AAE Freakshow Arrow Rest | AAE Arrow Rest

by AAE

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AAE Freakshow Arrow Rest


Raise your standards for efficiency and precision with the AAE Freakshow Arrow Rest. Do not worry anymore about fletching enhancing deviation and decreasing your arrow flight straightness by touching your arrow rest.



  • Includes standard width .010 blade and wide width .012 blade.
  • Micro adjustable windage and elevation with laser-etched adjustment markings. 
  • Longer mounting bracket for torque tuning



The Freakshow Arrow Rest features the AAE hex alignment system for the launcher blade which allows archers to change their blade without changing their tune. Launcher arm rotates for the exact blade angle desired. It offers many different adjustabilities - in & out and up & down. 

Launcher arm rotates for the exact blade angle desired. When it drops down, nothing touches the arrow letting intact your arrow flight straightness.

The Freakshow arrow rest come in standard Mount or an extended mount.

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