parts means more reliable and more consistent results. Fixed-blade broadheads have blades that are permanently fixed in position throughout all stages of the shot. You don't have to worry if your blades will deploy upon impact.
  • Speed: They can sustain massive velocities better than mechanical broadheads
  • Price: Fixed blades have a simpler structure than mechanical broadheads and that also means usually a more economical option for your wallet.  
  • Strength: In the same line of thoughts, fixed blades don't move to make them much stronger than mechanicals.
  • Maintenance: Replacing a mechanical often means to replace the entire broadhead. However, fixed blades can simply be sharpened again and bringing them back to deadly sharp again. (Some fixed blades have removable blades and can be replaced giving you another option to repair your broadhead)


  • Cutting Diameter: As you gain in penetration, you lose some cutting diameter. 
  • Wind Influence: The shape of fixed broadheads can be affected by strong winds and might develop erratic trajectory. However, proper tuning can easily counterbalance that influence.

Many bring a false debate into the public place. Fixed blades are better than mechanical broadheads, period. They support better faster speed and they have more bone-crushing capacities. Don't get me wrong here, mechanical broadheads are excellent and are deadly for Whitetails and smaller games, but for anything bigger or with tougher skin, you should consider fixed blades.

Base on that assumption of mine, I wrap up some of the best fixed-blade crossbow broadheads to simplify new and experimented hunters' lives. I based my analysis on specific criteria for selecting the best broadheads.

Each of them deserves a specific review but this article is an overview of which one you should dig further if you are interested in fixed blades. 

First, Skin penetration factor and bone-crushing capacities. The bread and the butter of any broadheads. Without these two elements, hunting would be a painful experience. Clean cuts while hitting your target are important to avoid any deflection from your initial target point. You don't want your bolt bounce off the skin of your trophy because it wasn't sharp enough to get through it. The penetration factor of a broadhead also encompasses its bone-crushing capacities. No shoulder blades should block you to get your trophy home.

Probably an underestimated factor but bones can deflect your bolt and cause a minor injury and you might lose your trophy instead of processing it. You want to make sure that no bones will stop you from having a successful hunting experience. 

Second, the flight trajectory of the broadhead. It is part of the cons of the fixed-blade broadheads. You have to pick a broadhead that re-creates as close as possible the results of your field point practice shots. The wind can affect wider fixed blades more and you have to consider that.

However, most of your shots should be in a range that they should not be too much affected by the wind (20 to 40 yards). In that department, mechanical broadheads offer more straightness during flight. If your bolt wobbles while spinning, you might have to tune your bolt to check the broadhead alignment. To do so, a spin tester is what you need. These devices allow you to look at how the bolt spin and make the proper tuning accordingly. 

Thirdly, the sharpness of the blades. Sharp versus unsharp is day and night while hunting. Do the blades stay sharp after many shots? How easy is it to sharpen the blades after utilization? How long can these broadheads keep their integrity? Those questions were taken into consideration while I made my selection. 

Finally, the blood trail left after the impact. According to me, the most important element to retrieve your game after impact. This is where mechanical broadheads have a huge advantage on fixed blades. That said, some of the fixed blades offer and deliver some good results in that department. The blood trail left behind was then a factor for me to consider while I did this article.

These four factors lead me to a list of broadheads that encompass all of them or most of them. This is not a ranking but a list to make you more curious about what is out there concerning fixed-blade crossbow broadheads. Let's have a look.


Dirt NAP DRT Broadheads

Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads-Dirt NAP drt broadheads

Either you choose the single or the double bevel from NAP crossbow broadheads, you will get results as expected. The simplicity of the structure assures you a nice and clean penetration into any type of animal skin and almost any type of material. Its capacity to crush shoulder plates and stay as sharp as it was out of the box will be a great advantage for you.

Dirt NAP Broadheads are made to sustain massive velocities without tuning. That said, for hunting purposes, the heaviest is always recommended so you gain more momentum out of your shots and then more penetration.

