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Browning 171 crossbow review

Browning 171 Crossbow Review

Browning 171 Crossbow

Browning 171 crossbow



Description of the product


Browning is an old player in the field of Hunting but decided lately to partner up with Barnett to enter the world of crossbow hunting. Last year 161 had some issues with its nock sensors causing some safety trouble. This year, Browning isolated the problem and did a great job to solve this major issue.

The question is why getting into crossbows? The answer is simple. They wanted to offer new challenges to their customers and offer an easy transition to crossbow hunting. This is one of the main advantages of the Browning 171. Gun hunters can make the transition to crossbow hunting without losing all their marks. The feeling provided by the trigger of the 171 crossbows is crisp as the trigger of The Hell’s Canyon rifle from Browning.

Browning is trying to stay as competitive as possible with a unique product here. The technology is supported by Barnett technology, however, the design is completely unique to Browning. They always succeeded in the past and its a question of time before they do the same in the world of crossbows. The Browning is really friendly user and might satisfy every category (youth, women, and men).

Enough talk, let's see what you get when you decide to purchase one.


Browning 171 Crossbow – Specs summary 

Model Reviewed

Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

Cocking device

Hunting Deer

Browning 171 Crossbow

 170 lbs.


 390 FPS


 19.875" | 7.2 lbs.

 Rope Cocking Included




  1. Make rifle hunting transition to crossbow hunting easier
  2. Compact design for tight hunting places
  3. Browning Soft Sound String Suppressors
  4. Accuracy stays even with distance (50 yards)
  5. Well known brand
  6. Three Picatinny rails for extra accessories
  7. Rail for a rope-cocking device that ensures an even and consistent pull


  1. Standard but illuminated scope 


Specifics of the package


This package will meet your expectations. Like mentioned previously, the Browning 171 crossbow package includes:

  • The Browning OneSevenOne X-bow itself
  • Browning soft-sound string suppressors (pre-installed)
  • Cross 1.5–5x32mm illuminated scope
    1. Premium Browning three-arrow quiver with mounting bracket
    2. 3-pack of 22-inch carbon arrows
    3. Browning Rope Cocking Device (reduces draw weight by 50%)
    4. Owner’s manual
    5. Warranty card

    Bolts:  The included bolts are 22 inches in carbon and are pretty decent, but you may want better quality early on. Any 22-inch crossbow bolts will suit you just fine, as long as you maintain a weight of 400-grain.

      Tip: Do not go under the recommended weight from the manufacturer for the overall weight of the bolt. It includes the broadhead weight. In this case, 400 grains is the minimum allowed. Not respecting this recommendation could lead to injuries and damages to your crossbow and void the warranty. Be aware when you are buying new bolts.

      Hopefully, they will offer a 172 package as they did with the 162 crossbow package which will encompass all that you need in only one package. 

      Possible add-ons

      Crossbow Cases:

       browning travel crossbow case

      The Browning travel crossbow case is an option for maximum safety. It comes in black with the following dimensions :

      • Dimension Interior: 39" x 24.5" x 12"
      • Dimension Exterior: 41.22" x 27" x 12.25"

      The case is a hard side sturdy construction and features the following:

      • 3 heavy-duty latches
      • Balanced carry handles
      • Stands on the side for easy storage
      • Padlock hasps
      • Quiver storage in base of the case
      • Lashing straps to secure crossbow in case
      • Foam padding for crossbow protection
      • Lockable: Yes
      • Number of Pockets: 1


      Choosing the right broadheads for the right crossbow is often a difficult choice to make. The QAD exodus, the Rage broadheads or any RAMCAT would be my recommendation. They show impressive results and last longer than others.

        Tip: Always consider the weight of the broadhead when buying to make sure you do not go under the recommended overall bolt weight from the manufacturer.


        Assembling the 171 crossbow

        Assembling is very easy. The crossbow comes pre-assembled for most parts and is ready to be sighted-in out of the box.  That said, it is recommended to go through all parts of the crossbow to make sure that nothing loosen during transportation.

        New models offer some complex assembling, the fact that the crossbows are more and more pre-assembled is a good thing. However, the Scope and the foot stirrup are usually not pre-assembled but not hard to install on.

        There are three Picatinny rails for you to use at your convenience. All your accessories have their spot on the crossbow which is a great feature when you are standing 20 feet up in a tree stand.


        Accuracy and Velocity

        Kinetic Energy

        You won’t be worried about the 171, its foot per pounds will allow you to kill the biggest animal permitted in North America. The speed and the momentum generated are really efficient on every shot. The expected 135 Ft-lbs. is clearly more than you will ever need to bring some meat in the freezer. The minimum required for the biggest legal game in North America is 65 Ft-lbs. of kinetic energy.

