Tips on How to Assemble Diamond Edge SB-1

Innovation gave birth to one of the members of the Edge line of the Diamond series. Versatility, ease of use, and adjustability are the main characters packed together in the form of a bow named Diamond Edge SB-1. The Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package includes:

  • Three-pin TRUGLO® Apex Tundra sight
  • Octane™ Hostage XL Arrow Rest
  • Comfort wrist sling
  • Octane DeadLock Lite quiver
  • Carbon peep sight
  • Octane 5" Ultra-Lite Stabilizer
  • BCY string loop.

The Diamond Edge SB-1 can actually be used to shoot right after unboxing it. However, if you want to experience the maximum potential of this amazing bow some adjustments are necessary.

Here are the following adjustments you can do or you can ask professionals to adjust and install for you.

Draw length

To determine your draw length, measure from the tip of your one middle finger to the other and then simply divide it by 2.5. The result is your approximate draw length.

However, no matter what the chart may say, the best draw length will always be the draw length that you are comfortable and most accurate with. Moving forward, it is not rocket science to adjust the draw length of Diamond Edge SB-1. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the black module at the end of the cam. Each draw length is clearly marked in the actual inch measurement. This dual cam system is one of the best features of this bow. This made adjusting draw length easier than its rivals. 
  2. Remove the three screws retaining the modules. Depending on the specific setting, you may need to pull the cable slightly to access the middle screw. 
  3. Turn the module to the desired draw length aligning to the length indicated on the can. The ½-inch increment is allowed for each module adjustment. Numbers 15 through 30 are marked on each cam representing the draw-length of the bow.
  4. Reinstall the module screws starting with outer poles then the center screw. Repeat on the opposite cam ensuring that both are on the same number. 

Now your draw length is adjusted its time to go the next step.   

Draw Weight 

Another factor that makes Diamond Edge SB-1 one of the most adjustable bows is the wide range of draw weight that you can adjust it with. The Diamond Edge SB-1 can be set from 7-70 pounds.

Adjusting it is not a lot of work either since the limb bolts turn like magic, no chattering nor popping. The EZ Adjust Limb Pockets helps you know where you are in your adjustment process.

You can find a MIN and Max label at both top and bottom limb pockets. This makes identifying your exact draw weight range a piece of cake.

To some, not having a draw stops makes them rethink buying the bow however, many would say that it is not much of a problem when shooting the bow.

The Diamond Edge SB-1 measures 31 inches axle to axle and weighing just 3.6 pounds. The bow is very compact and yet well balanced at full draw. Even when set at a heavy 70 pound, you could still smoothly draw the bow and get a super smooth transition to set off.

Although when shooting, there will be a little noise, noticeable but nothing severe, and the bow jumps forward in the hand a bit.

Installing peep sight

First and foremost, identify your desired peep sight location. The best peep sight location differs from one person to another. To find the best location for you, you can draw your bow back to your anchor point and let another person help you mark the spot that you feel you can aim accurately.

Another way to do it is to mark the string 6 inches above D-loop. Draw your bow and check if the height is good for you. Once you find the right location of your peep sight it is time to install it.

A bow press serves a very important role in installing your peep sight appropriately. It will help you find the center of the string more accurately. In order for you to install the peep sight, you would need to separate the strands.

One important factor that most people overlook is if the peep sight is not installed at the center of the string it might spin too much when you draw your bow.

Thus, installing your peep sight evenly in-between must be ensured. When you become certain that your peep sight is installed in the right position, you can now install stop knots above and below the peep sight.

A little amount of pressure taken off the string on a bow press must be made sure when installing your peep.

Another point to be ensured is to avoid tying the actual peep sight directly to the string. You may need additional adjustment if the peep loses its forward alignment once the peep stretches.

Install the quiver

The new Diamond Edge SB-1 detach bracket is pre-installed on the sight. You will notice it has two cutouts. These cutouts correspond with mounting pegs on the quiver.

To install your quiver, slide the top peg down fully into the top cutout with the quiver hood angled slightly forward. When fully seated, swing the bottom of the quiver forward to engage the bottom peg in the bottom cutout. To remove, just reverse the steps.

Finally, your Diamond Edge SB-1 is now ready for the challenge of target shooting and even hunting. You might also like to check our article “Bow Comparison: Diamond Edge SB-1 vs Bear Cruzer”.Have fun with your new archery buddy.

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