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Ravin R9 Crossbow Review

Ravin R9 Crossbow Review

Ravin R9 Crossbow Ravin R9 Crossbow Review

Description of the product

Directly from ATA 2017, a Ravin crossbow R9 review was undeniably the thing to do. The Predator got a lot of attention with its new patented Helicoil technology design. This crossbow is clearly a revolutionary design for new crossbow generations as was the reverse draw limbs technology. This rifle like feel crossbow only weighs 6.9 lbs and with its tremendous axle-to-axle of 6” when cocked make it definitely a hunting device.  The Ravin crossbow is significantly smaller and narrower than most crossbows on the market.  The R9 generates 390 FPS which will leave no hunters indifferent while hunting especially with its unmatched downrange accuracy. Once bought, if your budget allows it, assembling the crossbow is really easy. It comes already fully mounted and tuned which leaves you plenty of time to head straight to shooting range or hunting. This means you won't have to sight in the scope which is a great advantage when you receive the package at home.


Ravin R9 Crossbow – Specs summary


Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

Cocking device

Hunting Deer

Ravin R9 Predator Crossbow

 195 lbs.



 Ravin Branded Arrows

 10.5" | 6.9 lbs.

Fully integrated cocking mechanism



Only for comparison, the newest version of the Ravin Predator, the R15, offers an extra 35 FPS for an expected 160.5 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. This is a lot of power to handle for a crossbow. They achieved it by creating new limbs. The limb deflection has been improved allowing increasing the velocity of the Ravin R15 crossbow. Does it worth the extra $500 that you will pay? I will let you debate on it. However, I would say that extreme speed gives you the flexibility to make arrows super-efficient at longer distances. 

2018 brought us a newer version of the R9. Taking customer feedbacks to modify the crossbow, they come up with the Ravin R10 crossbow which deserve a look and soon a complete review.

Let’s have a closer look on the technology included in the Ravin R9 Crossbow. (Source:

Helicoil Technology:

This new technology has an impact on the overall axle-to-axle width (cock or uncock) and downrange accuracy. HeliCoil technology coils cable away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves keeping the cams perfectly balanced. These helical grooves are responsible for keeping downrange accuracy by maintaining perfectly leveled cams when shooting. In addition, by allowing the cams rotating 340 degrees, the HeliCoil technology creates a narrower design but still provide a fair amount of speed with its 390 FPS. In other words, by letting the cams rotate more than conventional cams, the crossbow needs less wide limbs to obtain a higher velocity.   


Frictionless Flight System

Frictionless means fewer possibilities that the string or the arrow deviate from its original trajectory. This simple fact has a significant impact on downrange accuracy. In addition, frictionless also means that string and cables will last longer. At that price, these are details you want to hear.


Trac-Trigger Firing System

This system does the job in place of the hunter. It basically slides along the rail and clasps directly to the center of the string. Furthermore, it auto-engages the dry-fire mechanism and safety letting no room for miss-shots. The trigger mechanism only engages when you reached the most rear position. To shoot, simply move the safety into shooting position, aim and fire


Versa-Draw Cocking System

Working in conjunction with the Trac-Trigger Firing System, the Versa-Draw cocking device is fully integrated into the sleek stock design. The main advantage is cocking and uncocking becomes really easy. While cocking you will have clicking sounds that could be annoying in hunting situations but you can lift the cocking lever at the rear of the crossbow to cut the clicking but be careful, by doing so, you are transferring draw weight directly into the cocking handle. So be aware of holding the handle with the appropriate strength if you push the cocking lever. Otherwise, the Versa-draw cocking device features about 10 pounds of cocking force needed.


Impression of the crossbow

The first impression you get when you hold the Ravin R9 predator camo is the rifle like feeling.  Aggressive design with standard camo colors to make you completely disappear in the environment.  The maneuverability of this new technology is impressive but clearly the Ravin crossbows downrange precision is even more impressive.


