Best Hang-On Tree Stands for Bowhunting

Best Hang-On Tree Stands for Bowhunting


Equipment matters when you are hunting into the wild and tree stands certainly come as a priority on the list of things to bring along with you. Before even choosing a tree stand, you should ask yourself some questions in order to pick the one matching your needs. Some of these are; what amount of weight are you ready to carry around? How much weight are you planning on bringing with you on the stand?  What level of safety do you need? What level of comfort do you want? And are you planning to stick to one place or be on the move? In this article, I will talk about the best hang-on tree stands with their specificities.

Two more articles will follow in the coming weeks about the best ladder tree stands and the best climbing tree stands should you find out that these types fit more your requirements.

Let's go further in depth of what is a hang-on tree stand that might make it more suitable to you over the other types. 

The hang-on treestand is usually the preferred type when it comes to setting up in a dense forest with odd mature trees and lots of branches. It is a relatively light stand to carry around, although it needs climbing sticks to get on it which might not be the type you would go for if your goal is to move around to other trees quickly and often.

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