Beginning Archery: Hunting or Target Shooting, What to pick?

What are you going to use a bow for? Hunting or Target Shooting...?

Before going further we suggest you get through some of the vocabularies on archery. Here is the post which will make Archery less a mystery. “Archery Terms and Definitions”. If you are ready to continue, be aware that Bows come in many varieties and before being able to properly pick one out, you need to know what you plan on doing with it.  While it is possible to buy one bow and do mostly anything archery related, if you plan on focusing on a certain type of shooting, it would be best to get a bow more suited for that type of archery.


Types of Archery


In our next post, we will approach how to determine your eye dominance by doing a really easy eye dominance test. This test will give you a good idea on how you should select your Draw Hand.

Thanks for reading us! See you soon on our next post “What is my Eye Dominance?”.

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