Basic Hunting Clothing

We here at Hunting-bow will show you in this category all the quality options of basic hunting clothing that you can buy from such esteemed brands as: Arctic Shield, ASAT, Tenzing, Rynoskin and Titan.

Our criteria of selection for the brands to feature here include: brand reputation, heat retention technologies used, catalog of products, body lining, water- or wind-proofing technologies and storm flap add-ons.

Arctic Shield

We think Arctic Shield is worth your investment because of its ability to create hunting clothing infused with heat retention technology, polyester body lining, zippered pockets, side flex points, elastic waistband, rear pockets, two way zipper, thigh high two way zippered side gussets and storm flaps with snap closure.

If you want all these features, as well as waterproof, windproof and relaxed fit in your gear, you might want to explore the Arctic Shield Classic Elite Bibs, which are great in that they can be used either by beginner, intermediate or even expert archers.

Other features you can expect to get from Arctic Shield include: quiet poly-tricot outer shells; elastic waists with drawcord; knee high two way leg zippers; storm flaps with snap closures; bamboo charcoal fibers that offer natural scent minimization; quick-release buckles; and even articulated knees.


We think ASAT is great because of its engineering department's dedication to create large outside zippered pockets and sleeve pockets in its jackets. ASAT makes sure that these jackets will have removable hood and the patented Lotus Nano barrier water resistant treatment to stand up to all weather conditions.

Other features to explore about ASAT include: garments made with added concealment tech and disguise; elastic waist design for pants; and bulk-clothing size for carrying out a lot of load when hunting.


Titan brings to the table some of today's stealth ghillie suits that do not catch onto branches, pick up twigs or stickers. If you're looking for the kind of suit that stays relatively dirt free, keeping you light on your feet, consider buying the Titan 3D Leafy Suit Mossy Oak Obsession, which is ideal for large-size archers of varying skill levels since this model comes in either 2XL and 3XL.

Other exciting features to expect from Titan include, but are not limited to: easy snap closures in the clothing; locking draw cord on pants; stuff bag add-ons; elastic face opening; face masks with bendable metal nose pieces to secure to your face; and a one-size-for-all feature for maximum variability.