3D Targets aims to give you in this category the best options of 3D targets you can buy from established names, such as: BIGShot, Delta McKenzie, GlenDel, Rinehart, and Shooter.

To avoid overwhelming you with a flood of details too long for your own good, we may limit ourselves to the following factors for our criteria of selection: availability, price point, durability, signature technologies, arrow removal efficiency, weather resistant coating, and outdoor application add-ons.


BIGShot is a brand that continues to gain respect from archers mostly for its patented technology that elevates field points and broadheads to a whole new level. We would recommend to beginner and intermediate archers alike the Big Shot Pro Hunter Armadillo Target mainly for its easy arrow removal feature.

When you want to practice your hunting skills in the wild, you'd get better time in the outdoors thanks to its built-in weather-resistant coating that protects it against the elements.

Delta McKenzie

Delta McKenzie is another reputable brand today that archers looking for 3D Targets can rely on. The brand's innovative workforce has led to the creation of durable 3D targets that are surprisingly placed at the lower price point in the competition. If you're a beginner who wants the best out of your archery equipment investment, we recommend you get the Delta McKenzie Backyard 3D Target Undead Fred.

We first and foremost like the way it is designed to fit backyard shooting or any type of economical competition shooting. At a compact height of about 26" and width of about 18", this is the one you should be placing in your beginner's archery kit.


Since the day it was founded, Block has been a brand known for improving the entire crossbow target shooting experience of expert and newbie archers with its inserts. The one we especially give our two thumbs up for is the Shooter Crossbow Buck Target.

This is the one we can recommend to expert archers who are looking for realistic embossed vitals in their targets that at the same time work best with field tips and broadheads. An added bonus here is that this is arguably one of the highest density inserts in the market today.