Best Hoyt Archery Recurve Bows

You can hardly talk about bows without mentioning Hoyt. Since 1931, Hoyt has proudly produced a great series of bows. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hoyt has been raising the American flag in the bow industry.

Accuracy, durability, consistency, and high quality are the top qualities that Hoyt holds dear.

Although they are not the cheapest in the market, they always make sure that their clients get more value than their money. Here are the Hoyt Recurve Bows that made our top 3. 

Top 3 Hoyt Recurve Bows

1. Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow

Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow
This bow comes first in our list based on its features and good reviews. It is considered to be the best hunting recurve that money can buy. The Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow is also known for its unmatched power and accuracy.

Hoyt has taken its highest quality Olympic bow and adapted it for hunting purposes. With enough draw weight, you can pretty much hunt anything with this bow and that includes even the highly dangerous bears.

The bow is compact enough that you can maneuver it very easily no matter how tight the spot. With its consistent draws and resistance to all kinds of weather, hunting becomes a lot more comfortable and fun. If there is anything that can be considered as its downside, it would be the price.

However, with the quality and features that it gives, I think the price is highly justifiable. Although it does best in a hunt, this bow can also compete well in the target shooting. It can also match its user’s current ability although it is highly recommended for adult men.

2. Hoyt Gamemaster II 

Hoyt Gamemaster II

Our second runner-up has a light-weight, super-slim and durable riser. It comes with stability, speed, and accuracy perfect for hunting.

It is a beginner-friendly due to its high brace height making learning shooting techniques easy and non-stressful. In addition, Hoyt Gamemaster II is a takedown bow that has a grip that can be detached or replaced.

Despite being a famous hunting bow, Hoyt Gamemaster II can also be used for target practice and 3D shooting.

Other than having some people who don't like the appearance of the TEC riser, the Hoyt Gamemaster II has no reported negative feedback. 

3. Hoyt Tiburon Recurve Bow 

Hoyt Tiburon Recurve Bow

Ranking third in this list doesn’t make this bow less of a champion. It is also a lightweight with high accuracy bow ideal for hunting birds.

Despite being usually used for hunting, Hoyt Tiburon Recurve Bow comes with its simple but elegant design. Another reason for you to love this bow is its lower price compared to its rivals.

On the other hand, for a big hunting game, you usually will be needing heavier and thicker limbs to effectively get your target and Hoyt Tiburon lightweight gives many hunters the impression that it won’t be very effective for bigger games. Although Tiburon’s draw weight can reach up to 55 lbs



Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow is a perfect powerful hunting buddy but comes with a price. Hoyt Gamemaster II is also highly appreciated bow for hunting and if you don’t mind the TEC riser design you won’t have any problem with it.

If you are looking for a lighter bow especially for target practice that won’t hurt the bank, the Hoyt Tiburon Recurve Bow is what you are looking for. As mentioned earlier Hoyt company has been holding a good status in the bow industry.

Innovation has been constantly made and different bows for different target users have been made to accommodate different needs and preferences. We hope that our list helped you in making your own top three Hoyt Recurve Bows.


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