Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow Review

Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow

Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra Crossbow Review

Description of the product

Excalibur is a synonym of tradition. By keeping the original shape of its ancestor, the Matrix 380 series gives you a feeling of how it was back then. Furthermore, the original shape offers one main advantage over other crossbows, particularly compounds crossbows. The fact that recurve crossbows has less movable parts give them the advantage of being more durable. In other words, fewer things can go wrong when using them and less maintenance is necessary for the same number of shots.

Another great aspect of the Matrix 380 series is its lightweight. This characteristic improves the balance of the crossbow, resulting in more weight on the stock generating steadier shots.  Aiming your target is then automatically easier because all the weight can be reduced by the fact that your shoulder supports 2/3 of the weight.

The Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra crossbow review should leave you with more answers than questions.

Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra – Specs summary 

Model Reviewed

Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

Cocking device

Hunting Deer

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow

 260 lbs.


 380 FPS


 25.5" | 5.9 lbs.

 Rope Cocking Included




  1. Compact recurve design for tight hunting places
  2. The package offers quality products
  3. Quick and easy to assemble
  4. Gardian ADF (anti dry fire) system
  5. Reliability that Excalibur is renowned for


  1. Draw weight for cocking the string


Specifics of the package


This package will meet your expectations. Like mentioned previously, the Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow package includes:

  • Assembly hardware and Allen tool
  • Guardian Anti-Dry Fire Scope Mount
  • Tact-Zone Scope features multiple reticles with red/green rheostat illuminations. It is adjustable for 275 FPS to 410 FPS. It holds zero for a long period of time. Illumination system could be a bit better.
  • Cheekpiece
  • E.D.S. Suppressors
  • Detachable quiver
  • 4 Diablo arrows with field points
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card


    Bolts: The bolts included were created by Easton especially for the Excalibur crossbow series. Four bolt with 150 grains field points and an 18 inches carbon shaft for an overall weight of 350 grains. These bolts feature a heavier front to increase the arrows front-of-center weight for better accuracy. It is recommended to use the Diablo bolts to obtain the 380 FPS at 0 yards. However, any flat backed bolts will give you good result with any Excalibur crossbows.

      Tip: Do not go under the recommended weight from the manufacturer for the overall weight of the bolt. It includes the broadhead weight. In this case, 350 grains is the minimum allowed. Not respecting this recommendation could lead to injuries and damages to your crossbow. Be aware when you are buying new bolts.


      Possible add-ons

      Crossbow Cases:

      The next step, after shooting, of course, is to think about a proper way to store and transport your crossbow. I would suggest two deferent ways to pick a crossbow case. If you need extra room for many accessories, I would recommend a soft case like the Excalibur soft cases or the Carbon Express Deluxe case for the Matrix 380. They are less expensive but still solid. Otherwise, if you feel like going in hard conditions, I would recommend a solid crossbow case like the Plano Bo-Max crossbow case for tighter budgets and the SKB hunter series crossbow case for the overall quality for the price.



        Choosing the right broadheads for the right crossbow is often a difficult choice to make. It must be sharp and should leave a sufficient blood trail to recover your target after. NAP and Rage broadheads are made for blood trails. This is often a really important detail to find your target after a good hit. If you hesitate a lot, I would say keep it simple. Two side blades like the in the old age as proven themselves really efficient so it won’t be different nowadays. In that case, I would suggest you have a look at the Magnus Killer Bee. 

          Tip: Always consider the weight of the broadhead when buying to make sure you do not go under the recommended overall bolt weight from the manufacturer.

          If sighting-in is a difficult process for you, you might have to consider a crossbow shooting stick or a bipod to help your steadiness. Those tools are made to stabilize you aiming to facilitate the calibration.


          Assembling the Matrix 380

          Few steps are required to assemble the Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra but shouldn’t be too difficult. It should take you between 10 to 15 minutes even for a beginner. The only thing that could take you longer is to string the crossbow. However, nowadays they often come already strung.

