Best High End Crossbows

Technically, the Best High-End Crossbows are those ready to shoot out of the box and this, with almost no modifications. With all the packages on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the wide selection of crossbows and their accessories. Despite that, some packages stand out from the crowd. A turnkey crossbow will be considered as a high-end crossbow because it is the real ready-to-shoot package. 

A recurrent question is how can we determine a high-end crossbow? Is it necessarily an expensive one? Not necessarily, however, quality is often determined by its price because they contain more details and details mean a huge difference between entry-level and high-end crossbows. Is it necessarily the flagship of a specific brand? Of course not, nonetheless, companies tend to put everything into their flagship models. So it is logical to think that the higher the price is, the better will be the package but I beg to differ in that department. 

The selection to determine my top 5 crossbows was made on a few specific criteria to determine the exact ready-to-shoot crossbow.  I wanted to make sure I had the best value for the price. There is no point to invest that amount of money if you don't have what you paid for.

Therefore, the technology included in the crossbow came as my first criteria. Small details come at a price but make a huge difference in the field. This point encompasses, the structure of the stock, the flight track, the accessories to dampened the sound and the technology related to its precision.

Second, the quality of the scope. Is it already sight-in out of the box or many manipulations are needed to obtain great groupings in few shots.

Thirdly, the maneuverability of the crossbow. Its general design, compactness, how easy cocking the crossbow and safety toward movement while aiming at moving targets.

Finally, the overall result of the accessories included in the package. This point includes the quiver, the bolts, the crossbow case, wax, etc...

Now that you know how I based my selection, here are my best high-end crossbows. I also included different models otherwise compound crossbows would be all over the place according to me.

Ravin Crossbows could have been in this top 5 crossbows but I already made a review about them. There many on the market, I don't like to put all the attention on one in particular.


 Best High-End Crossbows 


Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

 Cocking device

 Hunting Deer

Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

 280 lbs.


343 FPS




 25" | 5.4 lbs.

 Rope Cocking


Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow 

160 lbs.


365 FPS


 20.625”| 8.9 lbs.

Red Hot Roller Rope Cocker


Barnett Razr Ice Crossbow

185 lbs.


390 FPS


 16.875”| 7.2 lbs.

 Rope Cocking


Browning one six two Crossbow

145 lbs.


370 FPS


 21.8”| 7.2 lbs.

Browning Rope Cocking


Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow

165 lbs.


385 FPS


15.5”| 7.8 lbs.

Dead Sled or ACUdraw system



Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

Best High End Crossbows - Excalibur micro suppressor crossbow

Awards: Best recurve crossbow for its durability and reliability 

They made all the modifications necessary on the Excalibur Micro Suppressor to make this crossbow almost without any cons, except for the draw weight and its specific bolts length. In past years, noise and total length were the main issues for recurve crossbows. Excalibur understood what customers wanted from a recurve crossbow. They wanted more durability, a more compact design, and almost no sound and vibrations when shooting. 

Based on the Excalibur 355 platform, assembling the Micro Suppressor is easy and fast. They kept it simple so you can enjoy more quickly your new crossbow. However, it will take you more time than other models like compound crossbows for instance. The Micro Suppressor features the comfortable and lightweight Bullpup Ready Rest stock. This new stock reduces the overall length of the crossbow by 2.5 inches compared to its predecessor. The Ready Rest stock comes with rubber grip inserts for unmatched control and feel. The main structure is under a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Featuring the all-new Sound Deadening System, this includes an over-molded rubberized stirrup and hold down spring, Ex-Shox, String Stars, and R.A.V.S. (Recoil Anti-Vibration System) silencers for extra sound suppressed performance. Everything works together to reduce vibration and noise when the crossbow is fired.

The optic offered on the Micro Suppressor is the Tact-Zone illuminated scope which is probably one of the best on the market. No matter which kind of lighting conditions you will be surrounded by, the brightness settings will work perfectly. It’s a variable zoom 2.5X to 6X scope and is adjustable for crossbows shooting at velocities from 275 FPS to 410 FPS.

Great vented design in a more compact crossbow. Limbs size is sufficiently reduced to compete with a compound crossbow in terms of width when the crossbow is cocked, resulting in a more maneuverable crossbow. Its major set back is, of course, its draw weight. Not everybody can afford 280 pounds or 140 lbs. with a rope cocker. 

As for safety, all the system works flawlessly which is mandatory with 280 pounds draw weight.

