OMP Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow Package Deluxe Review

Once you got curious about archery, you started digging the Web to search the best information right? You are a beginner with a good upper body strength and have been quite athletic but haven't been very physical lately?  You want to be challenged but not overdo so you would enjoy the experience. You did some research and the OMP Explorer 2.0 seemed to be a good entry level recurve bow but you aren't actually sure about what accessories you should be using.

Are you actually looking for a step up recurve bow compared to the OMP Adventure 2.0 with a more traditional look and an excellent "grow with" recurve bow offering many limb weight options? You are at the right place to confirm or infirm your first thought about this bow.

OMP Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow

OMP Explorer 2.0 Features

  • Available in 2 different AMO Lengths (54", 62")
  • Mass weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Option for Right or Left Handed
  • Draw Weight ranges from 20 to 40 pounds (depending on AMO Length)
  • Recommended brace height: 6 3/4 in. to 7 1/4 in.
  • Three piece take-down (one riser, two limbs)
  • Sight, plunger and stabilizer bushings in place
  • Slim-grip design
  • Dacron bowstring



  • Great package for an introduction to archery
  • Easy takedown design for storage and transportation
  • Durable lamination and reinforced limb tips
  • Good step up entry-level recurve bow
  • You can change the limbs to increase draw weight
  • Perfect beginner package for athletic people who wants to be challenged


  • No instructions (if you are a complete beginner this might matter)
  • Not to be used for hunting (poundage too low, see regulations in your area). Certain draw weights could be used for small game hunting
  • Offered only in two AMO length. May not be suitable for all size archers into target archery


Assembling the Recurve Bow

Take down recurve bows demand a simple assembling. Even if there are no instructions to assemble the bow, it is really easy for any beginners. There are great videos on the Internet that show you how to assemble a recurve bow.

Basically, you need to screw the limbs on the riser. The limbs should be placed in order to curve away from you. That means there is a bottom limb and an upper limb when you receive your package.

Afterward, you need to place the string on the bow. To do so, slide the bigger loop down the upper limb and place the bottom smaller loop at bottom limb tip grooves, to the location meant for that purpose.

Next, to string the bow safely, you have to use a bow stringer, the one included in this package. You can place the top of bow stringer over the upper limb tip and slide it down then place the bottom of the stringer into the bottom tip. 

The bow stringer should sit under the bow string when you place the bow horizontally. Put one or foot on the cord of the stringer and pull upward. While you bent the limbs, you can now put the top loop into the upper grooves of the bow. Once done make sure that the string is properly placed into the limb tips and the grooves. The String should be centered on the back of each limb.

Remove the bow stringer and install other accessories if necessary. Otherwise, you are ready to install nock points and shoot some arrows.


The impression of the Recurve Bow


Based on the Samick Polaris design, the Explorer 2.0 has nothing to envy. Designed to take recreational archery to the next level with increased shootability and improved performances, this recurve bow is perfect for youth (54") and beginners (62") of all ages. 

This three pieces take-down bow combined a riser and two limbs. The riser's construction is made of a combination of laminated walnut, white oak, and hard maple tree essences. The riser comes with all necessary bushings to install sights, plunger or stabilizers. The OMP Explorer 2.0 riser has a slim molded grip design to increase your grip. This slim grip leaves a nice feeling when holding the bow. It perfectly fits into standard hand size.

The OMP Explorer is forgiving for beginner archers and intermediate archers. In other words, erratic stances or uneven draws do not badly affect the shooting or accuracy of the bow. Both left and right-handed versions can be purchased in the market. 

The OMP Explorer recurve bow is lightweight at 2.9 pounds, durable and resistant to limb twist. The string is available in two sizes, 54” for young kids and 62” for beginners. The draw weight ranges from 20Ibs to 40Ibs. 

The Dacron string and the Dacron Flemish twist string work remarkably with this recurve bow.

