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Compound vs Recurve Bow

Compound VS Recurve Bow - Which One Should You Buy?

Which One Should You Buy? Do you want to know the difference between Compound and Recurve bow, and which one is more beneficial for you?

Here I am going to guide you about these two types of Bows and will also be recommending you the one which I consider is better than the other.

Moreover, I am also going to brief you about the information related to their comparison. This will help you understand why I am going to recommend you about one of the Bows!

So, here we go!

 Compound vs Recurve Bow


What is a Compound/Recurve Bow: 


First of all, I will be telling you what exactly is a Compound and a Recurve Bow? A compound bow is a newly designed bow with more accuracy and power, whereas the traditional recurve bow is with less accuracy and power than the former one.


Why compound bow has a mechanical advantage over the traditional Recurve bow?


The reason is that it has two wheels, also known as cams, on both sides that give it an advancement.


Differentiating Between The Two Types of Bows:


First of all, let me tell you what are the circumstances which you have to face while using a traditional recurve bow.

When you are preparing yourself for an aim and stretching the string of the recurved bow, you will find it difficult to maintain your aim as it might take a too much of your strength to maintain the focus of your aiming.

This draws the attention to maintain the stretch of the bow instead of maintaining the aim.

Then, using a compound bow instead of a traditional recurve bow makes it more comfortable for you to carry it at a certain point.

When you first stretch the string, however, it will take some guts to do so while pulling it; but after pulling, when your arm becomes stationary, the string will become loosened up.

The point at which the string becomes easy is also known as the “Let Off” point. This is the reason why compound bow is given superiority upon the traditional Recurve bow.

It results in the enhancement of comfort and better aim. Another advantage of using a compound bow is that less energy is required to make a better and a longer aim. 

Now a question may arise that “How is it possible?”. The answer is very simple and it is the difference in the design of the bow.

The compound bow has a pulley system allowing to draw and store loads of energy within the limbs. The cams result in increasing the efficiency of the release of the arrow with greater force.



Although a highly subjective topic depending on general preference, style, and intended use, I prefer the compound bow as it is a modern technology. The reason why I feel so is that advancement is also done for improvement. The compound bow can be mastered much faster and when you get the hang of it, you can be out there in the woods for your first hunt in much less time than it might take you with a recurve bow, thanks to the "let-off"! 

If you want to get into competition, you can do so with both types but keep in mind that if you are dreaming of Olympic games, you won't be able to compete at that level with a compound bow. 

With that being said, all opinions can be argued so if you don't agree with me, go ahead and give it a try for yourself!


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