The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

Solar Chargers are some incredible units. They help you make sure that your items will stay safe at all times, and the best part about them is that you can charge your phone in no time thanks to them. It’s incredible how portable you can get with Solar Chargers, which is why you may want to get some for you as well.

But just because you want a solar charger, that doesn’t mean you will be able to get an outstanding set of results every time. It’s a good idea to focus on the best value and quality on the market. Doing that may seem a bit hard at first, but there are some great options to consider. It all comes down to making the right choice.


The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

Fuse 6W Solar Charger

The Fuse 6W Solar Charger has 4000 mah and at the same time, it only has 1.3 pounds. It’s light but good enough to charge your phone fast. And in the end, that’s exactly what you want to get from a unit like this.

It’s the overall value and quality that makes it so good in the first place, so try to keep that in mind. It looks amazing, it has some very powerful features, and in the end, it comes with tremendous quality all the time.

The solar panels are 6.15W, so they are quite powerful and reliable. It’s definitely one of the best products you can get, and you will be more than happy with it.

You will get juice for a smartphone and a smaller device, but it’s still a nice tool to have either way.

 The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones 

Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit

With the Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit you get up to 19800 mah, and the unit is very portable, which does bring in front a sleuth of other great benefits.

The unit can be a bit heavy for some people, but after all, it’s very reliable and easy to use too, so that’s what you need to focus on at the end of the day.

The solar panels are easy to use and install, and you can enjoy using this model wherever you want without any restrictions.


The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

Renogy E.Flex 10W

There’s no capacity with this one, as you can get just the panel. But it’s very efficient, and it will charge your phone pretty fast.

They also have a 5W model, but in the end, it does bring in front some amazing benefits and features you will enjoy.

It’s a great idea to get the Renogy E.Flex 10W, as long as you want to make your phone run naturally without any external plugs or tools. It surely works and adapts very well.


The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

Solarade 5W

Weighing only 6 oz with a dimension of 23 cm x 16 cm x 17 cm, the Solarade 5W is the lightest and smallest solar charger that you can see on the market today.

With the same charging speed than any other kind of regular chargers, you can expect your iPhone to be fully loaded in about 2 hours.

This product has been brought to you by Yolk and has gathered over 1 million dollars in crowdfunding for their line of products.

With the facts described above, do you see even one good reason not to go green for your next purchase of a solar charger?




The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

Anker PowerPort Solar

You will like the Anker PowerPort Solar because it’s very light. And with 21W in total, you do get plenty of charge from the unit. That makes it stand out quite a bit, to the point where you can obtain some incredible results.

The return on investment can be huge, so try to think about that as much as you can. You should consider giving it a shot, as the total package is professional and there’s plenty of value to be had in this.



The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones 

Solio BoltBattery Pack + Solar Charger

While the total capacity isn’t the highest one out there, you do get plenty of value with this one. 

The results are great here as you can use the Solio BoltBattery Pack + Solar Charger as an emergency kit. And it does deliver exactly what you may need, maybe even a whole lot more.

Its adaptability and unique features make the Solio BoltBattery Pack + Solar Charger one of the nicest investments if you want a small and portable solar charger.


The Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger

A portable 13W charger is always a good investment, and it will impress you quite a bit with the cool features added in here. It’s certainly a great option to have, and the fact that you have so much value for your money is amazing in its own right.

You will love the outstanding attention to detail, and the outcome as a whole can be very special. You need to at least try this model out, as it’s a wonderful one.


All of these are amazing solar units you can use right away. You never have to carry your charger with you if you have one of these. And it’s also a nice way to enjoy a full phone charge even if you are in the wild and away from any charging stations or electricity. These products are not that expensive either, which makes it easy to purchase one and use it whenever you want!


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