Tip: The bow is noisy since it wasn't created for hunting purposes. The OMP Explorer is a 3-piece takedown recurve bow which requires whisker silencers to dampen the loud noise.


All beginners should have a look at the basic rules of safety while manipulating any recurve bow. The explorer is not an exception, dry firing the bow may cause permanent damage to the bow or to yourself. Wearing the proper equipment to protect yourself against miss-shot is really important.  

Buying the right draw weight will decrease the chance of dry-firing and will be considered as a safety element. You should worry about your form and not about pulling the string.


The grip on the Explorer 2.0 is very comfortable, and the bow itself is lightweight and sturdy. After several hours of shooting, you won't feel fatigued. No soreness comes from holding this bow too long. I would definitely call this one as much of a beauty to hold as it is to look at.

Since the Explorer 2.0 is designed for younger archers, it has been made to be very lightweight so shooting for a long period of time is more than realistic with it. 


Specifics of the package


The package offers almost all the entry-level items on the market and should meet your highest expectations. The OMP Explorer recurve bow package Deluxe includes:

  • The OMP Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow,
  • Gold Tip Traditional or other models of your choice,
  • OMP Guardian Arm Guard (Offered in different colors),
  • OMP 3-tubes Hip Quiver RH|LH (Offered in different colors),
  • OMP Quiver Belt Universal,
  • Kantpinch KP300 Tab,
  • OMP Recurve Sleeve,
  • 2 Hole Arrow Rest (optional),
  • Recurve Bow Stringer,
  • Carbon Express Nocking Points (pack of 5)

Gold tip Traditional arrows

Arrows:  The arrow spine for a beginner recurve bow shooter should be about size 500. These Gold Tip are extremely durable arrows. They have a straightness tolerance of +-.006” and weight tolerance of +-2.0 grains. They are available in sizes 600(7.8 GPI), 500 (8.6 GPI), 400 (9.3 GPI), and 340 (10.5 GPI). They include nocks and inserts with factory fletched 4 in. feathers. 

    Tip:  Larger vanes or feathers allow the arrow to work better for you when starting. It helps to stabilize the arrow during flight. Moreover, arrows with carbon shafts resist bending and breaking more than other models.

    OMP Guardian armguard

    Guardian Arm Guard: Vented design to promote proper airflow. You can adjust the straps without disconnecting the closure. The contoured design fits any arms comfortably for both youth and adult archers.

    OMP 3-tubes Hip Quiver

    OMP 3-tubes Hip Quiver: This ambidextrous quiver can convert from right hand to left hand really easily. This three easy-to-reach arrow tube ensures easy access to each of your arrows. Made of 600-denier polyester, the bottom is rugged reinforced for long lasting durability. The quick-clip allows for convenient belt or hip attachment and removal.

    omp universal quiver belt

    Quiver Belt Universal:  A black nylon web belt easily adjusts up to 60" and has a quick snap buckle closure.

    kantpinch KP300 tab

    Kantpinch KP300 Tab: This finger separator prevents arrow pinching while shooting. This minor detail is really important to avoid any plunking while releasing the string. One of the tabs the most used over the world with front calf hair and calfskin on the back.

    omp recurve bow sleeve

    OMP Recurve Sleeve: This soft, fleece sleeves simply reduces scratches from storage. 

    2 hole arrow rest

    2 Hole Arrow Rest: Optional in this package but made to ease your arrow retention while drawing back the string or moving around.

    OMP recurve bow stringer

    Recurve Bow Stinger: One of the most important piece of equipment after the bow itself. The include recurve bow stringer included in this package works perfectly and make almost effortless the installation of the string on the bow.

    Omp dacron string

    Dacron Bow String: As I pointed out before, the Explorer 2.0 comes with a very good Dacron string that will provide thousands of shots before it needs to be replaced, as long as you properly care for the string.

    Carbon express nocking points

    Carbon Express Nocking Points: Not mandatory but clearly helping any archers from arrows to slip up or down on the string. This little piece of equipment will help you maintain a consistent accuracy.