The shape of this arrowhead won't get influenced by the wind below 40 yards. The trajectory of your bolts will be quite similar to your field point practice shots. 

Sharp out of the box, the NAP broadheads are impressive toward how long they keep their sharpness no matter where you are shooting them. The single or the double bevel can sustain a fair bit of abuse before you will have to change it.

The wound channel is enhanced with the two little extra blades on the top and the bottom of the broadhead. An angle shot will end at 90 degrees at the exit with the NAP DRT. The sum of all the spec of the Dirt NAP DRT Broadhead will increase the blood trail and do what is made for which is Dead Right There (DRT)

Impressive and inexpensive broadhead, perfect for any kind of hunt. Available in 100 or 125 grain. Your bolt shouldn't need any tuning because this broadhead doesn't wobble much. 


QAD Exodus Broadheads


Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads-qad exodus broadheads


The QAD Exodus Broadheads are not only gaining in popularity over the web but also deliver great results in all departments. These three blades are solid construction and are offered in different weights for different setups (swept to full blades). The 125 grain would be recommended for crossbows.

The penetration factor is enhanced with its pyramid tip design. No matter what you put in front of the Exodus, this broadhead gets through almost everything. Either if you shoot with an angle or straight to you target the penetration level still most likely the same. Its capacity to crush bones is impressive. The tip and the blades are solidly tightened together making this broadhead unstoppable. 

Under 40 yards, the Exodus won't be affected by weather conditions. The accuracy under 40 yards, which is normally reasonable distance to shoot something, is quite close to field points accuracy. They offer different shapes of blades to counter-balance the deviation caused by bad weather conditions. They can sustain massive speed but leveling and tuning will be necessary over 40 yards.

Be careful when you open the box, they are sharp. The blade removal and replacement process are unbelievably simple and effective. Moreover, the .040" thick blades stay sharp after many uses, which is a huge plus when you see the price of these broadheads. 

The whole wound channel is very impressive and leaves an easy retraceable blood trail. As mentioned previously, the 0.040" thick blades have  1 1/4” of cutting diameter. Slightly bigger than its competitors.

The unique design combined with solid construction and stay sharp after many shots. This broadhead gets out of the group for overall performances.


G5 Montec CS Broadheads

Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads-g5 montec cs braodheads

The Montec G5 broadheads are known by many and they proved themselves on the scoreboard. I could of put the NAP HellRazor instead of the Montec because they are quite similar. You can rely on the same kind of result with both of them.

Will Bentley said and I quote: "I bought a package of three Montecs last season. But I only used one of them. With that single broadhead, I killed two does and a buck. I killed one fall turkey and missed another. I shot a coyote that stunk up my hunting area for the remainder of the day, and a hog down in Florida. Later in the year, I loaned my bow to my buddy Miles during a late-season hunt. He killed another deer with that broadhead."

The G5 Broadheads are investments. They are a cut-on-contact style of broadheads that will never let you down on any surfaces. The tip is made to split any bones in his way followed by three sharp fixed blades that won't leave any chance to your target if hit into its vitals.

A downside of the Montec is some of them make your bolts to wobble a little creating a noisier flight when released. It depends on the quality of production by G5. Those that don't wobble will be deadly for fast or slow crossbows. A well-tuned bolt with a Montec G5 broadhead will fly as straight as a field point practice bolt. 

Paper sharp blades with minimal maintenance to bring them back as sharp as out of the box. Steel blades do rust, a little coating is recommended after re-sharpening them.

However, they have a little cutting diameter which should be inconsequential if you hit any animals in the vitals. Into vitals, the G5 will leave an unforgiven wound channel and a sufficient blood trail to retrieve your trophy. The CS version increases the blood trail.

All in all, the result obtained with the Montec G5 deserved your attention even with its small downsides because they almost last forever if properly used.


