The Bear Archery Kuma 30 compound bow 2019 Review

An in-depth review for Bear Archery Kuma 30 Compound Bow


The news is out. The announcement was made. The most competitive bow in the market is here! Anyone who is into archery would know how Bear Kuma compound bow has built off their massive success.


The flag-ship series is considered to be a legend and a dream to many archery enthusiasts and pros.


The prior products released have proven themselves great thus many are looking forward if the new member of the Bear Archery Kuma will prove itself worthy of its name. let us dive into the details of the Bear Kuma 30 Compound Bow.


Kuma 30 Features


The Kuma 30 compound bow features a caged riser top and bottom, ultra-rigid limb pocket system, high-quality preload limbs, the unbeatable roller hinge guard system and offers a generous amount of adjustment draw weight and length adjustment without needing a bow press.


bear archery kuma compound bow


Check out the complete list of features in-depth;

  • BearCage - Eliminates riser flex and reduces weight while maintaining structural integrity.
  • BearTrap Limb Pocket - The BearTrap Limb Pocket combines the strength of our metal pocket with the integration of a zero-tolerance boot.
  • Max Preload Quad Limbs - Designed to evenly distribute load across the entire limb surface which optimizes the geometry for extremely efficient performance.
  • NaroGrip - Fitting your hand precisely, archers can repeatedly achieve consistent hand placement to ensure an accurate shot every time while reducing torque.
  • VersaGrip - Positive palm weld enables the VersaGrip to fit comfortably, yet provides a smaller profile for a reduction in torque.
  • Roller HingeGuard - An advancement to the HingeGuard™, the all-new Roller HingeGuard introduces roller bearings at key contact points, reducing friction.
  • ShockWaves - Limb dampener device eliminates vibration and shock.
  • SonicStops - SonicStops are essential in eliminating string vibration and noise at the point of origination.
  • Speed Nocks - Increases bow’s performance and speed while reducing vibration.
  • Left or Right-Handed - This bow comes in both left and right-handed versions.

Bear Archery Kuma Specifications

  • Speed (IBO) - 345fps
  • Weight - 1lbs
  • Brace Height - 6 Inches
  • Axle to Axle - 30 Inch
  • Let Off - 75%
  • Draw Weight ranges - 45-60lbs, 55-70lbs
  • Draw Length range - 5 - 30 Inch

With the features and specifications, the new Bear Kuma 30 Compound Bow has given a halt to the competition of being the best among compound bows. It is jam-packed with features while being lightweight and compact.

This shows that the designers and makers of Kuma 30 Compound Bow are not playing it light here. They have met more than what is expected from them and it is not an easy product to set the standard for the next legend.  


“Our customers demanded a shorter axle-to-axle, lighter-weight version of the super-popular Kuma and we delivered,” says Dave Parker, Archery General Manager.

“Shootability means having a super-smooth draw cycle, a solid back wall, and no hand shock upon release and we are proud to see that come to life in the Kuma 30.”

The new Kuma 30 is a powerhouse of all the best of Bear Archery technology in a form that best fits bowhunting.

Other than its lightning-fast arrows speed of 345fps, the Kuma 30 also is one of the smoothest drawing bows on the market recently.

With that being said, archers who are using the Bear Kuma 30 Compound Bow are in good advantage of hitting targets with accuracy and ease. 


The Kuma 30 is included in Bear’s Legend Series, an exclusive dealer-only line of ultra-competitive compound bows and will be offered at a retail price of $899.99.

Most people who are not into archery will consider this price as too high, however, the opposite surprises the archery lovers.

The Legend Bear Kuma 30 Compound Bow being offered below $1000 is beyond sweet news to them.

Will you be holding a Bear Kuma 30 Compound Bow in your hand anytime soon?


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