  1. Unique design that delivers unmatched downrange accuracy
  2. Fully assembled and pre-tuned
  3. Ultra-compact design for tights hunting spaces - measures just 6" from axle to axle when cocked
  4. HeliCoil technology - rifle-like downrange accuracy with perfectly balanced and level cams for superior speed and power.
  5. R9 Delivers 390 fps with 135 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy – Almost twice what you need for every hunting game.
  6. Versa-draw cocking system - safely cocks or un-cocks the crossbow with minimal efforts.
  7. Aggressive Design
  8. Extreme speed gives you the flexibility to make arrows super efficient.


  1. Branded Arrows
  2. Versa-draw cocking system - Too slow for some hunters after shooting.



Ravin R9 crossbow: As far as power goes, the Ravin Crossbows won’t envy other crossbows on the market. The R9 have an unequaled velocity with an axle–to-axle as small as 6 inches when cocked. Its 390 FPS generates a 135 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy with 400-grain bolts which allows you to hunt every large game. Its velocity combined with the Ravin 100 yards scope makes this Ravin crossbow a very efficient hunting device. 

Tip: As this crossbow develops a lot of velocities I would recommend you to hold this crossbow loosely as much as possible because it reacts a lot to over gripping while aiming. To get the maximum of precision out of the Ravin R9, it's better to relax your grip.

Specific features of the Ravin R9 Crossbow package

The Ravin R9 Crossbow Package Includes:

  • A specialized 100-Yard illuminated Ravin scope
  • Six Ravin bolts with exclusive Ravin nocks
  • Ravin quiver & mounting bracket
  • Versa-Draw cocking handle
  • Six practice field points (100 Grain)
  • Built-in sling mounts 


The new technology delivers exactly the expected results toward downrange accuracy and has a huge impact on the velocity and the efficiency of the crossbow. However, not only the newest technology is responsible for its accuracy, the included items and features are worthy add-ons too. Let's see what the Ravin R9 Predator crossbow package offers;

Ravin Illuminated 1.5x5x32 Scope: The branded Ravin 100 yards illuminated scope included in the package is a good quality one. It has great optics and no need to adjust it when you receive the crossbow at home. The Ravin Illuminated scope features are:

  • This 8.75-inch scope has a variable speed and arrow drops compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 300 and 425 fps. 
  • It has a nine dots calibrated for 20-100 yards with a wide field of view for a clear image. To calibrate properly the Ravin scope, the magnification adjustments offered by the scope allows you to change it from 1.5 to 5 times closer making possible the 100 yards calibration.
  • It features a rheostat controlled, illuminated colored dots in red or green help you narrow in on your target.
  • It features elevation and windage adjustment knob to correct your flight trajectory to sight-in your scope.
  • Optic lenses are etched glass reticles and are fully multi-coated lenses that provide crystal-clear viewing. The lenses are 32 mm for maximum light capture to provide that crystal-clear viewing.
  • It comes with flip-up protective lens caps to keep your lenses safe and protected.
  • The Ravin scope is fog proof, weatherproof, shockproof, and recoil proof.

Tip: If the scope is a little low, it can be raised easily. A scope that offers as much calibration may require more tuning. Or watch this video made by Ravin Crossbows.

Foregrip: Leaves you a steady feel and its safe for the fingers.

Trac-Trigger Firing System: Lightweight trigger breaks cleanly at only 2 lbs releasing the string smoothly every shot.

Ravin Quick Detach Quiver/Mounting Bracket: Allows you to bring safely your arrows and the quick detach makes your life easier in a tree stand hunting situation.

Frictionless Flight System: Arrows do not contact the rail during the shot, which eliminates friction and cam lean. It Improves Power and Speed.

Safety: The extended safety wings over the foregrip prevent you from sticking your fingers above the flight deck. The grip itself is great and allows you to put your fingers through it when holding the crossbow to shoot it, avoiding further risk of sticking your fingers somewhere they don't belong. The Trac trigger comes with a really efficient automatic safety with Anti-Dry Fire to help you stay focus on the real things; Ready, aim, kill!

Tip: Really important to hear that dull click sound when you insert the bolt inside to avoid any dry-firing. This also means that the bolt is perfectly seated in the flight track and ready to be launched.

Ravin Bolts: The 400 grains Ravin branded arrows included in their packages are the only flaw. You might have no problem at all or you might have fletching issues and then accuracy issues. The lack of using different brands of arrows should be revised. But like I mentioned you might have no problem at all.

