Cajun Sucker Punch Review

Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow

Cajun Sucker Punch Review


The bowfishing season is one of the most exciting hunting seasons! Beautiful weather and outstanding landscape surround the bowfisherman. The only thing missing is the right bow for the right occasion. The Cajun Sucker Punch Review will go deeply into its specs to give you why it is among the best fishing bows on the market.


Description of the product

The Sucker Punch gained in popularity but what exactly is under the hood here? Bear Archery participated in improving the quality, especially with its hybrid reel. The previous version was not really recommended but the new hybrid as a brighter future ahead of him.

This compound bowfishing bow comes with two possible adjustments. Two different sets of cams which are easy to switch; The constant cam module, made for snap shooting when no time for aiming and the let off cams (adjustable module) to allow up to 60 % off the 50 lbs. draw weight when pulling, to increase your aiming time.

The bow itself weighs almost nothing with its 3.2 pounds and about 5 pounds with everything on it. Since almost all the bows are lightweight nowadays, the adjustability of a bow makes a huge difference.

The adjustable draw length of the Sucker Punch allows more people to tune it at their convenience. That simple adjustment has a huge impact on possible draw weights that you can obtain by simply changing the length of the bow.  


Specifics of the package

A complete package ready for bowfishing out of the box. The Cajun Sucker Punch package includes:

  • A Fishing Biscuit arrow rest,
  • A Cajun Hybrid bowfishing reel,
  • A Cajun Blister Buster finger pads
  • Two white fiberglass arrows with Piranha points
  • Necessary Hardware to Change Cam Modules

A Fishing Biscuit arrow rest: It is adjustable for up or down adjustments. They added more bristle to increase stability.

A Cajun Hybrid bowfishing reel: It's one hand operated reel like the Spincast Reel with the ease of the bottle reel. The Hybrid reel comes with an arrow holder so you can bring an extra arrow with you. It also comes with a lever to allow you to cock automatically the clutch with your hand holding the bow so you don't have to worry about it when shooting. It contains a 25 yards line for 250 pounds tested line. It is an ambidextrous reel so you won't have to buy another one. The tensioning screw (drag adjustment feature) at the back of the reel allows you to adjust the tension when you reel back the fish. It is highly adjustable while tuning your bow.

A Cajun Blister Buster finger pads: It's installed to put the index over the nock and two fingers under the nock. It allows you to shoot without a glove or a release aid for quicker actions. Made for snap shooting and suit any hands. 

Two white fiberglass arrows with Piranha points: It is easy to extract from the fish after a hard hit on it. These arrows are meant to last long. The jackhammer tip stays sharp. Many other types of points are offered among the cajun fiberglass arrows but these are their best seller.

Necessary Hardware to Change Cam Modules: Necessary Hex keys to change modules on the bow.



  1. Tough structure to support a fair bit of abuse
  2. Deeper grooves to avoid derailment with constant cam modules
  3. Great adjustability for any User (length and draw weight)
  4. One hand operated Hybrid Reel that combines the free-spool advantages of a bottle reel with the quick retrieve of a spin caster.
  5. 25 yards line that supports 250 pounds
  6. Fiberglass arrows with an excellent arrowhead.
  1. Need to be more waxed if used in salty conditions
  2. Let-off cam modules efficiency decrease when Snap shooting
  3. Bigger grip could be a good option

How to Assemble the Cajun Sucker Punch

Some dealers deliver the Sucker Punch already mounted but usually, you have to install accessories to adjust them at your convenience. The bow itself is fully mounted but you will have to install the arrow rest, the reel, the sight if you bought one and mount your arrows with the slide which will be attached to the line.

The reel has great adjustability. It is possible to install it in a forward or a backward position. These little adjustments increase the value of this bow.

The instruction manual is well made and contains all the necessary information to properly mount the Sucker Punch bowfishing bow. 

By using the proper hex wrench, you will be able to adjust the draw weight of the bow. Turn the limb bolts clockwise to increase peak weight and counter-clockwise to reduce peak weight. The adjustable multi-draw cam can be configured to provide a draw length from 17” to 31” in 1” intervals. No bow press is required to adjust the multi-draw cam system. This means that the Cajun sucker punch is a "grow with" type of bow. 

