Best Recurve Crossbows

Modern recurve crossbows are the proud evolution of its ancestors and have nothing to envy from compound crossbows. In fact, the main advantage of all recurve crossbows is its reliability. See it that way, a recurve crossbow has fewer parts than a compound crossbow which reduces the possibility that something goes wrong while using it.

The reason why I did best recurve crossbows is to help you make your mind on those who have proved their use and their reliability over time among users.

Before starting, I would like to mention the Inferno Fury (which I will put into the top 5 crossbows –  best youth crossbows), the Axiom, the Micro 355 and the new  355 Micro Suppressor (The Suppressor will be into the Top 10 crossbows – New crossbows) from Excalibur should also be considered in this top 5 crossbows review but I had to make a choice. 



Taking care of its crossbow is the most important thing to do to ensure it will last over time. Waxing the cable and cleaning any parts necessary after using, will prevent few damages. 

In order to keep your crossbow safe and intact from transportation, I would recommend you to have a crossbow case to protect your crossbow. 

Once in awhile a sight-in of your crossbow is a must-do. Some parts might have moved or string could be misaligned after many shots or transportation. 



Top 5 Crossbows – Recurve Crossbows Specs summary



Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

 Cocking device

 Hunting Deer

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow 

 260 lbs.


 380 FPS




 25.5" | 5.9 lbs.

 Rope Cocking


Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow

290 lbs.


 405 FPS


 25.5”| 6.2 lbs.

 No Rope Cocking


SA Sports Fever Crossbow 

175 lbs.


 240 FPS


 27.5”| 4.85 lbs.

 Rope Cocking

 Yes Short distance

Excalibur Matrix Micro 335

270 lbs.


 335 FPS


 25.5”| 5.3 lbs.

Rope Cocking


Jaguar 175 Crossbow

175 lbs.


245 FPS


26.6”| 7.1 lbs.

No Rope cocking

Yes Short distance



Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow Package (any of the 380 series)

Best Recurve Crossbows - Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow Package

Awards: Bestseller for Recurve Crossbows, Most reliable recurve crossbow on the market.

Stealth, quiet and deadly defines the Matrix 380 Xtra. With only 5.9 lbs., this crossbow is perfect for stalking or still hunting any game. Its maneuverability makes it more deadly. The rope cocking device helps a lot to cocked the string almost effort even with 260 lbs.

The package is a high-quality one. They did not go cheap on accessories. The Tact-zone scope will do more then you expected and the detachable quiver is a must in tree stand hunting situations. The arrows included are also good quality bolts and come with field points.

To assemble the crossbow, some work is necessary. You might have to string the crossbow, depends on where you are buying it. Otherwise, you have to mount the limbs on the riser using Allen keys and to the prod using the necessary hardware. The stirrup is your next step to finish with the scope.

With almost no flaws, this crossbow is a high ranked crossbow on the market. Allow you to hunt any legal game without stressing about power even at 50 yards.


  • Compact design for recurve crossbow for tight hunting places
  • Quiet and accurate
  • Have a quality safety mechanism


  • Illumination on scope fades a bit but hard to really tell.


Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Crossbow Package

Best Recurve Crossbows - Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Crossbow Package

Awards: Most powerful recurve crossbow,

Its velocity is unmatched among recurve crossbows. The Matrix 405 generates 127 ft. per lbs .of kinetic energy giving you almost twice what you need for the biggest game in America.

The package comes with all necessary hardware and tools to assemble the crossbow. The package includes a rope cocking device which is crucial for the Matrix 405. Its cocking weight is probably is a major setback. It also comes with a suppressor, 4 bolts with field points and a quiver.

The crossbow comes pre-strung. You will have to attach the riser to the stock. An instruction manual and a DVD are included making the assembling easier. The stirrup and the scope need also to be mounted and when it’s done, you are ready to shoot.

If budget is not an issue to you, this is the perfect experienced or beginner crossbow shooter. For those who prefer recurve crossbows and speed velocity.


  • Fastest recurve crossbow
  • Well-built included package
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (60 yards)
  • Have a quality safety mechanism


  • Heavy cocking weight.
  • No bow stringer included


SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

Best Recurve Crossbows - SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

Awards: Best value for the money, Best starter recurve crossbow for beginners, Lightest recurve crossbow.

