Top 5 Pink Recurve Bows for Women

The number of women joining the bowhunting community is getting bigger. As this number rises, the bowhunting industry is also fast to act and released more bows to cater to the women market.

For those who want to start using recurve bows but want to have a touch of femininity, here are the top 5 pink recurve bows that wouldn’t let you down in a target shooting nor hunting. 

5 Pink Recurve Bows for Women

1. Pink Core Archery Jet Recurve Bow 

This Core Jet Riser and limbs are perfect recurve bow for women. The riser is lightweight and has a beneficial, good, and comfortable grip to help you last during those long shooting sessions.

It is designed with the beginner archer in mind but at the same time not compromising the quality or flexibility of the product and allows you to upgrade as you get more experience.

You can always add more accessories as your skills develop. It has a bow length of 66”, 68" & 70” and a bow strength of 14 Lbs. - 40 Lbs. Besides, you will stand out from the crowd with a brilliant pink flash of color! 


2. Barnett Lil Sioux Jr. Pink Recurve Beginner's Bow & Arrow Archery Set

Barnett Lil Sioux Jr. Pink Recurve Beginner's Bow & Arrow Archery Set

Barnett Lil Sioux Jr Pink Beginner's Recurve is the ideal introduction for those new to archery. It is also perfect for women who just started using recurve bows and do not want to be stressed out with their weight. Barnett crossbow engineers have created their latest range of crossbows to be lightweight, adjustable and powerful.

This pink archery set has an authentic-looking riser with pin sight for accurate shots. It also has a soft-touch, reinforced handle that works for both righties and lefties. It can also be used by youths but adult supervision is required. It has a 15 lbs. draw weight and 18-22" draw length for a professional shot. Barnett is committed to delivering high-quality performance products, and this bow is no exception. 

3. Archery 15-50lbs Pink Short Bow Traditional Laminated Handmade Recurve Bow Outdoor Hunting

Archery 15-50lbs Pink Short Bow

If you are looking for a recurve bow with a more personal touch, here is a handmade bow for you. It is made of fiberglass, bamboo, Ashwood, and horse leather wrap around the grip.

It has a total length of 125 cm and 49 inches with a draw weight of 15-50 lbs. You can use this bow as you start comfortably until you are ready to face more challenging things of recurve bow hunting. It comes with a pink color to add more femininity raising the proud banner of women. 


4. Toparchery takedown recurve bow 66

Toparchery takedown recurve bow 66

Another recurve bow for women that you may want to consider is the Toparchery takedown recurve bow 66. It has a draw weight of 28 lbs. It comes with high strength cast aluminum riser with a comfortable grip. Limbs are maple lamination and strong fiberglass. Not to mention that it comes in a beautiful pink color. 


5. Toparchery traditional recurve bow 

Toparchery traditional recurve bow

Another hand-made recurve bow for women with a design that comes a long way since the Tang Dynasty is the Toparchery traditional recurve bow. It has a draw weight of 40 lbs. and a draw length of 29/75 cm.

Bow tips are made of Chinese Locust tree wood while the limbs come from a high strength resin, thus creating a great hardness and toughness. It has decent accuracy up to 59 feet for 30 lbs. bow. Also, the lovely pink color is featured by this bow. 

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