Bows and Arrows: Beginners guide

Hunting has evolved in a way that our ancestors might not have imagined. Changes from its purposes to tools are clearly seen.

Bowhunters also make sure that they have the perfect type that matches their preference. Whether you are new to bowhunting or not, it’s always good to get to know or get to know better the different bows and arrows to find the perfect one for you.

Recurve Bow 

bow and arrow

This bow has come a long way since the time of horsemen and in modern times are used in Olympic events. It owes its name to its distinct shape. The central parts of the bow curve toward the archer, while the tips curve the opposite. This shape gives the bow more power even with a minimum effort from the user.

This type of bow is good for both starters and pros. In Barebow archery, recurve bows are commonly used. Archers have no help from sights, stabilizers nor clickers to hit the target. It gives you the Hunger Games feels as it takes archery into a martial art level. Here is a short guide on how to use a hunting bow recurve.

Compound Bow 

Product: Darton Cadet Youth Compound Package 25-35 lbs. 

Product: Darton Cadet Youth Compound Package 25-35 lbs.

The limbs of a compound bow can be bend with the use of cables and pulleys. The body is a lot more rigid than other bows and requires less strength to shoot a powerful aim. 

Compared to other types of bows made in natural materials, compound bows are less affected by nature which gives them better accuracy, distance and arrow velocity. Most beginners are not advised to use compound bow due to its complexity.

However, some compound bows are now user-friendly and some are even designed so even younger archery enthusiasts can now enjoy (see the product in the picture). Another example can be read in the article source 2019 review for Bear Kuma Compound bow. 


Product: Bear Montana Longbow | Bear Archery

Product: Bear Montana Longbow | Bear Archery

If I may I’ll call it the warrior’s choice. It was a dominant weapon on the battlefield until the mid-16th century. It is simple but not that easy to use. First to consider is its size. It is a slightly curved piece of wood with the same height as the archer which is not so ideal with movement and hiding.

It doesn’t come with arrow rest nor sight which beginners may consider as not so inviting. However, many archers love the challenge that it offers. It takes time to master but as they say ‘Champions keep playing until they get it right.


Product: Barnett Droptine Crossbow Package

Product: Barnett Droptine Crossbow Package

Crossbows were used in some historical battles and believed to have originated in China. In appearance, modern crossbows are fairly similar to firearms but have a short bow horizontally attached to the muzzle.

As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, crossbows are not made for long-range and require heavier draw weights to perform similarly to other types of bows.

Target archery frequently uses these bows however always double-check the legality of the use of crossbows in your area as they can be highly regulated in some places.   

The credit to a high target accuracy is not solely given to a good bow but shared equally with a good arrow. The details about arrows may sound overwhelming however, it is necessary to know the important things in choosing an arrow.

As it may take forever to learn every nook and cranny of each type, below are the types of arrows and the main things to know about them. 

Carbon Arrows

Product: Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter Arrows Blazer Vanes 6 pk. | Carbon Express Arrows

Product: Carbon Express Mayhem Hunter Arrows Blazer Vanes 6 pk. | Carbon Express Arrows

If you are looking for sturdiness and high-endurance, Carbon arrows are for you. Although known for being tough, I still recommend taking good care of them.  Unlike other arrows, carbon arrows can’t be fixed once damaged.  Once they are broken, they are done. 

They don’t break easily but Carbon arrows are typically the most expensive which gives you a good reason not to try reaching beyond capacity.

Aluminum arrows

Product: Tenpoint Magnum XX75 Aluminum Bolts

Product: Tenpoint Magnum XX75 Aluminum Bolts

Looking for a lightweight, flexible and less painful to your wallet arrows? Aluminum arrows are perfect for you.  Aluminum arrows are really good if you’ve got a lighter weight bow.  It won’t hurt the bank that much and you don’t have to worry too much about breaking it.

Aluminum arrows are so flexible they can be bent and be bent back.  You’ll find these to be a good choice that will work for most lightweight bows.

Wood arrows

What could be more classic than a wooden arrow? It is delicately made and is typically covered in lacquer finish. Normally, wooden arrows have feather fletching and have no insert.

You can find a wide price-range of wooden arrows in the market depending on the quality.  Although this type of arrows can be bent a little and can be bent back, it is recommended to be extra careful with them as they easily break. 

Fiberglass arrows

This type of arrows is good for target practice. You can find sturdy fiberglass arrows in the market these days. They are solid and glue on the tip. They are also lightweight and pretty affordable.  

You can also add more accessories to help your bows and arrows reach their maximum potentials. You can find these accessories without breaking the bank. Some of the hunting bow accessories are below $300

Finding the best bow, arrow, and accessories for you may take time but it will surely be all worth it. Bowhunting may just be a hobby to someone or a serious sport to another, whichever the case you deserve a perfect bow and arrow to help you have a great bowhunting experience.

If you are considering buying in sets here is a little help on where to buy bows and arrows set for adults. I hope this article helped you find the best hunting bow and arrows for you.   


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