        Depending on your setup of bolts (400 grain or heavier), the Kinetic may vary however you may gain in momentum which is perfect for hunting.

        Accuracy and distance:

        Its ballistic curves are more than efficient even with extra yards ahead of you. Kinetic energy drops around 128 Ft-lbs at 30 yards and is more or less 125 Ft-lbs. after 45 yards. The drop in kinetic energy does not affect the accuracy of the crossbow. You will quickly master good groupings at 30 or 50 (under two inches groupings). 

        Sighting in the 171 was fast but the scope tends to not hold zero after many shots which is a lack from Browning. However, I am sure they will fix this shortly and it is difficult to say that all the scopes will react the same way. The velocity combined with the scope generated good results. The scope allows speed setting to dial in at different yardage.

          Tip: Result may vary according to the weather and significantly with different bolt weights.


          An impression of the crossbow


          Beautiful and innovative stock design with a vented honeycomb rear stock and its golden trigger. The Browning 171 Crossbow is the direct evolution of the Browning 161 Crossbow with an aluminum riser instead of a magnesium riser. The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage finish was favored over the all-black finish with golden details. It leaves a better impression while hunting with greater chances of staying unnoticed.


          Safety toward crossbows is really important and Browning knows it. As mentioned previously, they isolated the 2016 issue and got rid of this problem. They have built in an anti-dry-fire system that doesn't allow you to engage fire if the bolt is not well seated at the rear of the flight track. This new piece of technology is called a nock sensor which increases safety and makes almost impossible dry firing the crossbow. No malfunction have been reported yet in 2017 from other reviewers. Barnett is behind the technology and is responsible for the improvement.


          At only 7.2 lbs bear and around 9 to 9.5 lbs with all accessories installed, this crossbow won't cause fatigue when aiming for several minutes. The weight is perfectly distributed so the center of gravity holds in the middle. The buttstock goes smoothly into the shoulder increasing that feeling of a well-balanced crossbow. They shrunk the Browning 171 crossbow by few inches making its design even more compact.

          The Browning Comfort Ledge Palm Rest gives you a good grip and a nice feeling while holding the x-bow. It feels like a rifle stock.

          The premium quiver is quick and easy to install or to remove and is above standard quality.

            Heavier to cock at 170 pounds of draw weight but, with the addition of a fully integrated rope cocking device with a sliding system that will go down the rail to reach the string, it reduces by more than half the cocking weight. This new system means a more consistent draw every time you want to cock this crossbow and reducing uneven serving placement.

            We decided to ship the onesevenone to Ikeoutdoors which seemed to be quite pleased with the results and the design of the crossbow. His review also shows how cocking the crossbow is easy and different than other crossbows.

            Hunting situation


            The x-bow is very quiet with the TriggerTech ADF trigger’s three-pound crisp and smooth pull, firing this crossbow will feel more like shooting a rifle than an X-bow. This is clearly the philosophy behind, to give their crossbow shooters the same feeling as if they were shooting a Browning rifle.

            The pre-installed Browning soft-sound string suppressors work perfectly, so you don’t need to worry about your prey string-jumping when you take your shot.


            This crossbow is rubberized like its predecessor to absorb maximum vibration from every shot resulting in a much quieter crossbow. This Browning features Trigger Tech trigger which is a frictionless technology that gives a clean break for maximum performance at about 3 lbs. The 171 delivers a brutal 390 FPS and you can expect about 135 ft-lbs of kinetic energy with included bolts.

            The precision delivered by the onesevenone is exactly what you are expecting from a high range priced crossbow. Moreover, the shorter and more compact design enhances its maneuverability into tighter hunting places. A great aspect while hunting into small ground blinds.



              Keeping good care of all parts of your crossbow is really important to keep your crossbow for a long time. Waxing the string and the cables are an excellent way to keep higher performances from the 171.

              You should obviously clean any debris on the flight track before any shooting.

              An annual inspection is recommended for an increased safety while using.



                The Browning 171 crossbow package will definitely give you a lot of fun when shooting it and more importantly really good results while hunting. The quietness and the velocity of this crossbow will please you no matter under which condition you will shoot this deadly crossbow. The maneuverability of the crossbow is safe and comfortable so you can simply focus on shooting.

                If you are now looking for the 171, See Hunting-Bow Prices Or Compare prices.

                Thank you for reading us and do not hesitate to ask any questions related to this Browning 171 crossbow review or leave any comments below.

                Have a nice hunt!


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                Chevy Hunter - December 6, 2018

                Browning will only improve with a joint venture with Barnett…With these two companies working together, hunters will reap big rewards in quality and technological advances.

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