    Possible Add-ons

    OMP Takedown Recurve Bow Case

    OMP Takedown Recurve Bow Case

    The OMP TD Recurve Bow Case features a rugged 600 Denier shell that protects the interior storage area. It also features external accessory pocket and a premium rubber molded handle for carrying. The OMP takedown recurve bow case completes perfectly the OMP explorer 2.0 beginner package Deluxe.

    Product Features:

    • Accessory pocket dimension: 15.5”x 6.5”x 2”
    • Outside dimensions: 26.5”x 10.5"x 3” ,
    • Internal dimensions: 25.5”x8.5”x2.75”,
    • Heavy duty zippers,
    • Color: Black,
    • Internal Case Features: Soft fabric, Reinforced sleeves with drawstrings, Two adjustable 11”x7” accessory pockets
    • Dual customizable pockets
    • 600 denier fabric
    • Fits 68" recurve bows


      The Shooting Experience

      The OMP Explorer 2.0 is a very good bow to start shooting. The grip of the bow is very comfortable to hold. There is no tension caused by the grip after holding it for a long period of time. The bow has a decent weight at only 2.9 pounds so you can hold it in position for an extended period of time without a problem. The accuracy of the bow is quite good and more than reasonably tight groupings can be achieved when shooting with this OMP especially since I was shooting instinctively, without any accessories added on.

      This bow is well made as a whole and has a nice look with the wooden riser and the black limbs. You can expect high durability from this model. The Explorer 2.0 is an excellent "growth with" recurve bow. By simply replacing the limb when you feel comfortable to move a level above, this bow can follow as long as you practice target archery.  As stated above, this is not a hunting bow except if you intend to hunt small games like squirrel or raccoon and if this is your aspiration, hunting bigger games, there are plenty of other bows made just for that purpose available. 

      Accuracy and Velocity


      The lower poundage you start with the better you are working on your form. The goal of starting with lower draw weight is to allow you to notice your flaws in your form. The arrow will react more with a lower poundage than it would with a higher poundage. The Explorer manages velocities in-between +- 75 to +- 155 FPS depending on your draw weight. The spectrum is wider because there are many different draw weights available.

      Available in draw weights ranging from 20# to 40#, the Explorer 2.0 is as powerful as most beginners could need. Upgrading the draw weight is easy like mentioned previously since you just need to replace the limbs and not the entire bow. The OMP Explorer 2.0 is a tack driver.  

      Accuracy and distance:

      Contrary to what most people think,  low poundage like 30 or even 25 lbs. draw weight is more than enough for recreational target practice. The game is about precision and not about power. If you have the aim for it and your form is on point, you can successfully hit a target from 60 or even 70 yards away with this kind of draw weight. Again, this will depend on your skills.

      Higher poundage is appealing and to be honest some of the best brands offer only #30 as minimum draw weight which is a lack according to me because what makes the difference is who is holding the bow and not how powerful it is. Work on your form and your skills so your recurve bow will be as powerful as a compound bow. 



      To increase the durability of the Explorer, keeping the right habits of storing the bow will be day and night for its durability by unstringing the bow between shooting sessions. Apply was when necessary on the string to keep it moist. Always keep the bow in a dark and dry place.

      Always examine the string for proper seating in the limb tips when you’re getting ready to shoot. 

      Do not dry-fire the string. This may cause permanent damage to the limbs and you might get injured.

      If you follow these simple steps, you will ensure your bow to last long and have many years of fun with it.



      All in all, this bow is great for beginners that want to get a feel for archery. The OMP Explorer 2.0 package is a level above starter recurve bow and is an awesome "growth with" recurve bow especially because it allows accessories such as stabilizers, sights, plunger, etc... so you can increase your performances at your own rhythm. 

      Thank you for reading us and do not hesitate to ask any questions related to this OMP Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow Package Deluxe Review or leave any comments below.

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