G5 Striker Broadheads


Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads-g5 stricker broadheads


Probably the Montec big brother, the G5 striker broadheads is simply bigger and easier to sharpen. The main characteristic of the striker is its replaceable blades. The Striker tends to be quieter during a flight than the Montec. 

The COC tip is razor-sharp, cut-on-contact, no machining marks, blade lockup, and the alignment are perfect. You can put your confidence into its bone-crushing capacities. With .031" blade thickness, you can expect durability from the Striker.

It's a well-balanced broadhead offered in 100 or 125 grain that flies exactly where you are aiming. Almost no tuning is necessary with the G5 Striker broadhead making your life much easier. 

Edges of the blades are razor sharp. The blades are held by a ring which can be easily detached to allow you to replace the blades if necessary. Honestly, dangerously sharp right out of the box so is careful while manipulating this broadhead.

The wound channel is terrific at the entrance and the exit. Nothing inside can resist the sharpness of the blades meaning that a nice blood trail will follow after a good hit. 

Again, you can put a lot of trust into the Striker broadhead. You won't be deceived by this one.


Wasp Hammer Broadheads

 Wasp Hammer Braodheads

The Wasp Hammer Broadheads are known for hog hunting. Featuring SST smart tip, the Hammer is one of the most preferred fixed blades among bowhunters. The penetration and flight stability offered by this Wasp broadhead will increase the consistency of your shots. They say it would get through the steel of 10 sections of a 55-gallon drum. I would personally not try that but I can rely on the sharpness of this broadhead.

This razor-sharp blade comes with a slotted ferrule which keeps the alignment perfectly straight minimizing flight issues. The flying trajectory is the keystone of precision. Wasp Archery understood that by developing a technology to ease its alignment and to remove blades if necessary.

If you are looking for a heavier setup which is recommended, you can turn yourself on the Wasp SledgeHammer broadhead which is mostly the same as the Hammer but with 150 grain. Moreover, the SledgeHammer was expressly designed for crossbows.


Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads

best fixed blades crossbow broadheads-flying arrow archery toxic broadhead

Flying Arrow Archery designed a unique shape meant to enhance the wound channel and leave a bigger blood trail behind your target. 

The tip of the Toxic is razor sharp and built to penetrate any surfaces. Even if this broadhead was created to minimize hitting bones, you won't have to worry if you do hit one or many.

There will be almost no difference at all in between your field tip shot and with the Toxic broadhead shots. Both will have the same flight trajectory no matter the distance. The accuracy delivered by the Toxic broadheads is stunning. Its specific circular design is responsible for it. The air circulating inside the loops creates an aerodynamic spiral increasing its stability. 

The blades are honed only on the inside edge. By sharpening the inside, the blades will physically expand outward while cutting through flesh enhancing the wound channel. The wound core itself won't be able to close like other fixed broadheads wound channel might do after impact.

The specific configuration of the blades is meant to bring tissues out of the carcass. How about a tremendous wound channel after impact will that be? The toxic broadhead is one of the deadliest broadheads on the market nowadays.

The Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadhead is lethal for any kind of game.


Muzzy Phantom Broadheads

Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads-muzzy phantom broadheads

Muzzy Phantom broadheads fly straight and make good holes. They are made of solid steel and they are not too fancy but they deliver exactly what you are expecting from them. They are available in 100 (80 grain without bleeders) and 125 grain (105 grain without bleeders) with two main blades and two secondary blades which are removable bleeders.

The two main blades are .040" thick razor sharp. No flesh can resist these blades. Concerning animal bones, if they hit some, the blades might need to be resharpened after shooting them. 

When perfectly align with the vanes, the muzzy phantom flies as straight as any field points. Your accuracy won't be affected either by distance but could be with bad weather conditions.

These cut-on-contact blades are razor sharp out of the box and ready to hunt. The secondary blade might give you a hard time if you shot them in foam targets.

They are made to get through anything they hit. Entry to exit wound will leave no chance to your target with its 1-1/8" cutting width. The blades work also through bones but they deliver better results when they are into vitals.


