Back Tension Releases

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The aim of in this category is to make sure you can make the most informed decision about what back tension releases to buy from today's renown brands, such as: B3 Releases, HIT Outdoors, Carter, Scott, Stanislawski, TRU Ball, and TruFire.

We limit our factors to the following criteria in picking what makes for the best: durability, body construction, release type, comfortability and featured add-ons.

B3 Releases

B3 Releases is a premium choice brand because of its heavy-duty, stainless steel material made in all its back tension releases. We highly recommend you give a try the stainless steel, 3-finger B3 Coop Release because not only is its back tension release made of military-grade body, it also features an assortment of helpful add-ons, including a micro-adjust moon, an integrated thumb peg, an hourglass handle and an auto-locking band for the hook return.

TRU Ball

You can trust Tru Ball for ergonomic, nuanced designs in their back tension releases that allow an archer to move each finger location to a total of about 30 degrees for an exact and precise feel.

If you're an intermediate archer, we recommend you get the Tru Ball Sweet Spot Pro Flex Release not just for its ergonomically precise feel, but because it gives archers a release using either a flat finger bed or a swept handle finger bed. Another strength of Tru Ball is that it's able to apply a coating of solid brass and quicksilver finish in all of its back tension releases.


Since 1984 TruFire has been shaping the industry by providing archers with back tension releases that have an adjustable fourth finger position. We recommend the TruFire Sear Back Tension Release to expert pro archers going for tournaments. It's got the standard fourth finger position feature, but it can also be used as a three finger or four finger, with an added feature of a heavy brass handle for better feel on a follow through.


Maker of the exceptional Stan Black Pearl DS Release and the Scott Mini Advantage Release, this brand aims to be the leading maker of back tension releases that allow shooters to practice their shot execution without firing an arrow.

We suggest you get the Stan Black Ice DS Release if you're looking for adjustable sears t0 assist you in fine tuning your shot. Other features that the brand is known for in its back tension releases include: crisp, comfortable construction; searing mechanisms made from enhanced, hardened 44OC stainless steel then finished with proprietary polishing process; and ErgoFIT™ cross training technology that's standard across all STAN® release aids.