Tips on How to Use Bass Pro Recurve Bows

Many people want to get better at what they do whether it's a hobby or a career. The same goes for archers.

One company that has been in the bow business for a long time is the Bass Pro. Bass Pro has been producing high quality recurve bows for decades and has been known to be a good source of hunting gears.

If you are new to using a recurve bow, it is highly suggested to do more research since there are some common misconceptions on how to use a recurve bow.

Here are the tips we’ve gathered to help you improve your use of bass pro recurve bow and your shots as well. 

6 Easy Tips on How to Use Bass Pro Recurve Bows

1. Aim for your target 

Many archers could easily lock a target with the use of bass pro recurve at a certain point at full draw but eventually, lose the aim when they release the shot. Constant focus on the center of the sight is very critical.

There is also a situation called “Target Panic” which most archers fall victim to. Target panic causes archers to shoot without aiming or couldn’t release the arrow at all.

Mental health is highly required to be able to shoot a good shot. Staying calm and being able to handle pressure is the key. 

2. Nocking, Hooking, and Grip 

When nocking your arrow to the string, do not wrap your finger on the arrow raft. Instead, let your arrow rest on the bow itself. Push the arrow’s nock into the bowstring, in-between the finger guides.

The most common way to hook the bowstring is by using the Mediterranean Draw. Using three fingers, place the index finger on the upper finger-guide and the other two fingers on the lower finger-guide.

It is best to hook the string with the first joints of the fingers. Avoid gripping the string with your fist or pinching the arrow. Grip the bow so that the handle rests on the large padded surface between your palm and thumb.

The idea is to push the bow in place, rather than gripping it tight in position. These tips will maximize the potential of your bass pro recurve.

3. Draw

Many would focus on pulling the string when making a full draw with your bass pro recurve, however, it is also noted by archers that pushing is as important. They are referring to pulling with the back, draw hand and shoulder – and pushing with the bow hand.

4. Elbow Rotation

Gripping the bow correctly is important for proper rotation of the arm. Gripping too tightly will rotate your forearm in-line with the bowstring, which will hurt if you’re not wearing an arm guard.

If your arm is properly rotated, your elbow will point away from you and your forearm will clear the string. A good indicator you are holding the bow correctly is if your knuckles create a 45-degree angle to the centerline of the bass pro recurve bow. 

5. Shooting Form 

Prepare your shot by bringing the left arm to shoulder-height and hooking the bowstring. When you pull the arrow back, you want to pull with your right elbow high and in-line with the arrow.

Drawing the bass pro recurve bow is best done with the back muscles. Imagine squeezing your shoulder blades together; using only your arms will tire you out.

6. Releasing the arrow

Releasing the arrow should be slow and smooth. Relax your right hand and move it back slightly until the bowstring slips out of your fingers.

After releasing the string, follow-through with your shot by continuing to relax your hand until it hangs by your ear.

The bow will naturally tilt forward a little bit during the follow-through. One of the toughest things to fix is a release hand that jumps forward when the fingers let go of the string, rather than flowing backward. 


These tips can also be used in using bass pro recurve bows and any kinds of recurve bows. Now off you go to get more learning from your own experience. 

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