Best Youth Crossbows

Like any sport on this planet, the younger you start the better you become older. However, the fact that you cannot tell if your kid will embrace this sport or not make any purchase difficult toward youth crossbows for any parents. You don't want to spend too much money on something that your kid might toss away after 2 weeks. Best youth crossbows - Top 5 crossbows will give you enough info to make the best possible choice.

There are four main aspects that you should consider when you are looking to purchase a youth crossbow


The first thing to consider would be safety. That aspect is important no matter how old you are but let's be serious here, young springs may be more lunatic or deconcentrated while manipulating the crossbow. That being said, good automatic safety and a flawlessly working anti-dry-fire system are exactly what you are looking for. 


Secondly, as mentioned earlier, I would consider the price of the crossbow. Your kid might change his mind quickly concerning practicing crossbow shooting, so before he or she develops a passion for it, I would suggest getting the best youth crossbow for the money. It makes sense because you don't want to store a $550 crossbow because he decides after 2 weeks it's not his thing. You want something that will be able to "grow" with your kid at a fair price. 


Thirdly, you have to consider the overall weight of the crossbow. To give every possible chance for your kid to love this sport, you can prevent any annoyances possible. Too heavy to carry might discourage some of them., you have to consider the overall weight of the crossbow. To give every possible chance for your kid to love this sport, you can prevent any annoyances possible. Too heavy to carry might discourage some of them.


Finally, the crossbow draw weight would be my last aspect to consider. Same as the previous aspect, if your young spring can't cock his crossbow because it’s too heavy, it might create discouragement and decide that crossbow shooting is not for him or her. The selection is all about preventing them to not like what you would like them to do. After all, you want to share a passion with them.

So, having these four aspects in mind here is my best youth crossbows - Top 5 Crossbows.


Best Youth Crossbows Specs summary


Cocking draw weight



Suggested arrow length

Crossbow uncocked | Weight

 Cocking device

 Hunting Deer

Barnett Recruit Crossbow Package

 130 lbs.


300 FPS (Different Velocities are offered for more safety)




 18.25" | 6.5 lbs.

 Rope Cocking Included


Parker Bushwacker Crossbow

150 lbs.


300 FPS


 23.25”| 7 lbs.

 No Rope Cocking Included


SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

175 lbs.


 240 FPS


 27.5”| 4.85 lbs.

 Rope Cocking Included

 Yes Short distance

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II Crossbow

175 lbs.


 235 FPS

 16.5” for aluminum bolts, 20" for carbon bolts

 26.5”| 5.85 lbs.

Rope Cocking Included

 Yes Short distance

Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow Package

150 lbs.


300 FPS


22.6”| 5.9 lbs.

No Rope Cocking Included in Standard Package


Barnett Recruit Crossbow Package

Best Youth Crossbows - Barnett Recruit Crossbow Package


Awards: Fastest of this top 5 at a reasonable price, Best crossbow for beginners, Best crossbow under 300$, Best youth crossbow

With its range of choice among the Recruit production line, the Recruit Black is the top of the line crossbow. The price tag around $289.99, this beginner crossbow can fit in most budgets. Excellent safety system and anti-dry fire mechanism with low draw weight at only 130 lbs and the low total weight of 6.5 lbs. at a reasonable price, the Barnett Recruit crossbow package is the most serious option for any beginners. This "grow with" type of crossbow delivers a blazing 300 FPS for about 80 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy with 400 grains bolts. This is an affordable entry-level crossbow that allows you to practice or hunt the toughest game in North America. This is probably the better of the two worlds. 

To assemble this crossbow is very simple and quick to do. Any beginner can achieve assembling in about 10 minutes.

The precision is impressive for this entry-level crossbow even with the red dot sight. Probably the first thing you might want to upgrade if you get into the sport.

Like mentioned earlier, the Recruit comes in many different velocities and colors to suit any hunters or shooters need.  It comes in four distinct Models. The Recruit Black, the Recruit 100 (Tan or Pink), the Recruit 60 and the Recruit 30. Each of them has its specificities which I invite you to go see on our website. For 2017, Barnett introduced two new models of the Recruit line. The Recruit Tactical and the Recruit Terrain are impressive models and worth to have a look.

I have to mention the Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package as an excellent alternative for a more durable, lighter and easier crossbow to manipulate. However, the draw weight like many recurve crossbows might be a bit too heavy for youth. It deserves a look just to compare traditional recurves and modern compounds.


  • Affordable "grow with" type of crossbow,
  • Accurate entry-level crossbow,
  • Have a quality safety mechanism,
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Many different velocities, draw weights and colors for all type of beginners


  • The string can wear out faster
  • the basic red dot sight

For more information towards this crossbow, you can have a look at our complete Barnett Recruit Crossbow Review.

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow

Best Youth Crossbows - Parker Bushwacker Crossbow

Awards: Quick and easy to build, Above average for safety mechanisms.

The Bushwacker Crossbow has been redesigned at its front-end resulting in a more balanced crossbow for a steadier aim on the target. It is then easier to maneuver which is a great aspect for youth crossbow.

The Parker's Advanced Solid Limb Technology with integrated Micro-Lite Limb Pocket System is responsible for its more compact design and its 7 lbs. The ergonomic stock and the vented forearm add more aesthetic and more safety to the crossbow.

The Bushwacker crossbow Parker's Exclusive Synergy Cams deliver 300 FPS for an expected 80 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy with 400-grain bolts at 160 pounds of draw weight. 

