Best Hunting Bow Accessories Under $300

Nowadays, spending less could also mean quality. Technology has evolved and innovative ideas about alternative materials can now be found all around.


The world of archery is also one of the beneficiaries of this innovation. Cheaper but still good quality hunting bow accessories can now be enjoyed.


Below are some of the hunting bow accessories that are below $300. They are highly efficient and of high necessity. They are jam-packed with great features without trying to break your bank.  


Hunting Bow Accessories Under $300


AAE Freakshow Arrow Rest | AAE Arrow Rest


Hitting the target is the main goal of bowhunting. To achieve this goal, getting a hunting bow accessory for efficiency and precision is highly needed. The AAE Freakshow Arrow Rest has come to your rescue. It would help your arrow fly straight to the target.




The Freakshow Arrow Rest features the AAE hex alignment system for the launcher blade which allows archers to change their blade without changing their tune.


Launcher arm rotates for the exact blade angle desired. It offers many different adjustabilities - in & out and up & down. 


Launcher arm rotates for the exact blade angle desired. When it drops down, nothing touches the arrow letting intact your arrow flight straightness.


The Freakshow arrow rest comes in standard Mount or an extended mount.



  •  Include standard width .010 blade and wide width .012 blade.
  •  Micro-adjustable windage and elevation with laser-etched adjustment markings. 
  •  Longer mounting bracket for torque tuning

Apex Gear Covert Pro Sight




Another aid for more accurate sighting is the Apex Gear Covert Pro Sight. With a new and improved user interface to make sighting easier than ever, this is a must-have bow hunting accessories.


Push-button brightness controls are included to help make sure you can get greater visibility in the dead of night. The center-LED dot makes it nice and easy for you to hit pinpoint shots from distance, right in the location you need to hit most.


It is very easy for beginners to use the Apex Gear Covert Pro Sight without issue. Offers 700hrs of battery life provided on a 4-hour idle auto on/off the em.



  •  PWR-DOT LED dot scope
  •   Push-button brightness control
  • Gear drive yardage adjustment
  • Micro-adjust windage
  • Includes sight tapes

Archer Xtreme Nitrix Quiver Black 4 Arrow | Modern Quiver




For those who don’t know, a quiver is a container for holding arrows, bolts, darts, or javelins. It can be carried on an archer's body, the bow, or the ground, depending on the type of shooting and the archer's personal preference.


The Archer Xtreme Nitrix Quiver Black 4 Arrow features an inoculating mounting system so the quiver can be placed in the optimum position for added bow balance.



·         Convertible for right- and left-hand use.

·         Completely adjustable bow quiver collapses to 11.5” and extends to 17.5” to fit any length arrow shaft

October Mountain Versa Cradle w/Versa Clamp Combo | Bow Vise Tuning Tool



Adjustable bow vise allows the bow to be rotated 360 degrees and set at any angle for performing anything a bow technician might encounter.


Features cam-lock lever system and steel constructions. Works with bows and crossbows of any limb width without the need for adapters.




  •  Made-in. the USA,
  •  Powder-coated, steel construction with polyurethane pads for limb grip/protection that easily mounts to bench or countertop with bolts or Versa-Clamp,
  • Heavy-duty, fully adjustable bow vise with a quick and easy “Cam-Lock” lever system,
  • 360° locking ball head design,
  •  Holds any limb widths, both compound bows, and crossbows, with no need for adapters.

Bottom Line:

With the ability to find innovative solutions, you can enjoy your hobby, such as bowhunting, to its maximum potential without putting your budget at risk.


There are more reasonable bow hunting accessories that could help you in achieving your goals in your archery journey. Enjoy going through them and happy bow hunting!




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