NAP Thunderhead Crossbow Broadheads

Best Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadheads-nap thunderhead broadheads

One of the oldest on the market and there are many reasons why. With the advancement in technology the flight characteristic increases. The right choice if you ever hesitate to buy one of these broadheads. The NAP Thunderhead delivers durability, sharpness, and accuracy no matter what.

The Thunderhead is a solid construction with a dart-like characteristic of a field point tipped bolt. The design of the broadhead enhances its capacity to penetrate any type of skin and crush bones like there wasn't any.

You will be amazed, literally, with its accuracy during flight. The deviation is almost imperceptible regardless of the distance.

With a micro-grooved ferrule that increases flight accuracy and penetration power, offset blades, and patented trophy-tip point, the Thunderhead delivers accuracy and bone-splitting penetration, while providing a 1-3/16" cutting diameter with the 100 grain for massive hemorrhaging and knockdown power.

Many have experienced what they called a "bloody mess" after they shot their target. The blood trail left behind is one of the best regardless of the target.  


Ramcat Diamondback Broadheads

best fixed blade crossbow broadheads-ramcat diamondback broadheads

What to say about Ramcat other than they are taking more and more room on the market. They are a bit low profile but they deliver great results. However, this broadhead is not legal everywhere so make sure it is before buying any of those, especially because they are a bit pricey.

This solid three fixed blades from Ramcat has a concave scoops tip to increase penetration and bone splitting. No matter the angle, the tip works for you and allows the blades to make their job for an impressive wound channel.

Its specific design respect all necessary elements for perfect aerodynamics flights. The precision is not affected by distance. This Broadhead is field point accurate and penetrates as expected until 60 yards.

The blades are front and back sharpen making them deadly even if the bolt doesn't pass through which won't be the case. The 1 1/16″ inch cut diameter delivered by the razor-sharp blades leave a devastating internal wound channel. 

The design is meant to pass through anything so every movement made by the target will end in spilling blood everywhere. Ramcat broadheads are efficient, they hit hard and they deliver results.


Slick Trick Crossbow Trick

best fixed blade crossbow broadheads-slick trick crossbow trick

The Slick Trick crossbow trick is a simple and compact design to hit hard on any surfaces. The tip is also designed to penetrate the skin easily and get through bones. Shoulder plates shouldn't be a problem when you shoot slick tricks. However, the integrity of the blades might be altered if they hit hard bones many times.

Under 40 yards, the slick trick crossbow trick is accurate as your field points would be. Over 40 yards, the wind might have an impact on your precision but we are talking about 1 to 2 inches deviation at maximum. The fact that the weights available are heavier for crossbows, the center of gravity of your bolts will be more front forward allowing your vanes to work properly. The result of that feature is more precision even with extra fast crossbows. Its specific design quickly stabilizes shorter crossbow arrows for greater accuracy.

The Lutz German steel provides very sharp front edges. This one-piece ferrule design keeps its integrity after many uses in vitals. As mentioned previously, hard bones might bend some blades but they are easy to replace.

With standard blade thickness (.035”) and 1 1/16” of cutting diameter, the crossbow trick causes a deadly internal wound channel on any targets.

Any Slick trick is worthy of your attention.



Based on the previous four criteria, this best-fixed blade crossbow broadheads wasn't easy. I had to let some on the side but clearly, you can't go wrong if you pick any of those listed above. I would personally choose the QAD Exodus. Its overall score is impressive.

I have to mention that the Muzzy Trocar broadheads could have been among my best broadheads too but it's always interesting to have another perspective to discover new products and new technology.

Once again, both the fixed blade or mechanical broadheads have pros and cons but I recommend fixed blades for tougher games. Fixed blade broadheads sustain more easily faster speed crossbows and offer more consistency toward their utilization.

Thank you for reading to me! Do not hesitate to leave any questions below or any comments. Have a nice Hunt! 

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