Cocking the Bushwacker can be diminished by over 50% when paired with the Red Hot EZ Roller rope cocker (sold separately).

The exclusive bolts selection might be the major setback. Two options are recommended for the Bushwacker; The Parker Hunter Arrows or the Red Hot Crossbow bolts. Any other bolts might occur in an unexpected release from the crossbow. However, when using the proper equipment, there is nothing bad to say about this one.

The redesign of the Bushwacker makes this crossbow a serious choice for best youth crossbows under 500$. Stay tuned for the Parker Bushwacker review soon.


  • Excellent safety features if properly used
  • Great velocity for youth crossbow
  • Compact and accurate 
  • Nice ergonomic design


  • No rope cocking device included
  • Exact bolt alignment needed


SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

Best Youth Crossbows - SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

Awards: Best value for the money, Best starter recurve crossbow for beginners, Lightest recurve crossbow.

If you don’t know yet if your kid will like shooting with a crossbow, The SA Sports Fever is a good option. The price for this entry-level crossbow won’t eat your entire budget. However, cheaper doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your experience. It’s still going to give you the feel of hunting with a recurve crossbow. With its 240 FPS, you can hunt deer easily but not recommended for bigger games like bears. The SA Sports Fever is a very light Crossbow with only 4.85 lbs.

The package includes the exact basic accessories to have a real first feeling to hunt or to shoot with a crossbow. It comes with a padded sling which should be on every crossbow if you ask my own opinion. Other accessories are the quiver, the scope, and the rope cocking device. The bolts are aluminum bolts and you might want to buy other ones for better performances.

The SA Sports Fever is pretty standard to assemble. Limbs into stock, stirrup in front and mount the scope should take you less than 20 minutes. String the crossbow to finish and you are ready to shoot.

It features a vented stock at the forearm and good safety mechanisms to leave your mind at peace when your child is manipulating it.

Accuracy may not be consistent on the SA Sports Fever crossbow but at that price, you can’t expect to have a flagship crossbow. You might encounter problems with the scope rail causing the inconsistency in your shots. I have to remind you that the SA Sports Fever is an entry-level crossbow for those you want to get into the sport but do not know if they will pursue it.


  • A package that includes everything you need to start.
  • Easy to cock with the cocking device
  • Inexpensive starter for beginners
  • Excellent maneuverability with its weight.


  • Accuracy is not consistent.
  • You may need to buy different bolts


 Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II Crossbow

Best Youth Crossbows - Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II Crossbow

Awards: Best recurve crossbow under 300$, Best entry-level recurves crossbow for hunting medium and small games.

The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II Crossbow is a ready-to-hunt and a ready to shoot package for the experienced seasoned crossbow hunter seeking a lightweight alternative as well as the perfect option for beginner crossbow hunters or shooters seeking an affordable, fully equipped package.

The Inferno Fury II crossbow delivers 235+ FPS for an expected 49 foot per pound of kinetic energy with 400-grain bolts at 175 lbs. of draw weight. This is an excellent crossbow for small and medium-size games.

The Premium Red 3-Dot Multi-Range Sight is a good but basic sight. That being said, accuracy won't be an issue, it is more a personal preference.

The package will answer your expectations as a beginner and they even add an extra string which is nice attention from Arrow Precision. 

The included rope cocking device makes this crossbow easier to cock and almost effortless. Safety, affordable and great maneuverability make this crossbow an interesting entry-level recurve crossbow.


  • A Good recurve crossbow for tight hunting spaces.
  • Lightweight and reliable crossbow
  • Rope cocking device and extra string included
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (50 yards)


  • A bit heavy on when cocking
  • Good but basic sight

Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow Package

Best Youth Crossbows - Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow Package

Awards: Best crossbow under 400$. Best value for the money.

It is not a mainstream brand but it acts like it. Made by TenPoint, the Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow Package offers all that you will ever need as a first crossbow. Ideal for small stature shooters or youth, the Wicked Ridge Ranger Crossbow weighs a low 5.9 pounds and measure a short 33.9 inches making it a crossbow incredibly easy to handle.

It is a well-built crossbow that will be able to take a fair bit of abuse. The stock will leave you a comfortable feel while aiming at your target.

The Wicked Ridge Ranger delivers 300 FPS for an expected 70 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy with 350-grain bolts (included only in the premium package) at only 150 pounds of draw weight. This type of crossbow is the top of the line "grow with" crossbow type. Its velocity will never be an issue while hunting.

The standard package does not include a rope cocking device and bolts (sold separately). However, the premium package comes with the easy to use patented Acu-52 self-retracting rope cocking device reducing the draw weight by 50%. This system will stay with you and your crossbow all the time, strongly attached and ready to use when you need it the most. It also comes with 3 Wicked Ridge 18" Ranger Carbon Bolts for maximum performances.

The most expensive from this top 5 but a long-term investment. Your kid might age but not this crossbow. With proper maintenance, this crossbow will follow for a long time.


  • The premium package offers quality items
  • Ultimate "grow with" crossbow
  • Accuracy stays even with distance (60 yards)
  • Auto-engage safety when cocking with Dry fire Inhibitor
  • Lightweight for better maneuverability


  • Standard package 


Based on the four criteria mentioned at the top of this article, this top 5 crossbows - Best Youth Crossbows should give you enough information to find the ultimate crossbow for your kid. Concerning younger shooters, always remember that its safety first.

Stay tuned for more detailed reviews for each of them. Thank you for reading us and I hope this was valuable to you. Do not hesitate to leave any comments below and feel free to ask for a specific crossbow review if you need one.

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