Recommendation: Using broadheads might have an impact on your precision due to the fact that some broadheads have an extremely large surface area or other design characteristics that do not fly well. If the broadheads have too much surface area or a very large cutting diameter, they will catch air in flight and may move off target. To get rid of the problem, I would suggest you tune your bolt by aligning the blades with the vanes.

Ravin recommends you use fixed-blade broadheads with a maximum diameter of 1 5/8” or mechanical broadheads that can sustain extreme velocities. 

Nonetheless, the sum of all these features contributes each in their way to maximize precision and efficiency. 


Possible add-ons

ravin soft crossbow case

The Ravin soft crossbow case could be a good investment considering its price. Its specific design also eliminates other crossbow case brands which leave you with few choices for now. This crossbow case offers the necessary protection for your precious Predator and allows bringing all extra items like knives, binoculars or luring materials.

Binoculars or especially rangefinders are often forgotten when you are a newbie into crossbow hunting. The fact that this particular crossbow can shoot as far as 100 yards, knowing where your target stands is a really important aspect to calibrate your scope. To estimate distances, locate and identify become probably the most important things after luring your target. Of course, knowing how to shoot is crucial too.

A target should be also on the top of your list if you do not have one already. Many Targets are available on the market. The only element important before buying one is to check if it can support crossbow shooting velocity.


How hard is the R9 to cock?

The fully integrated cocking mechanism provided by the Versa-Draw cocking system makes cocking the Ravin R9 almost effortless. The built-in cocking device comes with a removable handle and brings it as low as 10 lbs to crank the serving into a cocking position for the R9.  It is an ambidextrous system and allows you to safely cock or uncock the crossbow. I consider that feature a huge advantage for any hunters but especially for disabled people or people with impaired motor ability.


Hunting Situations

Its narrower design helps you walking without getting stock everywhere. This crossbow fits all styles of hunting. The only inconvenient factor about cocking the R9 in a hunting situation is the sound produced by the mechanism. This sound is noticeable by the environment but you can lift the cocking lever at the rear of the crossbow to cut the clicking. Furthermore, for some hunters, re-cocking the crossbow after shooting isn't fast enough. But honestly, only one shot is necessary with this crossbow.  

That said, this crossbow is pretty quiet if you leave behind the cocking which is not an issue according to me. There are not enough parts to vibrate and produce too much sound. Limbs are short and narrow when cocked and the string doesn’t touch the flight track. Quiet and deadly, that what it is. Clearly, a perfect crossbow that combines velocity and quietness, keystone elements for successful hunting experiences.



The more cautious you are the longer your crossbow will last. This is nothing new but with newer crossbow generations it became even truer. 

Tip: Most of the modern crossbows need the string to be waxed to avoid wearing out too quickly. The velocities generated by the modern crossbows ask more maintenance toward the string and the rail. Lubewax is then a good investment. It is recommended to wax after every 5 shots or before every use if you are an occasional shooter. A proper maintenance would need proper tuning tools too.

*Be aware that the warranty for your Ravin Crossbow is void if any of the followings occur. Please follow the link to know which one: Ravin Crossbows R9 Instruction Manual

Remember that the velocity of this crossbow put a lot of pressure on the string and cables, so keep that in mind if your purchase an R9. You might want to purchase a spare string or cables.


The Ravin R9 crossbow is the new crossbow generation. Without a doubt, this is the future and it introduces a whole new perspective of hunting with crossbows. I'm excited to see the possible improvements for the next year.

You can also dif further into the Web and Compare Prices with other platforms.

Feel free to leave any comments in regard to this review. If you want me to review a specific model of a compound crossbow, don’t hesitate to ask

Thank you for reading us! 

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marc d. messinger - November 2, 2018

i have r9..due to car accident my fingers are now numb….i see that they have changed safety to lever other then just button…is there anyway i can get lever for safety reasons….or just send me new r10 lol…..

Les - November 12, 2017

I live in NY and was told they were not legal in this state. Question is do they 17" limps not including the cam and 20" or more length.

Patrick Valiquette - August 17, 2017

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for leaving your comment.

The R15 is the latest from Ravin Crossbows.

Marcel - August 17, 2017

Is the R-9 raven the latest Or the R-15???

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