Arrow Pullers

Our aim at in this category is to make sure you get all the relevant information you need to decide what arrow pullers to buy from today's competing brands, including: Excalibur, Limbsaver, Lumenok and October Mountain.

To make the comparison accurate, we made sure we have this in our criteria: brand reputation, durability, crack- or scratch-proofing, level of lightweight, grip addition, and size.

October Mountain

What's interesting about October Mountain is that it's able to create a series of arrow pullers that are now considered must-haves in 3D archery. If you're an intermediate archer maximizing your investments, we suggest you try the October Mountain Flex-Pull Arrow Puller w/ Retractor mainly for its body construction design made with flexible lightweight material.

Other exciting benefits to enjoy from October Mountain's arrow pullers and other archery gear include: ability to provide superior grip; maximum ease in gripping and removing any size of arrow shaft; spring activated retractor feature to assist the gripper back into position; soft and flexible size that can fit in the palm of your hand; and a convenient retriever that extends past your arms length.

October Mountain as a brand is also known for innovations in macro adjustments for the 360º locking-head ball, 3.5″ wide surface area and a 100% Made in the USA guarantee.

Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge enjoys its reputation right now because of its innovation in making arrow pullers from tacky material, providing a secure grip and making pulling arrows a much easier task. Their arrow pullers can also be used to extinguish lighted nocks and tighten field points with the help of their three built-in field point wrench sizes.

Other benefits you can enjoy from Pine Ridge archery gear include: heavy duty Tungsteen steel in their body material; lifetime guarantee that the products don't strip out or round of in their corners; Prop 65 warnings are complied; patented Ravin™ Crossbow technology; and 100% Made in the USA guarantee.

We recommend you get the Pine Ridge Maxx Grip Arrow Puller Flat if you're an intermediate archer looking for the most secure grip arrow puller that helps you pull your arrow fast.

Third Hand

A remarkable thing about Third Hand as a brand is that it's able to develop specially designed bar grips in their arrow pullers. What this means is that your arrow pullers can already fit all arrow sizes, but they're small enough to pull arrows from the tightest arrow groups.