If you don’t know yet if hunting with a crossbow is for you,

SA Sports Fever is clearly a good option. The price for this entry-level crossbow won’t eat your entire budget. However, cheaper doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your experience. It’s still going to give you the feel of hunting with a recurve crossbow. With its 240 FPS, you can hunt deer easily but not recommended for bigger games like bears. The Fever is a very light Crossbow with only 4.85 lbs.

The package includes the exact basic accessories to have a real first feeling to hunt or to shoot with a crossbow. It comes with a padded sling which should be on every crossbow if you ask my own opinion. Other accessories are the quiver, the scope, and the rope cocking device. The bolts are aluminum bolts and you might want to buy other ones for better performances.

This crossbow is pretty standard to assemble. Limbs into stock, stirrup in front and mount the scope should take you less than 20 minutes. String the crossbow to finish and you are ready to shoot.

Accuracy may not be consistent on the Fever crossbow but at that price, you can’t expect to have a flagship crossbow. You might encounter problems with the scope rail causing the inconsistency in your shots. I have to remember you that this crossbow is an entry-level crossbow for those you want to get into the sport but do not know if they will pursue it.


  • A Package that includes everything you need to start.
  • Easy to cock with the cocking device
  • Inexpensive starter for beginners
  • Excellent maneuverability with its weight.


  • Accuracy is not consistent.
  • You may need to buy different bolts


Excalibur Matrix Micro 335

Best Recurve Crossbows - Excalibur Matrix Micro 335Awards: Best overall recurve crossbow, Best recurve crossbow in hunting situations.

Design, safety, comfort, and accuracy define the Matrix Micro 335. The Micro series has proven its reliability over time and means that fewer things might go wrong while you are miles away from home and your repair tools. The way the Micro series is built increases stealth in hunting situations.

The package includes quality accessories. Every buck invested is well spent. The scope, the quiver, the vibration suppressor, cocking device and the bolts are perfectly set for Micro 355.

To assemble the crossbow, it is pretty simple since the manual is pretty clear about the steps to follow. Just make sure that everything is tightened and properly mounted.

If budget is not an issue to you, this is perfect for experienced or beginner crossbow shooters. With almost no flaws, this crossbow is a high ranked crossbow on the market.


  • A Good recurve crossbow for tight hunting spaces.
  • Lightweight crossbow
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (50 yards)


  • A bit heavy on the cocking
  • Improvements necessary for safety, no auto safety


Jaguar 175 Crossbow



Best Recurve Crossbows - Jaguar 175 Crossbow

Awards: Best underestimated recurve crossbow on the market, Best value for the money.

It is not a mainstream brand but it acts like it. This is why it’s underestimated. It is a well-built crossbow that will be able to take a fair bit of abuse. The stock will leave you a comfortable feel.

Concerning the included accessories into the package, it has everything you need to get started. You have a quickly removable quiver that holds safely the bolts. It also comes with a 3 dots red dot scope, 4 bolts, and a sling and more importantly with a stringer.

To assemble the crossbow, it is quite easy to follow the steps. However, I suggest any beginner read and understand the instructions before attempting to string a recurve crossbow. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, just make sure to read and understand the steps to follow. Once everything is properly mounted, you are ready to enjoy your new purchase.

If you are on a tight budget or simply curious about the sport, this is perfect for beginner crossbow shooters. With a low price, the Jaguar 175 lbs include a fair ready-to-shoot package and still act like a flagship crossbow.  


  • Inexpensive entry-level crossbow
  • The package offers all that you need to start.
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (40 yards)
  • Auto-engage safety when cocking


  • Velocity drops quickly after 40 yards



    Any of these recurve crossbows will give you a good shooting experience. Of course, entry-level ones are less accurate but draw the road for something more efficient when you get more experienced.

    Stay tuned for more detailed reviews for each of them. Thank you for reading us and I hope this was valuable to you. Do not hesitate to leave any comments below and feel free to ask for a specific recurve crossbow review if you need one.

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