Bracers, Gloves & Tabs

The goal of in this category is to give all archers the relevant info they need about bracers, gloves and tabs that are sold by today's leading brands, including: AAE, Kantpinch, Neet, October Mountain Products, PSE and Vista.

We use this criteria in deciding which products to feature: foam quality, strap quality, add-ons, brand reputation, adjustment options and comfort.


Vista is known among archers for creating easy-to-use, one size fits all traditional leather gloves and braces that have a great vintage look and feel. One of their products we recommend to all skill levels in archery is the Vista Deluxe Traditional Armguard, which features a high-quality, one-size fits all design with elastic straps attaching to pewter buttons for optimal adjustment and comfort. Vista also makes a tube-style design arm guard that easily slides over the arm for a complete protection.


AAE is the brand to pick when you value smoothness and precision in your tabs, which are features infused in the AAE Elite Finger Tab. If you want to spare your fingers the pain of shooting all day and focus instead on the rewarding experiencing of your best groupings, go with AAE.


PSE stands out for creating such patented technologies as the PSE Nock On®, Carbon Air® and Stealth Mach 1 bows that are engineered for professional bowhunterss, which work better with the help of PSE's line of armguards. We recommend you get the PSE 7in Quick Detach Armguard Foam to go with your PSE crossbows because of its flex foam and comfortable 7 in. vented design that comes with 3 quick detach straps.

October Mountain Products

October Mountain makes a name for its patented Night Ridge, Sektor, Strata and Carbon-Z series of recurve bows, and that's partly because of the help of the brand's line of bracers and gloves. Signature features to expect from October Mountain's gloves and bracers include quality leather; slim design; reinforced finger tips; ultra-light aluminum construction; stainless steel hardware; compatibility with three-under shooting; and adjustable Velcro straps.


Neet paved the way for high quality, traditional lace up arm guards that are constructed of two types of heavy leather and rawhide elastic lacing. We recommend you get the Neet Fred Bear Armguard if you want the aforementioned features, along with the nylon stitching and brass lace hooks in its design.