 As shown below, different draw length adjustment has an impact on the draw weight even without the let-off cams.

Tip: Both limb bolts must be adjusted equally to avoid timing problems.

Draw length (in.)

Peak weight (lbs.)
































Accuracy and Velocity

Accuracy and distance:

Technically, the best weight I have found for bowfishing is 30 to 40 lbs. Shooting about 30 pounds provides an easy and repeatable draw and is better for shallow water. That setup should deliver about 85 to 90 FPS. When shooting a lower weight while bowfishing in shallow water from a boat, your arrow isn’t as prone to stick in a river, creek, or lake bottoms as an arrow would when shot with a heavier poundage.

Shooting a higher weight, around 40-50 lbs should deliver about 100 FPS. This is beneficial in deeper water where you need the increased kinetic energy and penetration. The downfall of shooting a higher draw weight is the increased fatigue from repeated shooting. The Let-off cam modules become really handy at this moment.

The Let-off module is a great asset to eliminate fatigue if you want to shoot all day long.

Tip: Get out for a day and shoot different poundages repeatedly to see what draw weight is right for you.

Laser light sights are available for night hunting. These help the shooter to aim more accurately. During daytime these laser sights are pretty much useless.


The impression of the Bowfishing Bow


Nice contrast in between the white riser and the black limbs. Compact and versatile design to be adjusted to your personal preferences. Vented riser for a maximum mass weight loss. Deeper grooves cams for increased stability of the string.


Bowfishing goes with possible dry-firing. However, the biscuit arrow retention reduces the chances as well as the nocks on the fiberglass arrows. Arrow snapback is a serious safety concern for bow fishermen. Arrow snapback occurs when the bowfishing line becomes tangled around a part of the bow preventing the arrow from leaving the bow. The ACS from Cajun, if used properly, helps to eliminate this concern by keeping the string in front of the arrow rest and bow at all times, greatly reducing the chances of the string becoming tangled.


I would recommend increasing the grip size to have a better handle of this bow (always depends on the size of your hands). That said, it is light and easy to use especially with his one hand operated reel. Once you hit the fish, reeling back works flawlessly and to extract the arrow from the fish is also quite easier now with the piranha point. 


Hunting situations


I suggest you install a pad on the riser to reduce noise from the fiberglass arrow is making by touching the riser. That being said, you can also install string dampeners for maximum quietness. Other than that, bowfishing is like fishing. The quietness of the person handling the bow is also responsible for fishing success.


If properly aimed, no target will resist the efficiency of the Cajun Sucker Punch. It delivers the right amount of kinetic energy to strike hard all kind of fishes. 

To increase stability, I would recommend you to install a D-Loop on your string so you can use your favorite release aid while bowfishing. If you prefer quicker action while performing, stick with Cajun Blister Buster finger pads. 



With proper care and a minimum amount of routine maintenance, your bow will be kept in top condition. However, it is still important to carefully inspect your bow on a regular basis and this, especially if used in salt water. More waxing need to be done in these conditions. I recommend paying particular attention where the string is rubbing against other pieces. For instance, the part of the string that touches the bottom part of each cam is an important zone to pay attention to.

Cleaning Your bow should be kept clean of dust, mud, and grime. Use a damp soft cotton cloth to remove dirt and moisture. Never put your bow away wet or store it in a damp place. Lightly oil all steel parts (axles, mounting screws) to prevent rust. 

Pay attention to their warranty, many actions can void the warranty. Avoid excessive lubrication of any item, as this can attract dirt. •Bear Archery strongly recommends replacing the bowstring and cable

•Bear Archery strongly recommends replacing the bowstring and cable annually



The Cajun Sucker Punch is for anyone who desires a versatile and affordable bowfishing bow. The improvements made by Bear Archery on the Cajun Sucker Punch are noticeable and deserve all your attention if you are looking to "grow" with your bow for many seasons.

Do not hesitate to leave any comments or any questions below about this Cajun Sucker Punch Review.

Thank you for reading!

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