Quest Forge Review

Quest Forge Review

Single Cam fans are well served with this reliable bow, yet there is not much information available out there on the performance of this compound bow and this is exactly why I have decided to put up that Quest Forge Review for you to wrap your mind around it and know if this is a model right for you. Quest belongs to the G5 brand and is made with the same high-quality standards than any other G5 products, although Quest may not be as well known as other major brands out there.

The Forge features a 6061 forged machined aluminum riser like all Quest bows which makes an unmatched durability. Without any surprises, the Quest Forge has a very smooth draw cycle like any other single cam on the market. For that same reason, tuning is very limited as there are no timing or synchronization issues like dual cams may have every so often. 

This ready-to-shoot out of the box Quest Forge DTH (meaning Designed To Hunt) package also features a draw length ranging from 25.5 inches to 30 inches with a draw weight that can be adjusted from 40 to 70 pounds. The Axle-to-Axle length is 32 inches while the brace height stands at 7 inches allowing for forgiveness in your shooting but which also directly correlates to slightly lower the speed, unlike shorter brace height. The IBO speed rating is still standing at a decent 315 FPS.


Bow Specs

  • Draw Length: 25.5"-30”
  • Draw Weight: 40-70 lbs
  • IBO Speed: 315 FPS
  • Mass Weight: 3.9 lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 32”
  • Brace Height: 7”
  • Let-off: 75%

What about the shooting?

The Quest Forge feels very comfortable although note that the rounded grip may cause your hand to torque so a particular attention to your archery form may be required to avoid this to happen, some prefer having a flat grip. If you have a good shooting form you will not be influenced by this aspect in any way.

All Quest bows are equipped with roller slides which make the shooting feel even a bit smoother than cable slides.
Once at full draw with a 75% let-off, the weight feels light enough to be comfortable for an extended period of time which will definitely be much appreciated by hunters.

With a brace height of 7 inches, the IBO speed rating is pretty acceptable at 315* feet per second, the shooting is also quite forgiving. 

Additionally, the adjustable string stop suppresses the noise and vibrations further on a bow that is already very quiet which is ideal in bowhunting situations.

*Read this post to know more about how the 315 fps IBO speed rating is measured because you will most likely shoot slower than that depending on your physical characteristics and settings.

Fluid Cam

The Quest Forge is featuring a fluid cam which is a rotating mod-based cam. It requires only one module (single cam) and does not need any bow press to be adjusted. Simply loosen both 8/32 inches screws to move it to the desired position according to your draw length.

As I have said previously, a single cam is tuning free. Although having slightly decreased speed compared to a dual cam system, the smoother draw cycle can largely make it up for the few feet-per-second loss over similar bows in its category.  

What's in the package?

The package includes the following equipment:
  • G5 Tool-less fiber optic pin sight with light: Great 5 pin sight, the individual pins are easy to move and lock into position. This sight also comes with a light for the darker shooting situation.
  • G5 Halo full containment rest: You may or may not be a fan of full containment rest but the G5 Halo rest does the job nicely with the adjustable launcher arms which can fit any arrow size plus it does not wear out like whiskers. Mostly a question of preferences but good quality.
  • G5 wrist sling: Comfortable sling.
  • G5 Head-Loc 6 arrow quiver: Lightweight dampener and hold arrows tight.
  • G5 1/4" Meta peep sight: No issues with the peep. A matter of setting it up properly and based on personal preferences. Good size for low light bowhunting conditions.
  • G5 Stabilizer: Nice stabilizer eliminating noise and vibrations efficiently.
  • 452X BCY string: Top quality string material. Fast, efficient and reliable.
Overall it is a well-equipped package offering good quality accessories.


With an MSRP of 549.99$, you really got something great in your hands with the Quest Forge DTH Package with all the great accessories that come with it, probably one of the best accessory package for a bow in this category.

Basically, if you are seeking a smooth and reliable bow that will last you a long time whether for hunting or for recreational purposes, you will be well served with this compound bow.

When you decide to purchase a Quest bow, make sure you are covered under the manufacturer's warranty when buying from an authorized dealer by registering your equipment following this link Register My Bow.

Need further manufacturer's general info, safety tips, and warnings? Check out the Quest owner's manual
Thank you for reading and hope that you liked this Quest Forge Review! Do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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