Excalibur basic crossbow case for the Micro Suppressor suit all needs and allow to bring all your material in only one bag which is sold separately as for the wax for string and cables. The package includes three Quill arrows with 150-grain field points. The specific size of the bolts is problematic in away. If you want other bolts, you will have to customize them at 16.5 inches. That said the offer great performances.

Bring an extra string and nothing can stop you to have to best hunting experience you will have with a recurve crossbow. This crossbow delivers 343 FPS with 350 grains total arrow weight and is expected to give you 91.5 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. It's plenty enough to bring a lot of meat in the freezer next hunting season.

All the modification brought to the Micro Suppressor end up in a much smoother shooting experience and effectively increases your success in the field.


  • Impressive sound deadening system
  • Compact design for tight hunting places
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (2 inches grouping at 50 yards)
  • Durability and Reliability that Excalibur is renowned for


  • Heavy draw weight 
  • The specific size of bolts


    Parker Tornado XXT Crossbow Package

     Parker Tornado xxt crossbow package

    Awards: Look rough made tough for best durability over the years

    Made by Americans for Americans. The first thing to say about Parker crossbows it's there are more efficient than first at the beauty contest. They have basic shapes and no fancy design and it's exactly what you want from them. They are performance-oriented products, not focused on their looks. However, they are not the worst and they are making a lot of changes to improve their designs. Quality and durable products, it's what you can expect from Parker.

    More than one package is available with the Parker crossbows. This is giving you many options depending on what you need. For this top 5 crossbow, let's take one of their highest packages. The Outfitter "Perfect Storm" IR Package.

    That said, The new 2017 Tornado XXT incorporates new crossbow technology that increases performance and design. Parker's new patented Xtreme Xbow Technology (XXT) combines, inverted Cams, Split Limb Array, Cavity-Back Riser, and HP Synergy Cams to set new performance standards for speed, quiet operation, and ease of cocking, all while being balanced with its 8.9 pounds machined aluminum riser and barrel. This is not the lightest but not a deal-breaker. 

    The Red Hot Illuminated Reticle scope was designed by Parker but manufactured by Hawke Optics. The upsides of the scope are the patented pending "Dial-a-Distance" turret for use with a rangefinder. Easier and faster adjustability for different distances. It has an outstanding light gathering capability with its 3x32 mm (3x of magnification and 32 mm of lens diameter) making the optics top quality and crystal clear. The downside of this scope is the time that it takes to sight-in and calibrate. However, once done, it holds the calibration almost forever. 

    The heaviest of its category but it also means more durable. The extra weight is due to a more solid structure than its competitor. That is why Parker Crossbows offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Its width and length are a little bit under the average to compensate for the weight of the crossbow. The stock offers a vented structure with a pass trough forearm grip with a G-2 Bull-pup trigger for a smoother shooting experience. The Tornado XXT crossbow has 160 pounds of draw weight which is pretty standard for its category. Cocking the crossbow with a rope cocker cuts by 50% the weight making it almost effortless. Lower packages don't come with rope cocker which is a major setback for the package.

    Nonetheless, the Parker Tornado XXT crossbow perfect storm package offers the complete ready-to-hunt experience. Extra bolts are included, a hat, a sling, a rope cocker, broadheads, and limb dampeners. All the accessories fit into the crossbow case included. The perfect storm package has your back and worth the extra money. 

    All the technology in place is responsible for its notable 365 FPS that provides about 120 ft.-lbs of Kinetic energy with 400 grains total arrow weight. Concerning hunting, the momentum built by the Parker Tornado XXT will be more than enough to take down any legal game in North America (Coyotes to Cape Buffalo).

    Made by American hunters for American Hunters. 


    • Fast, quiet, and powerful
    • Fantastic included scope
    • Have a quality safety mechanism,
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Well made and well-balanced crossbow


    • Heavier crossbow
    • Sighting in and calibrating takes longer than usual


    Barnett Razr Ice Crossbow

    Best High End Crossbows - Barnett Razr Ice crossbow

    Awards: Best Ready-to-hunt crossbow package

    This is the real ready-to-hunt package! The Razr ice has it covered for you so you can shoot and harvest your target. A great crossbow for maneuverability, precision and easy to use for beginners or more experienced shooters. Barnett loaded this model with all the good stuff. With almost no cons the Barnett Razr Ice Crossbow offers according to me, one of the most exciting experiences for its category.

