What is a 3D Archery?

Archery is a fun activity, skill, art, or sport where you shoot an arrow from a bow. 3-dimensional archery builds on the skills every archer develops initially by adding dynamic shooting into the sport.

Archers walk around an outdoor course and shoot at 3D targets. The archers must battle variable weather conditions like extreme temperatures, heavy rain, or high winds to hit their targets.

Targets are usually realistic animals, such as deer, bear, turkey but can include some non-existent or extinct creatures, like zombies and dinosaurs. Archers get 1 shot per target and then move on to the next station. Archers usually shoot 20-40 targets.

In 50000 BC archery was used for hunting but now it is one of the most popular sports, and it is even a competitive sport in the Olympic Games. We believe one of the most important tools an archer can use is a good pair of binoculars. Binoculars are very important in the woods because they allow you to see things much more clearly.

You can see things you can’t see with the naked eye. With binoculars, you can pick out elk standing in the shadows. Right behind the binoculars in order of importance is a rangefinder.

There is so much bowhunter can learn by shooting 3D targets. When you get the chance to shoot at a life-sized elk, deer, turkey, or any animal you are pursuing, you gain that experience that you otherwise can't from just a block target. 

Why should a bowhunter shoot 3D targets? Here are 5 good reasons:


  1. 3D Archery is a discipline, that is, it is an exercise in physical control as well as mental.
  2. Target and field archery trains the bowhunter to aim at the "middle" of the...Middle...not just scoring a hit.
  3. Shooting the longer distances trains the bowhunter to hold steady and aim more accurately, even if shots at the game are not attempted at the longer ranges.
  4. Archer can benefit from the experience of fellow archers by participating in field and target events.
  5. What makes archery so fun is the ability to play multiple games. If shooting colorful bullseye targets across a room or lawn isn’t your cup of tea, archery has tons of games. 3-Dimensional  archery lets you shoot at 3D foam animals in a wooded course, while field archery lets you shoot indoors or outdoors at paper targets. There’s also night shooting, archery golf, and so much more.

Health benefits of 3D Archery

Archery trains both hands to work together while performing different tasks. The shoulders, chest, hands, core, and arms are all used when practicing a proper draw. Hand and finger strength increase in 3D archery and become more flexible.

The concentration practiced during archery can help with coping in day-to-day life, and in high-pressure situations as well. Let an arrow fly, watching it, and having it hit a target can relieve stress and anxiety. 3D Archery is an excellent sport for building confidence, especially in kids and teenagers.

The feeling of shooting a bow and hitting your goal is like no other. Archery is a great source of amusement that refreshes our body and mind. 

No matter your gender, age, or ability, 3D-archery is a sport that you can practice. You can try archery as young as six or seven years old.

Olympic medalist Butch Johnson made 5 Olympic teams between ages 36 and 52. People compete at the Outdoor Nationals in their 70s and 80s, and adults of all ages bow hunt and practice archery for fun every day.

These are just some of the many benefits of shooting 3D targets. Look up your local archery club and see what kind of shoots are happening in your area. There are many opportunities to get out and experience shooting 3D. 

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