          • Install the limbs on the riser with the proper Allen key and screws. Mount the stirrup with the proper bolts.
          • Insert Riser into the stock using the proper hardware.
          • Next step is to mount the quiver brackets, the scope followed pad the recoil pad, attach the removable quiver on the bracket and the sling for easier transportation and you are ready to hit the shooting range.

            Tip: Sighting-in your crossbow is something you will have to consider to make sure your scope is perfectly aligned for the right distance. Nowadays, they deliver scopes mostly already sighted in.


            Accuracy and Velocity

            Kinetic Energy:

            You won’t be worried about the Matrix 380 series, its foot per pounds will allow you to kill the biggest animal permitted in North America. The speed and the momentum generated are really efficient on every shot. The 109 Ft-lbs. is clearly more than you will ever need to bring some meat in the freezer. The minimum required for the biggest legal game in North America is 65 Ft-lbs. of kinetic energy.

            Accuracy and distance:

            Its ballistic curves are more than efficient even with extra yards ahead of you. Kinetic energy drops around 103 Ft-lbs at 30 yards and is more or less 99 Ft-lbs. after 45 yards. The drop in kinetic energy does not affect the accuracy of the crossbow. You will quickly master good groupings at 30, 50 and 70 yards. The scope combined with the velocity that offers the Matrix 380, make this crossbow a deadly one even at 70 yards.

              Tip: Result may vary according to the weather and significantly with different bolt weight.


              The impression of the crossbow


              Traditional looking, the Excalibur Matrix 380 is well finished. It comes in three colors; Realtree Xtra, RT Max-1, and Black Scope. Its new compact design improved its maneuverability.


              About safety, it’s two thumbs up. The Gardian Anti-dry fire system is really efficient making impossible to dry fire. The stock offers a good grip but I would personally prefer a pass-through finger foregrip for better safety. The safety mechanism is triggered after cocking the string into the latch leaving your mind in peace to avoid any shot before its time. It works exactly as it should. The bolt needs to be appropriately seated into the flight rail to be launched.


              Lightweight, stock is smooth on the shoulder, perfectly balanced weight in-between the stock and the riser. Its new compact design makes it easier to carry in the forest or to aim for several minutes. The rope cocking aid included is clearly a must and help to reduce the cocking weight to more or less 90 pounds which still heavy compared to compound crossbows. However, if something happens to the string, you can re-string on the field which is a major advantage compared to compound crossbows.


                Hunting situation


                By definition, recurve crossbows are usually quieter than compound crossbows. Simply because they have less movable parts. In other words, fewer parts susceptible to generate noise. The new compact design helps a lot to sneak into the forest without being snagged by branches. The trigger is smooth and gives consistent breaks on every shot.


                This is a well-built crossbow combining distance and accuracy. Either you are in a tree stand or stalking in the forest, you won’t be disappointed with this crossbow. Like I mentioned earlier, its maneuverability will make each of your shots a lethal shot.




                  Of course, depending on your using, taking care of the string and all cables make perfect sense. It will ensure the longevity of your crossbow. Do not wax the serving in any circumstances; it might enhance the possibility of miss-shots. Specific waxes are available on the market.

                  Crossbow itself:

                  Obvious but really important. Clean any debris in the bolt way, especially the flight rail. I strongly recommend you to store your new acquisition in a seal location. For basic safety but also to improve its last.

                  The trigger system:

                  Often neglected, the trigger might need a little attention to make sure it stays smooth and quiet. 



                    The Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow package is a must consider for any more traditional hunter. Its durability, power, and advantage of restringing on the field make the matrix 380 a really reliable crossbow as you were able to note on this Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra crossbow review. Furthermore, the warranty available with the crossbow will definitely keep your mind at peace, so don’t forget to fill the warranty card that you receive with the package and register yourself on their website.


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