    The Barnett Razr Ice Crossbow comes with the next generation of Barnett's Carbonlite risers. This Razr Ice CRT 2 offers also the newest technology on the market. The new 2017 Barnett Razr Ice does not escape the technological turn took by Barnett. It features the new TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology which has a crisp break at 3 pounds of pressure. The arrow retention spring has been replaced by a brush arrow retention. The impact of this change increases the bolt grip on the CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track while reducing noise and vibration.

    The Barnett Razr Ice includes a 1.5x5x32 Illuminated Scope which is a top-of-the-line illuminated scope with a speed dial to adjust reticles for the bow's specific speed.  With multiple reticles with both red or green reticles, it helps the shooter easily deliver 50 yards groups. You can’t find a much better-included scope than this one. Once, sighted-in, it holds zero for months.

    With a light and compact riser, the Barnett Razr Ice offers one of the best maneuverability on the market. When combined with all the technology offered in the package, it generates an increased precision shot after shot. The Razr Ice comes with a rope cocker to pull the 185 pounds of draw weight. Certainly heavier to cock, however, this crossbow is also compatible with crank cocking device if necessary.

    Barnett has improved his safety in 2017. Safety mechanisms should not disengage anymore after removing the rope cocker.

    The package offers a quiver, two Headhunter bolts, and string dampeners.

    Other high-end features on the Razr Ice is the integrated skinning knife and the Retractable Underarm Counter-Balance Support (RUCS) System. The RUCS generates a more rear positioned center of gravity for the crossbow taking off front weight for better aiming.

    The crossbow fits perfectly in Barnett's crossbow cases for a little less than 50 dollars. That crossbow case offers all the necessary space to bring all your gears to have a nice hunting experience.

    The Barnett Razr Ice generates 390 FPS for an expected 128 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy with 380-grain bolts (tested by Barnett) at 185 pounds of draw weight. With 400 grain bolts, you should expect a bit less speed but a bit more kinetic energy. In both situations, the velocity of the bolt still more than enough to take down any legal tough games into your freezer for the next hunting season.

    My personal favorite for its astonishing and multitasking design. The Razr Ice will provide many exceptional hunting experiences to its owner.


    • Includes fantastic illuminated scope
    • 2017 technological improvements
    • The riser is extremely light, so no frontal heaviness
    • Includes a removable skinning knife
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Well made and well-balanced crossbow


    • Only two bolts included


    Browning one six two Crossbow

    Best High End Crossbows - Browning one six two crossbow

    Awards: Best high-end crossbow for beginners.

    Before doing the Browning 162 crossbow review, I have to say that they are a new player in the crossbow market but not a new player in the world of hunting. Browning is a well-known brand in America and the good news is, they brought the same quality into their crossbows as they did in their guns. Browning aligned themselves with Barnett to ensure their entrance into the market at a lower risk.

    The gold lettering, the gold fletching on the arrows, the black and gold string and the well-known gold trigger with the all-black finish leaves a great feeling at first look. The honeycomb structure in the stock combined with the gold trigger gives the Browning 162 crossbow a unique design and makes this crossbow recognizable without having to read the name on it. 

    The laminated custom limbs, the honeycomb stock, the molded rubber guards and the magnesium riser are responsible for its 7.2 pounds. This crossbow won't cause fatigue when aiming for several minutes. The stock goes smoothly into the shoulder so you can feel how well balanced is this crossbow.

    The Cross  1.5-5 x 32 mm Illuminated Crossbow Scope offers adjustments toward the magnification which increased the value of the scope. It has great eye relief and an excellent field of view. The light-gathering capabilities of the Cross 1.5-5X32 scope are outstanding. The scope offers great optics. No doubts, Browning made the right decision to mount that scope on the 162 crossbows.

    With a standard dimension for width and length, you could assume that it would affect its maneuverability. Not at all, the stock counter-balanced the size of the crossbow by moving the center of gravity right in the middle making this crossbow easy to hold. At a mere 9.5 pounds with everything installed, the Browning 162 is pretty light. The major upside of this crossbow is the ratio draw weight - velocity. With such low draw weight and such high velocity, the question is how they did it? The laminated custom limbs are more than efficient! That said, cocking the 162 crossbows is easy, not to say effortless with the included crank cocking device.

    The Browning 162 crossbow package includes:

    • Browning Soft Sound String Suppressors
    • Cross  1.5-5 x 32 mm Illuminated Crossbow Scope
    • 3 22-inch carbon arrows
    • Browning Crank Cocking Device installed
    • Premium Browning Quiver
    • Browning Travel Crossbow Case

    This full equip package has everything you need and more to have the best shooting experience right out of the box. The crossbow case offers all the space needed to bring all your hunting gears and leave the scope mounted while transporting.

