Best Headlamps for Hunting

A small piece of equipment that could save your life at many levels. As it lights your way to help you avoid holes, it is also possible to stay perfectly stealthy to animals with the red lights. Furthermore, the setting for SOS signals just might save your life as well if something went wrong. 

A useful item that won't only be used for hunting, headlamps have many purposes in many contexts. Buying a headlamp for hunting assure you to pick the best settings for headlamps as the condition of use in hunting situations put them through a lot of scenarios in, sometimes, horrible conditions. 

What to Look for in a Headlamp for Hunting

  • Brightness-Lumens: Hiking or hunting in the dark can be pretty dangerous if you can’t see where you’re going, the right headlamp is going to be a very bright one. Brightness will be influenced by the lumens offered by the lamp. The more lumens the headlamp has the more bright it will be. Simple as that. Over 250 lumens we can consider a headlamp as a bright headlamp.
  • Wide Beam: Wide beam option is an important asset. Not only do you need a bright headlamp to hunt successfully, but also the stream of light should be wide enough to see all little holes, brush, and branches in your way. 
  • Comfort-adjustability: Head comfort makes a difference as you might use it for a few hours at a time. Adjusting the size to fit any head setup is important as you want the light to stay on your head instead of falling all the time.
  • Life battery-Battery size: Spending many hours in low light conditions means that you need to have a long life power source. It is most probable that you will have to walk in dark conditions to get to your hunting spot. The type of battery and its size become an important asset to look for to make sure you won't miss brightness.
  • Waterproof: Hunting season brings its fair share of nastier weather conditions. Not also, your headlamp should be water resistant but also waterproof. 
  • Ease of Use-Operational Mode: The simpler the use is the best your headlamp becomes. Turning the stream of light on shouldn’t be difficult. The buttons should depress simply and should allow you to change mode easily from low brightness to maximum or switch white light to red light.

Best Headlamps for Hunting

The following list was created accordingly to the criteria above. There are many headlamps on the market and choose among them could be a daunting task so here is my own selection to help you narrow down some of the best headlamps for hunting.


    Cobiz CREE LED Headlamp

    Cobiz CREE LED Headlamp

    This headlamp is well reviewed on all platforms. The Cobiz CREE LED Headlamp offers 4 modes for infinite uses. Great adjustability to fit the whole family and waterproof to survive the worst conditions. 

    The angle adjustment is not loose and does not hop around from movement over time which increases its durability. The first impression may give you an impression of cheap quality but if used properly it will serve you well. 6000 lumens mentioned by the manufacturer but expect less at maximum brightness, however, nothing to worry there.

    The package also comes with a case which is a unique feature for a less 30 dollar headlamp. 

    • Brightness: Up to 6000 lumens
    • Comfortability: Straps are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust
    • Life battery: High(6h)/Middle(10h)/Low(15h)
    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Durability: Well-built
    • Overall use score: 9.0/10

    Fenix HP25R LED Headlamp

    Fenix HP25R LED Headlamp

    If you had to rely on one headlamp in your arsenal for hunting, the Fenix HP25R LED Headlamp should be on the top of your list. The headlamp uses rechargeable 18650's that can be charged inside the headlamp with a Micro-USB cable.

    It features a dual switch that controls the spotlight and floodlight separately. The soft floodlight beam has 90 degrees of enlightenment. The Spotlight is a 60-degree tilt mechanism to adjust the beam where needed. The headlamp maintains constant brightness, and this, up to 1000 lumens for the efficiency of 600+ feet away.

    Performance Modes:
    • Floodlight Mode
      • High: 350 Lumens (2.5 hours, 145 feet/44 meters)
      • Mid: 130 Lumens (9 hours, 82 feet/25 meters)
      • Low: 30 Lumens (40 hours, 43 feet/13 meters)
      • Eco: 4 Lumens (150 hours, 20 feet/6 meters)
    • Spotlight Mode
      • Turbo: 1000 Lumens (1.5 hours, 614 feet/187 meters)
      • High: 350 Lumens (4.5 hours, 358 feet/109 meters)
      • Mid: 130 Lumens (12 hours, 217 feet/66 meters)
      • Low: 30 Lumens (42 hours, 112 feet/34 meters)
    • Red Light 
      • Eco: 0.2 Lumens (96 hours)
      • Flash: 0.2 Lumens (192 hours)
    • Brightness:  Up to 1000 lumens
    • Comfortability: Quality adjustments
    • Life battery: Many Hours
    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Durability: Solid build
    • Overall use score: 9.8/10

    Browning Nitro Headlamp Mossy Oak Break up

    Browning Nitro Headlamp Mossy Oak Break up

    Mossy Oak camouflage to melt into the environment, the Browning Nitro headlamp is the perfect fit for you. If you have ever tried field dressing a deer in dark condition, you will understand why this headlamp will become your best tool.

    This headlamp is made for the worst and most demanding environments. It features a thicker and longer lasting high-quality elastic headband. 2 settings of white light (hi-low) with low intensity red and blue lights. A versatile design for just about anything. Blue allows for hunting, and red allows for usage where you do not to lose your night vision.

