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TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Review

TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Review

TenPoint Turbo GT crossbow

TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Review


Description of the product

The 2016 Game & Fish Reader's Choice award-winning crossbow has a lot to offer to all level of shooters and this TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Review will show you why.

TenPoint redesigned the well known and successful Turbo model to become the Turbo GT which is shorter (3 inches less), lighter (by 0.5 pounds) and faster (around 15 FPS more) than its predecessor, the Turbo XLT II.

The GT features a Fusion S Stock with optimal comb height and an adjustable butt plate for increased comfort. 

At 175 pounds draw weight and a stroke of 12.6 inches, the Turbo GT can blast arrows up to 360 feet per second with the proper arrow weight. 


TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow – Specs summary

Model Reviewed Cocking draw weight  Stroke Velocity / kinetic energy Suggested arrow length Crossbow uncocked / cocked Weight Cocking device Hunting Deer
TenPoint Turbo GT 175 lbs 12.6” 340 fps / 109 ft.lbs 20” 17.5" / 13.5" 6.5 lbs Included Yes


  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact design
  3. Great safety features
  4. Good speed
  5. Integrated cocking mechanism available


  1. No noise dampeners or string suppressors included in the package


Specifics of the package 


  • A TenPoint 3X Pro View 2 Scope
  • A 3-Arrow Quiver
  • An ambidextrous side mount quiver bracket
  • 3 Pro Elite 20" Bolts with 100 grain field points
  • An optional cocking mechanism (ACUdraw 50 or ACUdraw)
  • A rope cocker is included if chosen without cocking mechanism
  • A Foot Stirrup
  • A Tool Pack with wrenches, main assembly bolt, and washers
  • A Sample Tube of Lubricant
  • A Cable Saver


Cocking Mechanisms: 

If you are choosing one of the cocking mechanisms, you may want to have further information about the features of each one.

The ACUdraw 50:  A self-retracting rope cocking device firmly fixed to the stock of the crossbow. It is very convenient to use and you can't lose it. You will see the draw weight reduced by half so you can expect to pull no more than 88 pounds with this crossbow.

Here is a quick video to show you how it works:


The ACUdraw: A cranking mechanism integrated into the stock of the crossbow with no loose parts. Although it is noisier than other cocking devices and takes a little more time to draw, you don't usually have to crank it while in place and ready to hunt a game so it should not be too much of a problem. This crank device is reducing the draw weight to about 5 to 6 pounds. So, if you don't have the arm strength or have physical limitations that do not allow you to pull the string back with other cocking devices, this would be the best option for you.

Below is a short video of the ACUdraw:


Assembling the crossbow:

Assembling a TenPoint crossbow is an easy task and quite similar from one model to another. Here is a quick step-by-step video:


The impression of the crossbow

Design: Nice quality camo design that will easily blend throughout many different natural backgrounds. The design is also responsible for the great comfort offered by this model from the stock of the crossbow to the feel of the grip.


Speed and Power: With the arrows included in the package, 20" Pro Elite Arrows with a total weight of 425 grains including field points, the Turbo GT can shoot arrows at about 340 FPS along with a Kinetic Energy of 109 ft-lb.  

If you want to achieve the 360 FPS TenPoint is referring to, you must opt for the 20" Pro Lite Arrows weighing 370 grains total, therefore increasing speed because of the lighter weight. More speed, yes, but what about the power generated by a lighter projectile!? The Kinetic Energy will see itself slightly lowered to reach 107 ft-lbs which are 2 ft-lbs lower than the previous arrows.

What does that mean? Well if your intended use of the crossbow is for hunting, more arrow weight will have better penetration. On the other side, more speed equals better arrow flight. Also keep in mind that the more speed, the more noise it will make but the time it gets noticed by the game, the arrow may have just pass-through. Balance is the key!

Heavier projectiles are to be favored to gain KE and Momentum to result in a good arrow penetration especially when hunting tough games but lighter projectiles will have improved speed which will give the arrow a better flight and less drop before it reaches the target. But let's be serious for a moment, at that speed and that much KE behind the arrow this crossbow can shoot it, will that really make a big difference? It is more a matter of preferences in my opinion.


Distance: The distance at which you are shooting will affect the speed and power. While the arrow is traveling until it reaches the bullseye, the KE will decrease. To stay within 40 yards would be a good advice for hunting although it could easily have enough power to shoot way over 50 yards.

An estimated average of the KE loss over a 50 yards distance based on the 425-grain arrows at 109 ft-lbs. The KE would still be at a powerful 90 to 99 ft-lbs approximately, giving you more than enough power to put down any games, even the toughest ones. These numbers are an approximation and may vary according to the weather.


Accuracy: The Turbo GT comes pre-sighted and does a great job. Great groupings can be achieved with the quality 3X scope and its three aim points at 20, 30 and 40 yards.


Safety: This crossbow model, like most TenPoint, focus on safety. The cutouts within the grip encourage you to insert your fingers through it, keeping your hand safe at all time.

Additionally, the extended safety wings are great and avoid any situations where your fingers could accidentally go above the shooting deck and interfere with the path of the string, leaving you at high risks of injury.

Furthermore, the Dry Fire Inhibitor (DFI) will avoid any dry fire to happen since it requires an arrow to be in place to be able to shoot. Plus the Auto-Engaging Safety Trigger will automatically leave your crossbow's safety in "on" position when cocked and will have to be turned "off" manually before a shot can occur.

On a safety standpoint, the TenPoint Turbo GT has quite a perfect score.


Hunting situations

The Turbo GT is very easy to maneuver through the woods with its 13.5 inches axle-to-axle width when cocked. 

The crossbow's quietness is decent but would definitely benefit from added suppressors and/or a noise dampening kit to significantly reduce noise and vibrations and go unheard when shooting.

The TenPoint String Dampening System (SDS) works great on the Turbo GT.

Having XLT limbs, it is recommended to use a TenPoint Bowjax Noise Dampening Kit HCA-13813 with this model.  

Below are two quick videos on how to install the aforementioned string and limb dampeners.



Overall, the TenPoint Turbo GT is a very nice easy to shoot a crossbow with great capabilities, truly a great balance of power and speed with outstanding accuracy. From my point of view, if you intend to use this crossbow for hunting, I would definitely suggest to save the extra bucks and go for one of those options, with a rope cocker or with the ACUdraw 50 rather than go for the ACUdraw cranking device unless your physical condition requires it.

With the savings, you could upgrade your crossbow with limb and string dampeners so you would be all set and 100% ready for the woods for the next hunting season while remaining within a tighter budget. This is my two cents for what it's worth! Hope you liked this review and do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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Mike LaPointe - August 27, 2018

Just purchased the Turbo GT Accu draw 50 (8-24-18). Everything this article says is spot on. Accuracy was exceptional. Arrows were touching at 30 yards. Tried the crossbow with and without suppressors. Would definitely recommend installing them.

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