    The 162 delivers 370 FPS which is released by the excellent Trigger tech trigger. This frictionless technology gives a clean break for maximum performance. You can expect about 122 ft-lbs of kinetic energy with included bolts. No doubts its power will be deadly for any kind of legal hunt.

    It won't take many years for Browning to compete with the best of the sport. They accomplish already remarkable improvements in their 171 models. Keep an eye with their 172 crossbow package which should be on the market soon.


    • Stock leaves a lightweight feel to the crossbow
    • Innovative design,
    • Low draw weight with high velocity,
    • Have a quality safety mechanism,
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Well made and well-balanced crossbow


    • Standard size
    • You could wait for 172 to get out


    Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow

    Best High End Crossbows - Tenpoint carbon nitro rdx crossbow

    Awards: Top-notch shooting experience and maximum precision without any modifications

    The most expensive of my ranking but amazing ballistics numbers. The precision obtained with the Carbon Nitro RDX crossbow is stunning and this, without modifications. Tenpoint does not need an introduction, their products always come with high standards of quality. This reverse draw limbs crossbow will give you one of the smoothest shooting experience you will ever have.

    I picked the Nitro RDX over the Horton Storm RDX w/AcuDraw which could be the alternative if the price discards you. The reason why I picked the Nitro is simple. Except for the price, the Nitro outstand the Storm without hesitation. 

    TenPoint combined for the Carbon Nitro RDX,  its 20-inch carbon fiber barrel and new, PolyOne engineered, carbon-fiber-infused all into the OnForce polymer stock. This new C3 stock creates a combination that reduces weight, shot noise and vibration. At a mere 7.8 pounds, this crossbow won't cause any fatigue even if you shoot all day long.

    The Nitro RDX also features a nylon filament bolt-retention brush and an Over-the-Top limb pocket and Zytel limb suspension system. The Zytel system isolates the limbs from direct contact with the riser and decreased noise and vibration. Light and quiet, the Carbon Nitro RDX owns two key elements for successful hunting experiences.

    Concerning the optic, the RangeMaster Pro scope is comparable to the Hawke XB30 Pro scope which is probably the best on the market. That said, the RangeMaster Pro delivers mostly the same quality toward the brightness setting and the magnification. The scope features an illuminated reticle with five brightness settings of red or green. It's a 30mm objective lens, which will provide you magnification from 1.5X to 5X. Both offers fully multi-coated optics offer exceptional clarity for the demanding crossbow hunter.

    This hunting machine encompasses all the pros for the best shooting experience. A light structure for carrying easily, an easy 165 pounds of cocking weight with a narrow 10" axle-to-axle when cocked which is perfect for tight hunting places and an overall length of 34.25 inches for maximum maneuverability no matter where you are. Two systems are available for cocking the crossbow, either you chose the Dedd Sled 50 or the ACUdraw device. Both work flawlessly with the Nitro RDX. Like all TenPoint models, the assembly of the 3 ½-pound, T3 auto-engaging safety trigger is equipped with a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor, and rubber safety wings to prevent the shooter’s fore-grip fingers and thumb from moving above the flight deck. 

    The package responds to all hunter's needs and comes with the reputation that Tenpoint is known for, quality and durability. The addition of all the accessories makes this package a must-have in your arsenal.

    TenPoint Crossbow cases for their reverse draw limbs crossbow is a pretty good investment. With everything mounted, the case allows you to bring all your gears without the necessity of another bag. 

    The TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow delivers up to 385 foot per second and 122 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy with 370-grain Pro-lite Arrows. Don't expect any games to resist.

    For some reason, if you prefer a little more KE for slightly less Speed which I recommend for hunting, use 425-grain Pro Elite Arrows which come with the initial package, to gain 3 ft-lbs of KE and reach a total of 125 foot per pounds with 364 FPS.


    • Combined all key elements for successful hunting experiences
    • Accurate and extremely quiet crossbow
    • Have a quality safety mechanism,
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Well made and well-balanced crossbow


    • Pricey
    • Should include a Sling and a crossbow case in the package.



    Any of these top 5 crossbows will lead you to an outstanding hunting and shooting experience. Their small details make them different than others on the market. If I could own all of them I would! These Best High-End crossbows can give you a guideline to determine yourself the best high-end crossbow that suits your needs.

    Thank you for reading me and do not hesitate to ask or leave comments below. Have a nice hunt! 

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