What is a Peep Sight?

Peep Sight


Have you ever thought of a peep sight and how it is related to archery? If you do not have any idea or have little idea; by the time you are done reading this article, you will have a clearer perception of a peep sight.


What is a peep sight?

A peep sight consists in a ring positioned in the bow’s string so that while you pull away the string, the hole inside the ring lines up with your eye. So when looking through the hole in its center, you simply need to align the peep sight with the front sight and then aim at the target to shoot with precision.

Basically the peep sight’s purpose is to give you a consistent anchoring spot.

Think of it this way, a peep sight is to a bow what a rear sight is to a riffle which you need to align with the front pin to achieve an accurate shot.


Size matters!

So as you now know, in order for a pin (front) sight to be as accurate as possible, a peep sight will be required. When deciding on a peep sight, always remember that the bigger the peep’s hole; the more light it will allow through, however it will require extra effort from you to look through it’s exact center, therefore more challenging to shoot the same spot every single time.

The size of your peep sight might depend on the kind of activity you are practicing with your bow. How much light and precision do you need while shooting?

Competition shooting for instance needs a lot of precision and minimal light going through is fine so choosing a smaller hole for your peep, like a 1/8” or even a 1/16”, would be good choices.

Although if you are more into bow hunting, you are most likely to be in darker places like in the woods very early in the morning. Precision even if important, is not the same than target shooting so you could easily go for a larger one like a 3/16” hole size ideally and even a 1/4” could do.



Peep sights are often overlooked but this little accessory can make a big difference in your shooting. As you can see, they are quite simple to understand and the purpose aim to improve consistency and accuracy with every single shot which allow for better groupings.  

Now that you are able to choose the proper hole size of your peep sight according to your archery practice, you will need to know how to install that peep sight on your compound bow.


Thank you for reading us! Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or leave a comment below.

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