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Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Review

Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Review

Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 crossbowWicked Ridge Warrior G3 Review 

Description of the product

With very few info available on this model, I thought it would be a shame for this crossbow not to get noticed because of that, so it all made sense that the thing to do was to offer a complete Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Review for everyone out there who wonder if this weapon would be a great fit for them.

Part of the Field & Stream Great Buys of 2016 because of it's high quality for the low price point, the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 crossbow proved that you don't need to go hard on the wallet to get a great shooter to hunt down a game. Although the Warrior G3 is not as fast as many other crossbows on the market at 320 fps, this highly effective and easy to carry crossbow will still get the job done nicely.  

In the following article, you will find all you need to know from technical aspects to performance on the field.


Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 – Specs summary

Model Reviewed Cocking draw weight  Stroke Velocity / kinetic energy Suggested arrow length Crossbow uncocked / cocked Weight Cocking device Hunting Deer
Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 155 lbs 13.5” 320 fps / 90.9 ft.lbs 20” 22.6" / 19" 6.6 lbs Not Included Yes


  1. Lightweight
  2. Nice grip design
  3. Safety wings above the grip
  4. An impressively light trigger for increased accuracy and consistency


  1. Not the fastest at 320 feet per second


Specifics of the package 

Accessories: This package comes with the accessories you need to get out there and shoot:

  • A TenPoint 3X Multi-Line Scope
  • A 3-Arrow Quiver
  • 3 Wicked Ridge 20" Aluminum Bolts with 100 grain points
  • A Foot Stirrup
  • A Tool Pack with wrenches, main assembly bolt, and washers
  • A Sample Tube of Lubricant
  • A Cable Saver

Note: There is no cocking device included with this package. I highly recommend that you get one that is compatible with this crossbow. The TenPoint Dedd Sled 50 is a perfect rope cocking device for any Wicked Ridge crossbows (TenPoint and Horton as well). It also allows you to reduce the draw weight by 50% which is considerable with a cocking draw weight of 155 pounds.


Assembling the crossbow:

Assembling a wicked ridge is quite an easy task and as mentioned above, you get everything you need in the package to do so. 

Other than the owner's instructional manual provided in the package which you can also find online by downloading it with this link Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Crossbow Owner's Instructional Manual, you can have a look at this "How to" video from TenPoint:


Accuracy and Velocity

Kinetic Energy: The KE suggested to hunt the most popular games in North America, including elk, wild boar, and black bear, is 65 foot per pounds and under. Given that requirement, you can notice that the available kinetic energy of the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 of 90.9 ft-lbs is more than enough to gather just about anything you have in mind from the woods. You can use our calculator and chart if you need Kinetic Energy & Momentum Calculator.

Accuracy and distance: The Warrior G3 owe a part of it's accuracy to it's impressive trigger going off at an outstandingly light amount of pressure, responsible for a great follow through.

Although this fine model can accurately shoot up to 70 yards, it would be better to stay inside 40 yards in hunting situations. At 320 fps calculated with 400 grain arrows (including the arrowhead), you want to keep as much power as possible by not being too far off.

Beware not to shoot anything under 400 grain arrows (total weight) or whatever the recommendation of the manufacturer is. If you want to get more speed, go for another model. Shooting bolts that are too light may have a result similar to a dry fire which can damage your crossbow, void the warranty and more importantly harm yourself.


The impression of the crossbow

Design: Double dip Mossy Oak Break Up Country good looking finish.

Safety: A very safe crossbow. The extended safety wings over the foregrip prevent you from sticking your fingers above the flight deck. The grip itself is great and allows you to put your fingers through it when holding the crossbow to shoot it, avoiding further risk of sticking your fingers somewhere they don't belong. The dry fire inhibitor is also a nice feature.

Maneuverability: Lightweight and compact, this crossbow is pretty easy to handle. Plus the grip design makes it even easier to carry around and safely manipulate the Warrior G3.


Hunting situations

Highly effective on game with great accuracy. As stated above, this crossbow would benefit shooting at 20, 30 or 40 yards no more for greater power when hunting. 

This model is already quiet but dampeners can only be a positive addition to the quietness of your crossbow when hunting down a game. For the Warrior G3, it is recommended to use a TenPoint Bowjax Noise Dampening Kit HCA-13910 which will reduce the level and duration of the noise.

Here is a video on how to properly install your noise dampening kit.




Safe, light, reliable, accurate and quiet without breaking the bank, the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 is definitely one of the best picks you can get out there. Either you are a beginner looking for an entry level crossbow or a seasoned hunter who wants to add a weapon to its arsenal, this crossbow is a sound choice for just about anyone.

It may not be as fast as other high-end crossbows available but it is powerful enough to bring down any large game in North America plus all the other great qualities this crossbow has to offer will surely make it up for it. With that being said, you got everything on hand to wrap your mind around it and go for whatever you feel like shooting with but you can't go wrong with this one for sure.


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Dale bradley - September 18, 2018

Looking forward to shooting my new wicked ridge g3 crossbow for hunting shoots great at 20 30 40yards it’s awesome

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