The 5 "Sharpest" Hunting Knife Shops On The Web

The 6 "Sharpest" Hunting Knife Shops On The Web

When I am going on a hunting journey, I can hardly imagine myself without a proper hunting knife.

With that being said, it is also essential not to grab the first knife off the shelf but rather bring a reliable and reputable one with you, made specifically for that purpose.

Once you figured out what you really need, It is time to find the proper place to shop around; this means having competitive prices, quality products, and outstanding customer service.

In accordance with what I have stated above, here are the 5 "Sharpest" Hunting Knife Shops On The Web, in my opinion:


Buck Knives

Established in 1902, Buck Knives has built a solid reputation over the years.

Ranging from hunting knives to cutlery with the possibility to customize several models to your liking, you can really get what you are looking for at Buck Knives.

In 1964, Al Buck introduced the famous Model 110 hunting knife, certainly their best-seller and the most popular knife on the market until now.

Running for 4 generations with continuous improvements, you definitely can't go wrong by opting for a Buck knife.


Knife Center

Knife Center features an amalgam of knives; from Popular brands to kitchen knives and even swords. 

Knife Center also offers different kinds of accessories such as sharpeners, flashlights, shaving supplies and survival gear.

You can get up to 5% cash back with KnifeREWARDS by simply creating a member account free of charge.

If you like to stay up to date and be informed of the latest products on offer, you can head to the blog section filled with info. 


Knife Depot

Knife Depot features over 10,000 knives in stock along with free shipping over 99$ and free returns up to 60 days after purchase (at their own expense). Basically, shopping with them is low risk and quality is guaranteed.

On top of the hunting knives on offer, you get to choose within a wide range of machete, pocket, survival, throwing, assisted open knives and much more.

Knife Depot also offers the opportunity to have your brand new knife engraved with the name or phrase of your choice.


SOG Knives

Created by Spencer Frazer in 1986, SOG knives began from the idea of making a replica of the SOG Bowie Knife used by the US special ops in Vietnam. It quickly became a full line of quality knives designed to suit various conditions and purposes.

Nowadays, SOG Knives have a wide selection of tactical, hunting, everyday carry, outdoor and industrial knives.

Aside from knives, you get a selection of diverse categories and accessories such as multi-tools, illumination, gear (hawks and axes, entrenching tools and saws...), packs, sheaths, pouches, other small accessories, and apparel.

Don't know what to choose from? No worry, SOG Knives got you covered with their Buying Guide.


Grohmann Knives

The reputable handcrafted Grohmann Knives have been around for over 60 years.

The story began in 1949 when Rudolph Grohmann accepted the offer of a commercial buyer from Quebec to leave Mikulasovice (Nixdorf) and go to Nova Scotia in Canada to work in the industry.

Later, Mr. Grohmann met Deane H. Russel and together, they started to design Canadian made knives.

The company Grohmann Knives Limited was formed in 1961. Since then, the small family business built a huge reputation for their pieces of art.

Many awards and recognitions were won all over the world by this small inspiring Canadian based company in regard to some of their nicest designs.

The story being told, at Grohmann Knives, you get to choose from outdoor and kitchen knives with an optional engraving service along with a selection of various accessories. 


There you have it! Basically, you can't go wrong with any of the choices above. Those online stores are all about quality products and great customer service with some having a few perks that you may like more than others such as a rewards program, free shipping and returns and so on.

So, what are you gonna look for and where will you be shopping for your next hunting companion?

Do not hesitate to leave a comment below...


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