    LED bulbs have proven its efficiency for longer battery life. They are rugged so that they last a long time and do not break easily. The warranty deserves your attention, Browning stays behind its products.

    • Brightness: Up to 375 lumens
    • Comfortability: Fit all setups
    • Life battery: Several Hours
    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Durability: Impact Resistant
    • Overall use score: 9.3/10


    Petzl TACTIKKA+ RGB Headlamp

    Petzl TACTIKKA+ RGB Headlamp

    Stealthy lighting designed for hunting, fishing or tactical use. The TACTIKKA offers red/green/blue lighting that will keep you covered at night. The headlamp projects up to 250 lumens at maximum beam light.  The illumination penetrates up to 70 meters giving you all the light you need to navigate across swaths of dark or the foreboding wilderness.

    The autonomy of the batteries turns around 260 hours and uses AAA batteries. The elastic headband is a quick-opening buckle to ease its adjustability.

    • Brightness: Up to 250 lumens
    • Comfortability: Highest quality brand
    • Life battery: Many Hours
    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Durability: Proven brand all around the world
    • Overall use score: 9.1/10


    Petzl - Strix VL Headlamp

    Petzl - Strix VL Headlamp

     A tactical design meant for performance and also for comfortability. The multiple mounting options are truly efficient on the field when you most need your hands. The beam can be pointed in any direction making it more convenient to adjust to any kind of field.

    The Strix Vl headlamp offers different modes from close-range vision to movement mode. It also features also different hunting lighting color choices including red, green and blue. 

    The build offers a waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant shell to deal with any kind of weather conditions.

    • Brightness: Up to 110 lumens
    • Comfortability: Light and great adjustability
    • Life battery: Several Hours
    • Waterproof: Yes
    • Durability: Proven brand all around the world
    • Overall use score: 9.4/10

      Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Hunting Headlamp

      Streamlight Buckmasters Trident Hunting Headlamp

      Built having hunters need in mind, the Streamlight Buckmasters Trident hunting headlamp is light and ultra bright, however, with its different mode, the headlamp offers many options to stay undercover. 

      This headlamp can tolerate hard using conditions for maximum results. They are so certain of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. It comes with 90° tilting head, Spot-to-flood focus and includes a green LED for Night Vision

      Depending on its use the headlamp can run up to 150 hrs. 

      • Brightness: Up to 80 lumens
      • Comfortability: High-quality headband
      • Life battery: Many Hours
      • Waterproof: Yes
      • Durability: Lifetime Warranty
      • Overall use score: 9.5/10

      Berzo Hunting Headlamp 

      Berzo Hunting Headlamp

      Among the lightest headlamp on the market with the most brightness. You get what you pay for. An economical choice that brings all the main aspects you need for hunting situations but might be more fragile than a more expensive model. If you take good care of your material, no worries here.  

      The Berzo headlamps offer adjustable system bands that will provide maximum comfort. They also come with a water-resistant casing. It weighs a little more than a half lb. that balances perfectly between the front and back of your head.  Adjustable lens to focus the beam from narrow to wide.

      Batteries which could be its downside but remember that for the price, it becomes a serious deal when you compare its brightness to other models in the same price range.

      • Brightness: Up to 6000 lumens
      • Comfortability: Light and adjustable
      • Life battery: Few hours
      • Waterproof: Yes
      • Durability: Basic Built and material
      • Overall use score: 8.5/10

        Bushnell Rubicon H150L Rubicon

        Bushnell Rubicon H150L Rubicon

        Providing 173 lumens of output, plus 209 lumens with the boost feature. Bushnell has been in the industry for 65 years and they put all their knowledge into the Rubicon. An advanced auto-dimming feature automatically adjusts from long distance brightness to dim light for close viewing.

        This product provides great functionality with updated features to cater to all your needs. The inventive Total Internal Reflective (TIR) optic aligns light for more visibility, whereas the Cree LEDs offer a powerful illumination with a consistent beam.

        • Brightness: Up to 210 lumens
        • Comfortability: Quality material, well-balanced
        • Life battery: Several Hours
        • Waterproof: Yes
        • Durability: Proven brand for quality
        • Overall use score: 9.2/10

          Zukvye LED Headlamp

          Zukvye LED Headlamp

          With its 5 modes, the Zukvye LED headlamp gives you many possible scenarios that can fit your needs. The package includes a USB cable and two rechargeable batteries. 

          Suitable for all outdoor activities and encompasses all the criteria to serve you well while hunting. Among the best headlamp brightness for the money.

          Depending on its use, its durability will differ from one user to another, this headlamp is a great back up.

          • Brightness: Up to 6000 lumens
          • Comfortability: Straps are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust
          • Life battery: High(6h)/Middle(10h)/Low(15h)
          • Waterproof: Yes
          • Durability: Best for the money
          • Overall use score: 8.7/10

          Overall pick

          Finding the best headlamp for hunting can be a daunting task but if you follow the above criteria you should be able to select your own headlamp that fit your need. I would add that don't go too cheap on that kind of piece of equipment because it will last longer and serve you for so many more purposes, not only hunting.

          Thank you for reading to us! Have a Nice Hunt!

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