How to Use Recurve Hunting Bow

There are a lot of things to know on how to shoot a good, if not perfect, shot from a hunting bow recurve. There are skills that you can only develop from experience and constant practice so we cannot teach you a hundred percent of what you need to learn. 

The least we could do is offer you a basic guide to help you use a recurve hunting bow for the first time without scratching your head. For many people, the first experience of holding a bow and actually shooting an arrow are great factors to either give up or continue on bowhunting.

It wouldn’t be great to not pursue a great hobby like bowhunting just because you weren’t ready for your first try. So, without further ado, here is a quick guide on how to use a recurve hunting bow. 

showing how to use recurve bow

Quick Guide On How to Use Recurve Hunting Bow

1.     Start with a proper stance

Proper position does better than just look great. It serves as the main key to a great shot. Some archers may have their preferred position other than the standard one but you can find yours later as you become more experienced in using your hunting bow recurve.

The standard position is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your whole body should be facing the target in 90 degrees angle with your head facing the target head-on. This standard position would keep your aim accurate.

2. Preparing for your shot

In this stage, a good upper body strength will be of good use. You will need to lift the bow to a shoulder level. You should be holding the bow with a stable, perfectly straight arm with your elbow lock. Your shoulders should be down and not hunched.

A balanced grip of the recurve bow is also necessary. Keep your grip on the recurve bow firm but not too tight. Keep your wrist and your fingers relaxed. Always make sure that there’s nothing in the way of the string. After mastering the standard position and making sure that the area is safe, you’re ready to make your shot.

3. Shooting A Recurve Hunting Bow

Maintaining the standard position while shooting serves a very important role in hitting your target. Once you are ready, use as much back muscles as possible in pulling the string. Pull back until it reaches your mouth and the hand pulling the string should be around your jawline.

Bowhunting is just another avenue where you can put your hard-worked muscles to good use. To focus more on your target close one eye and savor the action movie feels.

Once you believe you have locked your target already, release the string. Now, one of the common mistakes of people who are starting in bowhunting is releasing the string immediately. Try to gradually relax your fingers that are holding the string so it won’t release quickly.

Otherwise, your arrow won’t fly straight causing you a bigger chance of not hitting the target. It is also recommended to stay still for a few minutes after releasing the arrow.

It is said to improve your aim and prevent any jerking reactions you may have. In addition, you will have that few minutes to process and take in everything that just happened.  It is a bit similar feeling when you first shot a gun in a practice range. It is a combination of fear, excitement, and fulfillment.


There you go! You are now ready for the first shot of your hunting bow recurve. I hope this would help you relax and enjoy your bowhunting experience even more. Have a fun and safe practice and hunting!

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